Push Button Cash Machine Review- Scam Or Legit?

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Push Button Cash Machine reminds me of Frodo Baggins and the One Ring To Rule Them All. Let me tell you why. Think of internet marketing success as a long walk to Mordor – one does not simply do it. Because Gandalf might say: “If it were easy, anyone would do it.” (Not that he actually said it). And even with millions of users logging in and out on a daily basis, few actually got rich. It’s not that it’s next to impossible but most people don’t have enough patience and determination to go the long way.

When Frodo took it upon himself to carry the burden of delivering the Ring to be destroyed, he knew it was going to be one painful process with various obstacles along his journey. The Ring itself posed as his enemy – a tiny metaphor for all the greed inside him. If you look closer, we’re no different from him. By the time we seek money-making opportunities online, we are making ourselves vulnerable to various “push button systems”. These are those made by heartless marketers whose sole intention is to siphon as much money off us as possible (I know because I’ve been there). The allure of “easy money” is so strong. I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn doing nothing?

The Push Button Cash Machine System

For a measly $14.95, you can allegedly earn up to $55 for each click and consequently $100 for just a few minutes of work a day. When you join, you’re setting yourself up into their sales funnel. It all starts with a simple product. After you’ve taken the bait, they’ll have endless up-sell offers. And when I say endless, I mean they’ll throw in high-priced products (as much as $197!) one after another. Should you refuse, they’ll give you huge discounts just to sway you into saying YES.

What you’re getting for 14 bucks by the way is a 37-page guide (useful information is actually less than 15 pages). This isn’t surprising though. I’ve seen worse.

The entire program is into heavily promoting the Triple Thr3at Marketing. Might I add this is one dubious company. It has a revenue sharing system and advertising program which is nothing new. You basically earn from the ad blocks you bought. In addition to paying for the different levels, there are actions you need to make to continuously earn: every day, you have to view other members’ adverts and click a button. For what purpose it will serve, that I do not know.

It sounds good on paper but what are the downsides to this?

  • No revenue = No earnings
  • Low withdrawal limit
  • Non-sustainable


It’s good while it lasts. Essentially, a steady flow of new members can boost profits. And consequently, once it trickles down, so will your earnings. It’s difficult to sustain this type of system and it’s extremely risky. Despite the owner’s suggestion of investing heavily, be wary. Should you decide to join anything like this, one of the most practical strategies would be to begin pulling out your investment the moment you start getting your profit. This way, you can minimize your losses.

That stays true to most revenue sharing and advertising programs. But wait, there’s something else you need to understand: money comes from the new members which I have mentioned earlier. This should serve as a red flag because here’s that one question that ought to stop you from considering signing up: WHAT IF THERE ARE NO LONGER ANY NEW MEMBERS? The money, my friend, will then stop coming in. Besides, your marketing is mostly aimed at promoting Triple Thr3at and possibly recruiting new members. Uhm, do I smell ponzi scheme?


Ponzi schemes are illegal. Should Triple Thr3at prove to be one, then it’s definitely not something you want to get involved in. No system like this has stood the test of time. I won’t recommend the Push Button Cash Machine.

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