Real Quick Commissions Review- Another Push Button Scam?

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Visiting the Real Quick Commissions website, I have to admit that I immediately rolled my eyes. It is nothing more than a capture page looking for you to submit your e-mail address because they’re going to start bombarding you with promotions. So before I even get into what this company is about, I have to admit that this company was already off to a bad start in my eyes. To be honest with you I’m tired of these get rich quick products. There are very few legit income opportunities out there anymore. 

The premise behind Real Quick Commissions comes down to selling the idea of making thousands of dollars and easy money on Facebook. What the system aims to show you is how to create your own fan pages in order to generate traffic, capture leads, build a list, and make automated sales. And it’s all really easy and quick, right? It’s only going to take 15 minutes of effort per day, right? Wrong. It’s never that easy. Could you make money with this system? You might be able to. But it’s not going to be “real quick” at all. Internet marketing takes learning and lots of effort to fine-tune things and get the hang of it.

The way this program works (or doesn’t) is through a software where you just supposedly insert your affiliate links and copy/paste the code and follow the directions on the training. Badda-bing baddah boom. Money. I remember I used to buys these kind of push button software programs, hoping that I would make a KILLING without spending much money and with very little effort. Don’t we all?

The truth is, marketing on Facebook or really any social network could be very tricky. You don’t want to get hit with being too spammy and you’ve got to figure out how to get traffic to your fan pages. If you can’t get traffic to your pages, then you’re not going to make ANY money no matter what. And then there is the notion of converting that traffic into sales. Do you see where I’m getting at?

It takes a lot of different skills to come in place for things to work and Real Quick Commissions just scrapes off the top of what you really need to know. Many people might pull out their credit cards, desperate for answers because they are short on income and hoping this will pay off. Not only that, but I’ve been also researching other reviews of this product and reading comments and many people who have purchased it, feel it’s a scam and doesn’t even come close to delivering what is promised in the sales video. 

Yup. That sounds about right. 

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