Pure Leverage Review- Joel Therien Scam?

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Pure Leverage by Joel Therien has made a lot of noise in the last few months with the whole 100% commission sales pitch. You might have heard of the 100% commission trend that is going on and it was started by Empower Network. Now it seems that a lot of other little business opportunities are following suit and trying to market the whole commission structure of reaping 100% profits but the reality is that you never really truly reap 100% commissions because there is always some kind of processing fee or some kind of catch or pass up. But let me explain exactly what this particular company is all about and what it can mean for you if you or somebody that’s looking to make some real money on the Internet.

Not Really 100% Commissions

So with Pure Leverage, let’s say you are at the $25 level, well when you make a sale, the 1st month you will make $25, and after that, you make 50% commissions or $12.50. So you can see that there is ALWAYS a catch. How else would the company make any money? The 100% commissions is to attract people, because let’s face it, people are greedy and are always looking for opportunities that can make them the most.

The products of Pure Leverage are digital. In other words, they are simply “tools” to help aid your current marketing efforts. If you’re a beginner, then WHAT current marketing are you doing? Exactly.

Here is a list of the products:

  1. Leverage “Authority” Blog
  2. Easy Lead Flow
  3. Elite Coaching Program
  4. Turbo Traffic Generation
  5. Video Email Service
  6. Live Meeting Room
  7. A to Z Wealth Home Study Course

There are a few issues that I have especially with the authority blog. You definitely don’t want to upload your content to a cookie-cutter blog network nowadays because search engines will definitely not rank your stuff is effectively anymore. Of the other product that you get is a lead capture system in other words you will get different forms that you can market. These will be absolutely useless unless you know how to generate lots of traffic to your lead capture pages which brings me to the next product. Then there is the Turbo traffic generation productand one of the things that it teaches is viral marketing, which by the way no one has really mastered. It’s easy for me to see that these products are to keep the beginner happy and feeling like they’re getting a lot of value for their buck, when the reality is these are very basic marketing tools that are useless without the skill behind them.

What you’re really doing is paying for an autoresponder and marketing the company GVO. GVO is a mix between an income opportunity and an autoresponder. Think of Pure Leverage as a “different face” of this company. It’s a marketing tool. It’s a lead capture system that plugs people into GVO, really. Also, the payment structure is like multi-level marketing. If you know anything about MLM, then you know how hard really it is to make long-term money this way, unless you are a master Internet marketer who knows how to get tons and tons of traffic.

Is this a Pure Leverage Scam?

I can’t say that it is a complete scam because it is just another digital product mixed with in income opportunity where you can build a downline. If you know me then you know that I am not a big fan of multilevel marketing whether it’s off-line or even online. Your chances of making big money this way are a long time from now, or very slim because very few people actually go on to build successful teams that last. If I was a beginner or somebody brand-new looking to make money, I would honestly pass on Pure Leverage because there are more legitimate programs that teach you the real methods of building a successful Internet business in any niche. Not just a recruit thing.

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  1. Every programmes or systems are same.Very very difficult for newbies like me.

  2. It’s gifting plain and simple.. last I checked that is legal but your better off , if you’re not a newbie, to do something off on your own. If not you really can make some money here but don’t rely on it as it’ going to be the answer here. do other things as well I do it because it’s part of my team effort but I have my own thing as well.. so to each his own.. cya..

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