Simple Pay Streams Review- Know Before You Buy

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A Quick Simple Pay Streams Review- Scam?

simple paystreams reviewWhen the Simple Pay Streams program, designed by Adrian Sanders, was first released, it looked like a great deal, especially for internet marketing newbies. The program boasts a fully-automated system that makes the process of internet marketing a breeze for anyone. Sanders also promises to teach individuals who buy the program how to increase their level of expertise in order to make at least hundreds of dollars per hour using affiliate marketing techniques. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a term that describes the promotion of products belonging to another individual or company. An example of this would be promoting Amazon products for a profit.

Looks Could Be Deceiving

Simple Pay Streams seems reasonable enough at first glance because of the many “freebies” the program offers. Sanders also promotes the fact that his program works on a variety of popular networks such as Amazon and Clickbank. The highlighted perks of the program is that it makes setup easy and requires very little maintenance. There is also reportedly no need for social media, SEO, or paid for advertising. All of these perks sound too good to be true and that is because they are. Although the idea behind the program is great, it is not worth it.

  • The only person truly making money off this program is Adrian Sanders. First, Sanders offers a “free” website as a bonus for buying the program.
  • Unfortunately, soon after purchasing the product, users have discovered that the program is not actually free.
  • Then there is the two week webinars that sound enticing. Users have reported that these webinars have yet to launch, which means that is more money down the drain and into the pocket of the designer.
  • While Simple Pay Streams offers an exciting package on the outside, on the inside it is nothing more than a classic gimmick used to trick people out of money.

Here’s the freaking weirdest Youtube video of Simple Pay Streams LOL

The idea of Simple Pay Streams is definitely an exciting one but anyone who is familiar with internet marketing knows that it takes both time and/or money. The first sign that there is something more than meets the eye with this program is the fact that it claims “very little maintenance.” Internet marketing requires a great deal of dedication and maintenance. Every ad must be continually updated to reflect new information or products being offered. Eventually, the ads become tired and worn out and quit garnering the interest of potential customers, which is why maintenance is so important.

Simple Pay Streams Review: Conclusion

Overall, everyone’s experience with Simple Pay Streams may differ but from the sounds of the complaints coming from several users, it may be best to pass this one by. Rather than lining the pockets of someone else, it is better to make a profit off hard work and dedication to internet marketing. In the end it is more refreshing to reap the reward sowed from that hard work. Additionally, the program claims “simplicity” but it is anything but simple. There are complicated forms to fill out after choosing affiliated products, which is more of a headache than it is really worth.

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