Six Figure Program Review- Another Scam?

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Welcome to my Six Figure Program scam review. I’m sure you are someone pretty darn smart because you knew when something sounded too easy and good to be true, right? Good thing you went ahead and are looking for some details, and I would be more than glad to help you save some time and money, my friend. So what’s the deal here? This Six Figure Program looks like good stuff, right? Wrong. Let me go through with you a little bit about making money online and why I definitely can’t recommend this product to you. It’s the old fashioned over hyped IM product story.

Six Figure Program Scam Red Flags?

First of all, it’s going to cost you $27 to get started. Ok. That’s not that bad at all. I wouldn’t mind paying a few hundred for a really good IM product, so lets see what else is in store. So one of the things I look for when reviewing something is what kind of education does the product offer. That’s a huge one because honestly, that’s what’s going to bring in the money: knowledge. But it seems Six Figure Program is going to direct you in the wrong direction. The main method they recommend using is paid advertising. Yikes! This is definitely something that you should be careful of. You have to invest a good amount of money in PPC campaigns and really now what you are doing. If you don’t, and most likely if you’re a beginner you don’t, then you will lose some money and be frustrated. I can tell you straight up that Six Figure Program does NOT teach you all you need to know in order to be successful in this area. It’s a big shame.

The next way you get traffic to your business is through search engines such as Google. I am really disappointed with the training on this one. They give you all kinds of whacky advice that’s going to kill your business in 2013 and on. Stuff like submitting to article directories and getting backlinks from them does not work anymore. Well, it doesn’t work as effectively anyways, and honestly, I don’t do it. But that’s the kind of stuff they teach you to do. Another thing I noticed is that they just don’t go deep enough on exactly how things work.

You’ve got to know the basics such as finding keywords, analyzing your competition, and how to set up your content so that it sells. You have to know how to track your traffic, clicks, page click-through, time on your site, and all that kind of detailed stuff. Again, this is not taught in Six Figure Program.

A Few Upsells

  • Just like any IM product out there, there are a few Six Figure Program upsells.
  • The first one is a tool that helps you find the best affiliate products to promote for your keywords that you want to build your site around.
  • Honestly, you can just go to Clickbank for this one and not pay anything at all.
  • Looks like they just want to make more money on something that you can just get for free on the web or by joining an affiliate network.
  • Another thing I noticed is how they kind of push you to get hosting setup at Brainhost.
  • You know why? I figured it out. It’s because they are going to earn a commission off you from joining since they are affiliates over there with that company as well.
  • There’s nothing wrong with this if they were providing some valuable training and content, but honestly they don’t. That’s what kind of bugs me.
  • All kinds of new people to the industry are going to trust the system, get set up, spend all this money, and follow steps that are outdated and could possibly harm their business.

This is the crazy crap about all of this. They are going to try to get you to invest in a coaching program that costs $15,000. That is ridiculous. I don’t mind doing business consulting at $200 per hour. But to invest that much? I better be getting coaching from Mark Zuckerberg if you know what I’m talking about. Best believe that they are going to get a commission or cut by referring you to this coaching program or network.

Six Figure Program Scam Conclusion

Well I hope you got some good info in my quick Six Figure Program review. Please understand that affiliate marketing is very simple once you know what to do but it is really difficult to find a program that actually teaches you the right things. I can see from experience what happened here. Ben and Dave got together, created a very crappy IM product, invested a little marketing, and distributed it to a lot of beginners and “newbies” and knew they could sell to them for a profit. Oh well. I hope you don’t get ripped off in the future! Thanks for reading.

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