Skillpay Review- My Personal Results & Honest Opinion

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kevin and darin Hello and welcome to my Skillpay review. All I can say is I am blown away. Very rarely do I ever run across any legit “make money online” programs because are just blatant scams. For once, I have found something, I feel, is a gold-mine for anyone who wants to make money on the Internet and it’s thanks to Kevin and Darin Blue. 

If you desperately need money and are looking for a “fast” way to earn income, then this won’t be for you. However, if you are looking to build a solid monthly income and want to know exactly what to do and what it takes, then Skillpay is going to work great for you. The training is very high-quality. 

What Is “Skillpay” and How Does It Work?

It’s actually quite simple. You learn the skills that make money on the Internet. No push-button, MLM, payday system, or any of that garbage here! Just pure money-making strategies that anyone can do from home, given they are willing to follow directions and put in some hard work.

It breaks down into 5 steps:

  1. Identify Your Passion
  2. Build A Community
  3. Master Fundamentals
  4. Monetize Your Market
  5. 90 Day Launch

Just looking at these steps, I can tell you as a full-time marketer, this looks about right. In order to get to the money, there are steps between going form zero to money.

Skillpay’s “Personal Challenge”: Build A Community First

The “Personal Challenge” is absolutely golden. If you can complete this, it’ll make earning income 10x’s easier than you ever thought possible…and relatively fast.

Ok, so Skillpay said to identify a passion. Seems weird right? But hey lets give it a chance. After thinking about it for a few hours, I realized how much I like mixed martial arts. I’m a huge UFC fan and love watching MMA. So, I decided to go with the MMA niche. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with this, but it’s pretty much the first step. It makes sense. As long as there is a passion there is a market.

fb_community_mma_The next step is to build a community around your passion.

I chose to go the Facebook route and by following the training in which they show you how to do a little paid advertising, and after just about 13 days, I was able to get 10,000+ to my FB fan page!

Wow, this is awesome. I couldn’t believe that people would be subscribing, but they have, and it is working.

Building a community on social media first actually makes sense, because here I can see I am farming my own traffic.

Adding Your “Money-Maker”

skillpay_website_So here is where you launch your own money-making website and learn how to market on Google, Youtube, and Facebook.  I basically started adding content to my site, which I knew my audience would love. I decided to cover up the name of my site because some people do tend to want to copy/duplicate it, and I can’t really appreciate that too much. In this case, I launched my MMA website for that community of 10,000+ people to visit. If you don’t know how to do this, Skillpay will show you exactly how. 



Okay, now here is where we actually make the money by combining everything mentioned above and putting it together. Yes, these are the steps to create income from literally SCRATCH or just an idea. See those ads on my website there? Here I signed up with Google Adsense and got my ad codes generated and put them on my site. As I created a post on my fan page, I linked it back to my website with the ads. People started clicking on them and I AM STARTING TO MAKE MONEY!!! WOW!!!!

90 Day Launch

The idea is to start making money from home within a realistic 90 days. I have technically  made money in just 13 days. I like the fact that they explain it takes a little time to start generating residuals, unlike the many scams out there that claim you can “make money today!” which is just not true. 

Be Careful of FAKE Skillpay Reviews

There are some Internet marketing bloggers out there, that do nothing but BASH ANYTHING that is not their “#1 Recommendation”. This is a technique to drive potential customers away from any other programs such as Skillpay, by creating fake reviews where they do nothing but try to find ANYTHING they can, and just to funnel as many people as they can into their “#1 program”. It’s all a setup. It’s all to profit from 1 program so they can focus on creating a solid income. I can understand making negative reviews on actual scams, but sometimes these bloggers cross the line. Skillpay works, and honestly, I’ve NEVER made money this fast before online. 

Final Thoughts & Verdict

skillpay_earningsSo by day 13, I earned $73.54. That covers the Premium monthly cost of Skillpay plus more! Although you can get started for free as well or get a 6 month membership at a huge discount (recommended). But best believe I am going to scale this up and earn more and more.

Understand that the correct and proper way to make money on the Internet, IS TO BUILD A SMALL INTERNET BUSINESS (WEBSITE). If you are someone that is looking for super fast ways and like to join scheme after scheme, then this is not for you! Skillpay is a very high-quality business opportunity and I haven’t seen anything like it before. I am a Premium member of Skillpay and I probably always will be. 


It looks like Kevin and Darin’s other business (a country clothing line) has taken off! So basically from what I understand, they are not going to be able to support new members. Basically I am saying Skillpay is closed at the moment. I’m glad for the Blues brothers and the success they have been getting in their own niche. It’s freaking hilarious how the training was so good, their niche project took off!!!!!



See Here For My #1 Recommendation For Beginners!


  1. I am almost 70 years old, not raised in the computer generation, and do not know if my brain is capable of absorbing or understanding the instructions given by these “training courses”. I do not HAVE A WEBSITE, nor would I have the faintest idea how to create one. Can you suggest which one of these programs would have the most “remedial” complete and easy-to-understand instructions. My computer knowledge consists only of reading and writing emails, doing facebook and looking up things on google. What are my chances? Is there a course for kindergartners?

    I do not get the concept of how I would make money — do I advertise other company’s products and get a kickback from them? (You can see how clueless I am.)

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me, as I am retired and do not receive enough income on social security to live on.

    Thank you……………….Judith Wall

    • To Judith Wall
      Hi. Perhaps you have gained some knowledge/answers to your questions posted on 10/2014. I know how difficult it can be to “get on board” of becoming computer savvy, especially when it is not of your generation. As starters, you may want to visit your public library. Many of them offer on-site, free courses for beginners in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publish, etc. Word would be a great place to start! Usually, the library staff is more than willing to help. After all, the library is there for your use. Hope this helps Ms. Wall.

  2. Hi Vince, So what is the difference between Wealth Affiliate and Skillpay? These two programs seem to be pretty similar. Which one would you choose over the other if you could only join one and why?

    • Hi CB. Thanks for your question.

      They may look similar, but they are pretty different. Wealthy Affiliate is going to show you the basics of building a website and marketing it through search engines such as Google, mainly.

      Skillpay is more about advertising on social media such as Facebook.

      Skillpay will show you how to invest small amounts in ads, but you can see results much faster.

      If you have some idea or a little experience in Internet marketing, Skillpay is going to be a good fit.

      So which one would I choose? I can’t say. I am a member of both.

      • Great info Vince, Thanks so much!

  3. hi vince,

    So your making money with every people’s click?

    • Yes! Exactly. There are many ways Skillpay will teach you how to monetize your website traffic. Google Adsesnse is just one way.

  4. Hi Vince,

    I was looking for skillpay but I can’t find the actual site or much of anything about it. When I go to it just tells me to enter a password. Can you provide a link to the site? Is skillpay something you are building? Also, can you provide a link to your UFC site and FB page that you used to do this? It would be great to see what you actually did.

    • Hi Matt. Yeah, the owners actually granted me early access to Skillpay to test it out, but it should be completed and launched within the next few days.

      I do not generally share which sites I am building simply because people have the tendency to want to duplicate/copy.

      Skillpay will show you exactly what to do anyways, step-by-step.

      Thanks for the comment,

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