Say So 4 Profit Reviews- Another Survey Scam Site or Not?

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I’m not overly fond of badly-named businesses. You want people to take you seriously and there’s no better way to fail at that than to have a comical name. That being said, I was skeptical even before I learned about “Say So 4 Profit” (SS4P). Come on, it sounded like a sappy romantic movie or cheesy love song. Lol

Okay on a more serious note, this is a paid survey company which has NO membership fee. I think over the years, paid survey have been given so much hype especially with claims of earnings more than $10 for just one questionnaire. But we all know that’s just a bait to entice people.


Surprisingly, aside from the free membership, there are other things I liked about this portal.

• Plenty of other online money-making opportunities: I’m not saying these are all straight up legit but it’s nice to see various options aside from just paid surveys. It will be at your own risk though if you join any of the other third-party companies.

• Lots of freebies: From Starbucks to Walmart gift cards, everyone loves free offers.

• Useful tips and tricks: Although it’s not really that great, there are several tips here which might come in handy. They also listed other paid survey sites Survey Savvy and My Survey and even added a quick background for those companies. It’s not the most precise and accurate but still a-okay.

• Interesting referral programs: You can choose from a variety of programs which offer the “best” referral commissions. Take note that “best” is subjective – SS4P will list those they’re affiliated with so you may want to do a research on user reviews before joining any of it. Anyway, some of the perks include an additional $5 bonus or 10% earnings if any of your friends complete surveys.

• No spam: Unlike other sites which promise that they won’t sell your information (email address and phone number) to third-party companies but still do, SS4P stands true to their promise. You won’t be seeing plenty of annoying spam on your mailbox and well, this is a very good thing for me.


• Not a paid survey company: You may have figured it out by now, Say So 4 Profit is basically a middle man for middle-men paid survey companies. Confused? It’s like this. Survey Savvy and the like are being paid by big companies to look for qualified people to answer the surveys. That makes them the real middle men. However, SS4P is the middle man between you and groups like Survey Savvy. You won’t be directly paid by them. I see this as a disadvantage mainly because you can easily search for the paid survey companies on their list.

• No accountability: Because they’re simply directing you to other companies, SS4P is not responsible for any issues you might encounter. So you’re joining at your own risk. If you’re going to follow their recommendations, make sure you do your homework by researching about the company and member feedback. Also, should you decide to sign up for product trial offers, you NEED to monitor when it expires because chances are, you’ll be charged if you won’t cancel.

• Earning potential is exaggerated: Nobody has gotten rich answering paid surveys. Sure it’s nice to earn a few bucks here and there but it shouldn’t be your main source of income. It’s nice though that SS4P included other ways of making money online so you can check that out. But again, check and double check if the company’s legit and reliable.


Say So 4 Profit is nothing more than a compilation of decent money-making opportunities. It’s just making a list of its affiliates and encourages you to sign up with them. It’s not a scam but it’s also not something I would personally recommend.

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  1. I plan on reporting them in court..I have wrote numerous times and asked him to stop sending and th
    ey still do. Scam all the way

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