Real Translator Jobs Scam- Unbiased Review

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real translator jobs scamThe Real Translator Jobs website may be a little bit disappointing for those who are looking for work and extra income to create from home. The website is and at first, the idea seemed very promising. There are many different ways to make money on the Internet and doing freelance work is one of them. However, it’s not as glamorous and profitable as you might think, especially if you are considering this particular company. One of the things that sparks a lot of people’s interest is the promotion of making $100’s of dollars per day. I’m going to tell you right off the bat, your chances of making that kind of money through freelance translator work is slim to none.


You are basically going to pay to get access to a list of freelance jobs. You can do that on your own and find freelance websites just by browsing around in Google. No need to pay anything!

It’s A Scheme Setup For You To Pay

One of the things that really concerns me is that there is no screening process as far as prospects who are looking to get hired for translator jobs. That’s really fishy and I think I know why. I figured out what’s really going on here. The way that you make money with this program is just reselling this program to other people looking at one. Get it? You can see that this is an affiliate product. If you know anything about this, you know that it is not a real job but a product to sell. In other words, people are selling this product all over the place and that’s really how you make money. In order to sell a product like this, you really have to know affiliate marketing skills and not translator job skills.

fake badgesHuge Warnings Sign

Here is also another Real Translator Jobs scam concern. As you can see in this image, the security badges are not clickable. This means that they are not registered there for this is a fake image designed to give you comfort and a sense of security.

Good Luck Getting A Refund!

Another common complaint is contact support for refund. Often times companies will make it very difficult and inconvenient for you to submit a support ticket to get a refund. The good thing is that since this is dealt through Clickbank, you can use this third-party to get your money back. And there is a 60 day money back guarantee anyways so you have the right to.

In my opinion, the real reason why Real Translator Jobs was created was to build a list. More specifically an e-mail list that they can market future offers to and make a profit from. In other words, as the site draws in a lot of interest because of the whole idea of getting a translator job, the people that join go on this list. So you are more likely to get spammed very often with upsells and other products that the company is trying to promote you to make you more money off you.

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  1. Your review helped a lot of people. Good job.

  2. I thought about it for a minute, thanks alot for the info.. Can you send info on a legit site. I need a job fast…

  3. Thanks Vince. The lengths people go to fleece you off your hard earned cash, simply baffles me…….endlessly!

  4. Thank you for this! I saw straight away it was a scam (paying to subscribe, earning 100k a year with no experience, no need to speak good English (in the FAQ), not registered in any pro network, countless threads about scam, etc.)… There’s not even a link for potential clients to ask for a translation, this looks nothing like a translation agency website.
    I am grateful that you wrote this article to:
    -give a bit more credit to my profession. Companies like this make it sound like translating is something anyone can do. It is also hard to earn the clients’ trust when they know scammer exist.
    -‘save’ some people who were going to waste their money, as many translators are not very tech-savvy and don’t investigate before signing up

    Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for this post, I just saw this site.

  6. wow thanks …i almost spend usd34 for that program’re life saviour 😀

  7. Thank god I’ve read your article. Was about to key in my card details, the final codes.

  8. Fingers crossed..I’ve just submitted my request for refund thru clickbank. Should’ve read your article earlier Vince 🙁

    • Yup bro, I also just subscribe for this, after reading forum just realize it is a scam, urghhh!!! hopefully clickbank can refund us the money…

    • How did you sign up for your refundd through citibank

    • i just…almost to signup… luckily..crossed in mind to read the review first huh..36 dollar burn~

    • Me too 🙁 have just submitted my request for refund thru clickbank right after I read this article.
      Dear Zizou, may I know that … have you finally got the refund you requested?
      Coz I just submitted a minute ago, and would like to know if the request would be granted or not.

      Thank you.

  9. I sighned up , but dident pay. But now Im getting 100 mails from them ask me to be apart.
    I was wondring…. what can they do with that information ? where do I contact for them to take me of there list?
    PLZ Answer someone…

  10. thanks man!!! I’ve almost joined! your a life saver!

  11. Hi Bro
    Hope you are fine, thank you for sharing such a nice post with us,My name is Muhammad Nawaz and I’m from Pakistan, I was so happy and so much excited after reading your post and though that I finally got a Legitimate Money Making Programe. But
    after providing all my details and Login I got a message that Free accounts are not allowed in my Country I can only join through premium membership and it broke my heart.:((

    • And please If you have some advice for me or some other Real Money Making Programe like WA please do give me details about that Program.

      Thanks and Regrads

  12. Almost join until I saw your comments, u r right ! God Bless You

  13. Hi, thanks Vince for sharing.May God bless you.

  14. oh my, thank you for posting this. a lot of people that i know wanted to try this online translating job.

  15. Thanks Vince. At any time when someone asks you for money you should be eyes open and brain switched on. There are unfortunately many people who do not use the power of the internet. I have a habit of typing in the word scam with whatever I do not trust. Chances are generally very good that I am not the first one to be scammed and that people would have posted something about it on the internet.

  16. omy!!! you are God’s gift my dear thank you so much for this info.. I’m so glad I found this.. God really wants me to be on the right track.. and he gave me this address. 🙂 there’s really no shortcut to success.

  17. This site is invading Brazil now… 🙁

  18. Is it based on a Ponzi’s pyramid scheme? Because I was contacted by a person who invited me to join Realtranslatorjobs to work with him.
    Furthermore on facbook I find pages to invite to subscribe it.

    • Dank God I didn’t,I was just about ta add my banking details bt it was 2 good 2 b true!!!

  19. please help me. i need to get the money i paid this site back 🙁 its my brothers money. im really feeling sorry and gulity. please help me.

    • I ve joined this realtranslatorjobs. It,s an expensive lesson for me. What about the security of my credit card? Should I ask the bank to close my account?

  20. Thank you, I almost fell for that too…But I still want to earn extra during my spare time, please help with something that is legit.

  21. thanks for the info!! really helps!!

  22. thank you so much for this information really help.. i almost join in to this scam.. i just hope that no other filipinos will be fooled by this..

  23. Oh my gosh! I almost believe them. But I wrote them days ago asking why I have to pay to get in, unfortunately no reply. So glad I read your reviews Godbless Sir Vince

  24. thanks vince.. this scam starts invade Indonesia… i almost join in today.. but suddenly I search for review about translator job… and I found your website.. thanks.. I will share this to my fellows…

  25. I just fell in love with you vince, thanks so much with your very unbiased review, i almost got myself enrolled in with another scammed oline job, just like these people who almost decided to sign up.but I decided to search on reviews about real translator and thank God, i found your article, thanks so much!

  26. Though I was half hearted , but I convince myself to try this job. Just when I was about to submit my payment using my visa debit card, I was like, uh do online jobs really requires upfront payment ??? So I searched for further info about the company that leads me to your page.

    Thanks God. I almost got scammed. Now I’m worried about finding a secure online job/s.

    • Yeah. You know what, Serhan? The reality is, it is really tough to find a decent online job. The competition is so stiff and companies are only willing to pay peanuts. It’s almost sad. Lets say even if you did find a “job” it is usually on a contractual basis with a deadline or you have to become a VA, which again, you go up against massive competition from 3rd world countries.

      You are much better off just getting into affiliate marketing and creating a website that generates revenue. The same amount of time that you put in here, will equate to WAY MORE MONEY than if you were ever to consider getting an online job. Most “job” sites are scams anyway. It’s just not worth your time!

  27. Thank you for sharing …. almost get scammed … ^^

    • No problem, Lucia. The thing to watch out for, is that there are many scams out there like this. All you have to do to be safe is, think about it. Do you really think you’re going to make all that money by doing simple translator jobs? No way. And it seems to attract people who are desperately looking for an income online. That’s why systems and websites like this one are created: to fool people into whipping out their credit card. I’m just glad you are an “almost” instead of “I have been”.

  28. yes, it’s a scam! Hope the one who started this fake job goes to hell when he dies asshole! be fair you scumbag!

    • I can definitely relate to your frustration. I get a lot of people visiting here who got their hopes up, thinking they found something legit. The reality is, the ones who made this program are actually internet marketers, and create these “work from home” opportunities. It’s freaking nuts.

      • Hi Vince

        is there a way we can report this guy who is now advertising on Indeed? Does the portal empower people to ban his job posts?

        • I’m not sure. You know what, I would just ignore him and don’t worry about it. These things tend to die off on their own eventually. Just stay away from anything that says “job” but you have to pay. It’s a deceiving affiliate marketing product.

  29. thank you Vince! God has made you his instrument to prevent me from being fooled! Thank you for that Christian act. May God bless you!

  30. Hi, thank you for this post! It looks really inviting yet shady at the same time. Glad I never failed to google everything first. Once again, thanks a lot!

  31. Hi’ friends I have seen your post online. Thank you for sharing your reviews, I saw there is lots of people who has already paid to this scammer, please go and talk with your bank they will help you to get return your money bank,

  32. Thanks Vince! This scam start to invade Romania too, so Romanians be aware! I was almost signing but I found your post in the last moment. God bless you for sharing with us!

  33. Thank you very much, I nearly join today cause thought wanna get a side income……Thank you

  34. phew,, almost lost my money for nothing. thanks for your review,,

  35. Thank a alot Vice, yuo really save me.
    I am about to sign in.
    I very lucky because of you

  36. just as I expect, just another scambug 🙂

  37. Thanks for sharing. I just landed on Real Translator Jobs website earlier today and I was ready to sign up (and pay). But then I googled and found your insightful post.

    Good bless you.

  38. Great review ! A good article to read in complement to this review – i found it useful, it also provides tips on risk assessment ! Cheers, Lise.

  39. Thanks a lot vince for your great review, i was about to joined it ! then i checked it first whether it’s true or not ! lol God has saved me through you, thanks a lot man

  40. i was about to join goshhh disappointing Filipinos are the main target..hope the owner of that Real Translator job is not a Filipino too.karma comes so quickly unto you enjoying the money of others yuckiiieee eating foods from that of you fool….

  41. thank you Vince for doing this you prevented some people to not to join in this kind of job that was a scam may God bless you !

  42. I paid all monies asked,oh and now my login password does not work.
    Have no idea how to get my money back.
    What a scam.
    I am reporting this, innocent people are being taken. This is disgusting.
    I am out raged by this, I am not going to let this go, they now have a fight on there hands,
    anybody else who would like to join me.

  43. Just Report it .. Maybe NBI is the Best ! Make your move !

  44. Oh S*** ! So they Give me A $36 to pay them. But to late ! They Did Temp me !

  45. Thanks for this review ! My father really wanted to join the site to make some money .
    Thanks to your review I saved him money and frustration 🙂
    God Bless you!
    Thanks again
    Ps.; I hope everyone will be smart to google this site before register:)

  46. Thanx Vince,

    May god bless you for saving us all, these f*****s just want to get money by fooling others.

  47. Whew! I almost paid today. Thanks for this.

  48. I tried to get in contact with anyone inside this Company before joining and never had someone replying back to my emails. If this is how we start up with them who knows where we will end up.
    I think that those who got back their moneys are so lucky.

  49. Thanks a lot for warning us!

  50. real translator is a scam i have paid 1,600+ Philippine peso, however when you enter the member site they are asking for more, you will only be given a list of a lot of companies, i really didnt understand how to apply because if you click the company name it will just give you a description of the company & you will be ask to pay more. now after around 2yrs I can no longer access my account. before after i paid, i emailed coz i want to get my money back as what was promised on the website that there is a 60-day money back guarantee, but no replied. if this is legit there should be no upfront payments, like which is one of the legit website for those who are looking for homebase job.


  52. I’m about to join. Thanks for sharing. Now I know. .

  53. IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. I have paid RM121.09(Malaysian currency) for the membership. Upon reading the forum as per translationdirectory(dot)com/forum/threads/?2285, I had quickly requested for a refund from Clickbank and, within 2 days, fortunately, I have been refunded with the exact amount.

    • I am requesting for an refund too. Hopefully it will success.

    • To those who were able to received a refund, would you be kind enough to give us the directions including website or email or contact number/s For the immediate refund of those who paid the sign up fee (including me 🙁 ] thanks a lot..

      • MSYOY, I managed to get my refund within 2 days after paying for the membership. That was in February this year. I could not exactly remember the steps I took to get back the refund but I hope the following comments taken from

        would assist you in getting back your money from the scammers:-

        1. Go to ClickBank, their payment processor (like PayPal) and request a refund. CB had a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

        2. They market their scam through Clickbank. So if you have bought into it, you should have received an email receipt from Clickbank. Check this receipt and ask for a refund directly from Clickbank not from the scammers because they’ll ignore you. You should however do it within 60 days. I hope this message will help those who have fallen for this scam get their money back.

        3. i’ve succeeded to open a ticket for refund. after you pay, you receive an email from clickbank, with order number. And in one of this email there is a link , you click there and in this way you can open a refund ticket. in this morning they closed my ticket and said they are going to pay my money back, but the bank transfer it might take 5 days.

        4. Just go to Clickbank’s Customer Service
        Ask to refund the transactions you’ve made. and choose one reason. You may add some comments. I chose “I was not satisfied with the product. / Product did not meet expectations.”

        Within 24 hours, I’ve got a message from Clickbank at my e-mail saying,

        CBSYSTEM: CLOSED: 2011-08-11 05:47:47 AM
        Transaction Refunded

        Your refund request ticket has been closed, and your order has been refunded. If
        this is not the appropriate action, you may reopen this ticket and enter a
        comment explaining the situation or you may escalate this ticket directly to a
        ClickBank Customer Service Representative.

        Good Luck, everyone!

        • Dear Vince,

          May I know the reason why you have deleted the two links(websites) that I have included in my posting? Thank you.

          • Hi NY. Thanks for your input. I am currently not allowing any outbound links at the moment.

        • Hi Vince. I did pay,like 5 days ago. now trying to get refunded – but both Real translate support and newsletter got back to me as of mail delivery error – no other way to get in touch it seems.
          Any suggestions of how to proceed now?
          Best and thanks for info


        • Thanks for your information. I hope, I can get my refund. It’s a good lesson for me. To be more careful. What about the security of my credit card? Is it safe?

          • I’ve just received my refund in 5days. Thanks NY. Sooo much

    • Thank you NY. I’ve just received my refund.

  55. Hi All,work fr

    could you all please suggest me a good trustful site which pays ontime from home

  56. the deal was indeed too good to be true. thanks for the post!

  57. thanks so much for sharing this! I almost signed up but there were a few things that I found very odd. I decided to google it to get other peoples opinions !!

  58. Thanks for sharing this info. You saved a lot of people from falling into this trap

  59. thank you!

  60. I paid RM108.00 (Malaysian currency) and found out that I need to pay more if I want to get the job. The person/s behind this scam wants the money , period… don’t expect that he/she would care about you losing your money. It is a scam.

  61. Thanks God I see this post before joining

    Thank you Vince 🙂

  62. Thanks! Very helpful. 🙂

  63. thanks for sharing… i almost signed up.

  64. If it’s not scam, why not post pictures of real people working on them and really earning from them? Other people from some MLM businesses online would be proud of their membership and how they earn because they are hired in their respective legit companies… Malamang nga na scam yang Real Translator Job na yan…

  65. Thanks Vince, I also curious about that website and want to join, Thanks God i read your unbiased review before i decided to join

  66. wow, thank god, I’ve almost join that job, thank you very much for your information

  67. Thanks for posting this. I was looking for an online translation job I could do part-time and almost fell for this scam.

  68. Thank you very much! I was about to sign up! <3

  69. Thank you very much i was almost ready to pay them. But i searched google once and find your post very helpful and saving.

  70. Thanks, Vince, for your unbiased review. Like many others, I almost fell for the easy-money scheme of Real Translator Jobs. Your review saved me from further trouble and additional financial headache.

  71. Glad to know I researched first before joining.. it DID sounds too good to be true. I didn’t know about that the security badges are supposed to be clickable, thanks for sharing =)

  72. usually if it’s too good to be true then it truly is. Scams are all over and it won’t hurt or cost us a penny to do several minutes of research with our friend Google 🙂

  73. Thanks Vince. Godbless you.

  74. Thanks a lot for the review, I almost lost my money for real translate, you not just saving me, you are saving my friends too.. your blog inspired me…

  75. I was about to join because the youtube guy on the news advertising about this is convincing, good thing I was able to research first. thanks for the unbiased review.

  76. Thank u sO much! i’m about to Join to Real Translator Job, but then I researched first before Joining,, Oh my God! i’m sO saved by God!,, ‘coz i saw ur post (review)”, And it help me alot to decide about not Joining that stupid craft!,, Thanks!

    • do you know a real website for this kind of job?

  77. It was really inviting. Thank God I researched about the site before joining. Thank you sir, you are a great help.

  78. i have paid before reading this article….am trying to reclaim money back but i keep getting nowhere
    any idea how to go about it please

    • Oh God…

      me too.

      • Never Register online when your bank account is required. Hackers and Spamer is very clever

    • oh God.. I already paid before reading it…

  79. yeah, thanks a lot Vince, i almost joined in, but then immediately changed my mind once i saw your review.

  80. thanks Vince! great unbiased review!

    • .godbless

  81. Thanks For Sharing ,, God Bless you.. 🙂

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