Silver Lotto System Review- Scam Or Does It Work?

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I can’t believe the Silver Lotto System is actually a real product. Wow what anybody would buy to make some money. And if you’re the creator of such a thing, good for you. Quite clever. Welcome to my review and thanks for visiting. Haha. Wow I’m still in shock that someone would actually create a “system” that’s supposedly has “proven” methods to win the lottery. That’s kind of funny that anybody would believe someone has figured out how to consistently win the lottery. I knew right off the bat that this was just another scheme conjured up but with a unique twist on it because it seems pretty promising that somebody has found a small niche in the moneymaking industry and it is through lottery.

Okay, so I admit it’s not the jackpot that the product wins, but to think that just buy purchasing a lotto system is going to bring in consistent results is just silly, but hey, it’s your money. One of the pitches in the sales page is that it will increase your chances by “98%”. Now that’s a little bit far-fetched and of course there is a catch to you. you got to understand that this product revolves around the lottery real system which is a method or strategy that has been around for a long time already. The idea is to target the smaller odds rather than the bigger odds such as jackpot..

[note color=”#fffae5″]The Silver Lotto System is more of a Clickbank product that affiliates are trying to sell to desperate folks. That’s why you might see some positive reviews floating around the web. It’s just to pre-sell you into believing in the product so you can buy it off the affiliate and they make a commission per sale. It costs you $39.95 to get the ebook but you can get a discount of $10. Then after to be a continuing member of the lotto system, it’s $19 per month. [/note]

There is actually a lot of negative feedback and a lot of people have requested refunds. One of the complaints was that the constant investment in the Winners Circle and not seeing a return. Also it seems that people were enticed to invest into lottery wheel jackpot packages, and felt like they just wasted the money. Then again, that is their fault. But one of the things that surprised me was that a lot of people claim they never receive the e-book after placing an order and that causes me to raise a bunch of red flags. The idea of winning the lottery draws a lot of interest because a lot of people see the benefits and dreams of one day actually winning easy money. My advice is to not fall for systems like the Silver Lotto System because if it really worked, and then everybody would be making tons of money with it and that’s obviously not the case. The real way people are making money with this program is just by selling its to desperate people looking to buy.

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