Send Earnings Review- Scam Survey Site?

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send_earnings_scamWelcome to my Send Earnings review. I know a lot of people like to look for different ways to make a little bit extra cash and one of the ways that seem very attractive is getting paid to do surveys, read e-mails, play games, stuff like that. It might seem like easy cash to do these things and really doesn’t take much effort but you got to understand something, in the world of business, there is always a catch. And I’m going to explain to you why I really can’t recommend Send Earnings. In fact, you might even ask yourself, does Send Earnings scam people?

A lot of people get excited about a quick $5 that Send Earnings will give you for just signing up. Although that may be true, please understand that companies like this are ALWAYS trying to make it hard for you to actually make any kind of decent income. There is always something getting in the way. For an example, you don’t get to cash out that $5 right way. I’ll explain some more stuff to you. One of the claims of this company is that they are going to pay you to open up and read emails. Sounds easy right? Expect to get paid a whopping 2 cents per email. The reason is because these are paid advertisements and they know if enough people are opening up and reading them, some will actually buy whatever is being promoted in the email.

Another thing that Send Earnings promotes that sounds promising is getting paid to do surveys. Again, this is a very time consuming task in itself. First more often than not are you going to have to qualify just to take the survey and many times be disqualified. And then after like 1 hour of work, you will make 50 cents only. Oh yeah don’t forget, you are not guaranteed to get surveys to do each day. That’s another thing. You might get a few here and there, but nothing consistent enough and short enough to really get a return on your time and effort.

  • Here’s a little sneaky trick that might turn you off: the pay out is $30.
  • This means you have to complete $30 worth of work in order to cash out.
  • Just think of how many 2 cent emails and $50 cent surveys you’re going to have to do just to reach that milestone. And that’s not all.
  • Many times sites like this one will stop sending you work to do as you get close to that $30 mark so technically Send Earnings won’t have to pay you!!
  • Isn’t that crazy? It’s one of the most common issues people who are members have.
  • Not only that, but the companies where they send you to play games, take surveys, and all that, often require you fill out forms and sign up here and there and sometimes even pay!!

Does Send Earnings Scam People?

This is a good question however I can’t say that Send Earnings is a complete scam, but it is pretty darn close considering how it is set up for the website to win and the member to lose. I really can’t recommend this company or even method of Internet income because it’s just a waste of time and effort and you won’t get very far. You might squeeze in a couple bucks per MONTH. But honestly there are much better ways to earn income than this.

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  1. I actually make a lot of money on sendearnings really fast, I make about $200 a month or pays for my vacation every year..

    • Sure, you’re a freaking liar too. There’s not even half that value in offers every month, unless of course you’re going to spend a thousand dollars on their costly offers like signing up for lifelock costs 26 monthly and you make $20 off of it, the first month. So you’re spending hundreds of dollars to make $20. Or signing up to gamefly you make $10, but you have to sign up for a monthly subscription of 15.95. They have a few credit card offers valued at $15., but this means you have to have good credit. If you add up all the free offers, it totals maybe $15, and they rarely get new offers, maybe once every few months. So there’s no chance in hell you make $200 a month. Sounds to me like you’re a compulsive liar and an idiot. Anyone who would believe you is just as stupid too. Moron. Sounds like you haven’t been on a vacation in years if you expect to go on the money you earn on Sendearnings.

  2. I’ve been using InboxDollars and SendEarnings for several years. I don’t just use 1 or 2 sites, but several, in the belief (so far proven reliable) that the more options you have, the more success you get. I have not become rich using any of these sites, but several of them pay consistently. Both those I mentioned pay me consistently, although in recent months, SendEarnings seems to have stopped the paid emails altogether, and InboxDollars seems to be doing the same. Neither of these sites are high in my ranks, but I get generally about $30 from each of them every few months, for a total of $60. It’s not buying me a new car, but it helps with bills. I’m nowhere near new to the ‘earning money online’ game. There are a lot of ‘scams’ out there, but I’ve never felt ripped off from either site, in the sense of something promised that wasn’t given. Changes to how the site works bother me, but they didn’t exactly hide the changes. I was informed by InboxDollars, up front, that their paid emails would be dropping to once a week. The two sites are almost identical, so it is probable SendEarnings sent me a notice and I just didn’t see it. I have other ways to earn. Fact is, I don’t really do surveys lately. There’s only one site I do surveys on, and that’s just a daily 30-cent one that’s fairly consistent. I earn most by clicking on videos, doing tasks, and reading articles. I’ve given up on survey-only sites or sites that primarily have you using them, because as the author says, most of them are not consistent. You either don’t have many opportunities, or you get screened out, or a combination of both.

    One thing I’d like to point out is that many people who join these sites are, frankly, ignorant. This isn’t the Lottery. You are not going to earn an income monthly, that will allow you to quit your job. The most I could realistically make in a month from these sites is maybe $150, if I did nothing else, had no job, and peed in a bottle. Having a life, and a job, I average about $70 or so per month from these sites. I regularly use 5 of them. Not all pay me direct cash. All but one do, but the 5th pays me Amazon credit, which is fine with me.

    It is important, going into this, that you do not have starry-eyed expectations of sitting on your butt all day, and raking in hundreds of dollars each month. Anyone who says you can, is a liar, or is gaming the system somehow. Don’t expect a miracle, and you should be fine.

    Also, most of the ‘review sites’ discussing these services are bogus. Not saying Vince’s is fraudulent, but it never hurts to do your own research. Always do the legwork yourself.

  3. Yes, sometimes it is a pain and waste of your time on the surveys, but try every now and again, use their search button and read the emails. They have sent me several checks

  4. I have been with send earning for 2 yrs. Now and I have gotten paid every time I requested payment that is why I stay with them. True it may not be much but if your in a pinch for just a small amount it is good and yes if you are on disability it works wellI live send earnings.

  5. I have been a member of Send earnings for 3 years.. InBOx dollars owns Send earnings. You don’t become rich being a member but you can earn money. Between Send earnings and InBox dollars, I earn $60+ every 3 months. After you cash out your first $30 you become a gold member so you get more opportunities. $60 is not a lot if money, definitely not enough to live on, but if you’re on disability, it can be a REAL difference maker.

  6. Wasted a lot of time at this site. Never got paid.

    • Same here. I was not active for some time and the account was cleaned, which means that they closed the account and all earnings are lost. In my case, this was about 100 dollar.

  7. I live in Puerto Rico, so even if I get through a survey, when it comes time to enter my address- I’m screwed. State pop up. PR not listed. Shame on these people. I tell them I don’t but online because I don’t have a credit card, but they still ask for credit card info. Wasted my time and they owe me money.

  8. I believe that I will get my cash but if you don’t qualify for a survey (even after spending 5-10 minutes) you get nothing. They charge you a $3.00 processing fee when you want to cash out. Lots of wasted time.

  9. i have signed at sendearning but my email do not conform tell what is problem

  10. i cashed out $27 dollar and the check was legit. The site is to make a little extra $30 bucks if you’re bored and have nothing to do. Play game that worth 30 and 40 cents, open emails and close it back. Do cash searches and avoid those bum surveys that disqualifying you simple as that.

  11. I requested a payout. I didn’t buy anything. Not the best way to earn money. But it’s good if your tryna get all you can get. I’m now a member and I get stuff way easier.

  12. Send Earnings doesn’t pay. When you attempt to take surveys, you don’t qualify. You get several duplicate emails, and even if you open each one, you only get ‘paid’ for one of them. When you finally get to your $30.00, you get a message stating that you should wait and get to $35.00 [or $?], so they don’t take a service fee or something like that. Then, if you don’t use their site for 6 months, they ‘clean’ your account….and KEEP your earnings. Funny, when I attempted to go back, I was informed I was inactive for too long – 6 mos. In actuality, it was much longer than 6 months, and they ‘took’ my money 11 days before I logged back in. Coincidence? I didn’t qualify for anything, and got tired of opening emails I wouldn’t get paid for, but they claimed the 6 mos rule and took all of my money and referred me to the ‘terms of membership’. Shouldn’t they have actually taken my money after 6 months instead of waiting 18 months? Don’t waste your time with these people: They clog your email box with 50+ emails a day, you don’t qualify for 90% of the surveys anyway. Then when you finally earn money, they don’t want to pay you and find a way to avoid paying. Go elsewhere. Find a reputable company.

  13. Tis enough to make your piss boil. I’m so angry I feel like burning stuff.

  14. I agree with all everyone else is saying. To put it bluntly: All of the flawed, badly designed, technically sophomoric surveys that every other survey site rejects are on Spend Earnings All of their surveys are shit: complete shit. You average about 20 survey attempts before you actually get to take one, and when finished it is a 50/50 chance you will get credit for it. On average, it will take you an hour of your time to maybe earn 50 cents. RUN, don’t walk away from this embarrassment of a survey site. They say shit runs downhill, and Spend Earnings is the gutter the shit collects in.

    • Yeah, you know what? I’m not a huge fan of survey sites. It’s all really a method to capture leads. Then they put you on an email list and darn right sell that list to other companies. I mean, do people really think they’re going to make any kind of significant income worth your while doing surveys?

      You might earn 50 cents an hour if you’re LUCKY. When it all pans out, most of the time people have a hard time even landing surveys to do. Companies are all about how to make as much money as possible and how to cut down on costs as much as possible. There’s no way you’re going to make good money doing this.

  15. . I reached $27.54 and SendEarnings stopped sending me e-mails. How wretched is that?

    • It’s pretty darn wretched if you ask me. It’s all a setup and game really. They make the payout thresholds seem reasonable and just when you’re supposed to cash out, they go “whoops, well we don’t wanna pay you” and will do something like stop sending you survey opportunities. It’s all a big fat hairy scam. Just any survey site is a scam really. Think about it. It’s going to cost money to mange the site, database, marketing, and everything else. There’s no way they’re going to pay you that much.

      • I have worked on sites that don’t pay but Send Earnings is not one of them. I have received two checks from them since 2014. Slow? Yes, but not cheating.


  16. you people make me laugh now I know Americans are extremely lazy but really people how much do you really think you should get paid for doing nothing. those paid emails all you do is open email and hit confirm email and done .02 for 1/2 sec of work seems fair to me . and some people keep saying they don’t qualify for surveys, not all surveys are looking for lazy people who sit around the house doing nothing all day. example some sporting goods outlet probably isn’t looking for some 40 year old who never leaves there house. ive been doing this for awhile and I have no problems with send earnings I know its just a way to make a couple Extra bucks if your trying to make a living get off your ass and go get a job.

    • I have cashed out at around 200 dollars in 4 months. Its not a fortune but it helps. I deposit them in my checking account and they always go through.ecks they are not fake ch

  17. I do not have a checking account and. If you don’t have a checking there must be a reason. Ever heard of going an buying yourself a “Rush Card” or “Pre-Paid Visa”.
    You don’t need an account with these two methods, just deposit the checks and your good to go. Safer than carry cash, but just remember there are lots of programs you cannot qualify for without a bank account; so, save $25.00 bucks and join a credit union, leave $5.00 in savings and $2.00 in checking always, then you’ll never get turned down for not have proof of income. Good Luck.

  18. I started with SendEarnings and everything was fine. My money racked up slowly, a few cents at a time until I reached the $30 minimum for payout. I requested payment and waited 3 weeks for my $27 check to arrive only to find out that I can’t cash it. I do not have a checking account and the woman at the check cashing place said they needed a phone number to verify that the check was valid so I came home, logged onto SendEarnings site and connected to live support chat where they told me to get the number for the bank it was issued from. I did this, went back to the check cashing place and was told that they need a number to verify the check through the company, not the bank so I came home and logged on again only to be told that it is strictly web based and there is no phone number. What good is a check I can’t cash? How do I get all those wasted hours back? I’m done with SendEarnings.

  19. Well this is working out for me as a pt job, I work when I get a chance tog et on my computer. (I alread have a FT job.) I received my 1st paycheck of $30.00 and it took me two weeks to earn it and now Im expecting my 2nd check next week. S0 far so good.

  20. Yes, the earnings ARE slow, but they are slow on just about every other site I’ve used. However, I have cashed out and received checks before with SendEarnings, and you really can’t get any easier than clicking on an email to get paid.

    • I have just signed up 4 days ago and am already @ 17 dollars, not bad for a website that many are saying is a scam, i lerned of it through my daughter and she has already cash out twice within 2 months, maybe thr complaints are just cause u want everything for free. Bot gonna get rich from sendearnings, but a little extra spending money hurts no one.

      • Yeah you right i started last night and ten dollars away from cash out… Hope i can cash the check. Inboxdollars do debit cards that’s what this sight need

      • I got my first check pretty fast too. but things slowed down after that. The trick is to keep working and work form the site.

  21. I just received my first check from them but the problem from them is they sent me an email saying that the will stop assisting me when a problem in crediting arise. really? they said from their faq that we have to wait 2 weeks to be credited and ask for assistance. Then they will tell me that they will stop assisting me. wtf!

    • They sent me a check know one woud cash it they said code 4 what is that i geuss fake all that time i spent doing surveys a fake check

  22. I have received a check from Send Earnings in the recent past. What you have said about the limitations are true. However, there are other ways to earn on the site. One can: play games, perform tasks and recruit others. It is a good way for kids with allowances to make money or housewives that like to try products. It ain’t all bad … it could use some improvement.

  23. Like the person above said it takes a long time to get to the thirty dollars you have to get to to get paid….every company you do a survey for will be calling you over and over and over again to sell you something you don’t want…..if your willing to do this work for twenty five and fifty cents each and two cents for emails, your poor and desperately trying to make a little money to help out in hard times……..real bummer

  24. This site used to be good, I dont know what happened. I dont know if it’s under new management or what, but I’ve completed several offers and have not received credit recently. I tried contacting them via chat, and they told me “we cant help you without a confirmation number” even though I had a member ID from the company I signed up with and credit card charges. He just kept saying it over and over, and eventually told me “until you get a confirmation email we cant help you, bye.” Like really?

    Don’t waste your time, this site has become a scam

  25. Send earnings sucks royally. Everything bad you said about them is absolutely true. Don’t waste your time with Send Earnings. You would be more likely to win $10 from the Publishers Clearing House than to get your first $30 from them!

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