Regal Wealth Review: Fastest Way To Lose Money?

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Have you ever seen something you think is a good bargain at first glance? So you go ahead and purchase with no hesitation. Then after paying, you are offered with a series of other products which you don’t necessarily need but dang, the sales representative is just too good at his job. And at the end of the day, your arms are filled with useless stuff, your pockets are empty and your credit card is crying.
Million Dollar Toolbox is a lot like that.

What Is It?

Also known as MDT, it’s a training kit that’s supposed to teach you all about online and affiliate marketing. Created by Glynn Kosky, it boasts of a ‘one hour per day’ system which should generate four figures every 24 hours. My suspicious senses are tingling but I set it aside along with some skepticism. Let’s see what it’s really about.

The sales page says you don’t need to create a product, upload videos, an existing email list or even any technical experience. And you can start even with ‘near to zero’ budget. Okay, you got me.

Where’s The Proof?

To prove to you that this system works, Glynn made his 12-year old son Michael try it out. Yes, he’s not even a teenager and in one week, he earned more than 700 bucks. In case you’re not aware, he’s basically saying that if his kid can do it, you can too. But I won’t buy that, it’s the same BS scammers tell you just in a different way.

He’s selling the idea of financial freedom – vacation, dream house, luxury cars – all for less than an hour of work each day.
Is it realistic? Is it feasible?

At the discounted price of $6.83 from $97, is it really worth it?

The Truth Behind The Promises

Let’s set aside all the hype and psychological play aimed at getting you to sign up. There are several things you should know about MDT and it’s important to understand them to avoid spending more than you can earn.
1. Upsells: A few up-sells here and there aren’t exactly bad. That’s part of business and at some point, you will be offered with these. But the thing here with MDT is, there are loads of them.
• Special email marketing material – $27
• Database of affiliate programs + interview with Glynn on traffic generation – $27
• 60-day personal support from Glynn – $197
• Activate license rights to MDT – $397

2. Mediocre training: If his barely-teenager son can understand the whole concept of online and affiliate marketing, then it might not be as complicated as it seems OR he’s only teaching you the basics. Well, it’s the latter. If you’re not new to this type of e-commerce, then chances are, there’s nothing else for you to learn here. And if you’re a complete newbie, the only way you can make thousands of dollars according to Glynn is to purchase some of his ‘recommended’ products in addition to paying for the up-sells. Everything is theoretical and that’s a deal breaker for me. Just compare it to a doctor and what he learns in the classroom versus what he encounters in the operating room. Yes, you need real-life scenarios to answer all your WHAT IF questions.

3. Costly: Remember when Glynn mentions you don’t need a lot of budget to get started? That’s his biggest lie. What he will teach you is that you can make money if you’re willing to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars first. In business, that’s called investment and for good reason. You’re going to get profits in the future. With MDT, I highly doubt Glynn can help you make 500 bucks let alone a few hundreds.

Take note of the prices. Déjà vu, anyone? Rest assured though, this is what Glynn’s been doing to you.

Products like this put a bad name on online and affiliate marketing. These are both legit ways of making money on the internet and to be fair, you can make A LOT. But what Glynn’s doing here is setting unrealistic expectation – that you can buy a system, work for an hour and voila, money will start pouring in. That’s not how it works. If you want to be an effective and successful marketer, you need to have sufficient training which MDT cannot provide. And here’s the bummer, you need serious hard work too.

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