Social Post Suite Review- Scam Or Okay?

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Making money online has been the prime talk among web users in recent years. Developers and e-commerce specialists are constantly seeking new ways of tapping into the limitless possibilities available with digital operations. Social media has for a while been on the forefront of modern marketing. More businesses today own social profiles and accounts in Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn and Google+ among others. For these reasons various software and applications have emerged to help businesses take advantage of social media platforms to drive leads and sales. However, not all these applications deliver their promises and some simply do not help in any way. What’s more painful is that online users often fall victim to such scams and end up spending money on unworthy investment.
Here is a review of Social Post Suite which is the latest scam to hit the market.

What is Social Post Suite?

This is simply a software application that is intended to help businesses harness the potential of social engagements in Facebook. It can be installed on PC or Mac and is very easy to set up. It is also very easy to use and comes with a promise to boost sales and leads to unbelievable heights. This software claims businesses can use the newsfeed to generate leads or better yet, sell their products within the feed. You can also integrate opt-ins and landing pages within feeds to drive more sales. It comes with a simple to use dashboard that allows admins to post to any Facebook pages they are in charge of. From the provider’s official site, there is limited information on the specific features of this software. A lot of details emphasize on how it brings forth leads from every direction and increases sales.

Is Social Post Suite a scam?

This is the most critical question although for those who want to exclusively analyze what you can really achieve and how it influences your business, there is only one straight answer: not necessarily! Social Post Suite is not very far from any other online profit making scams that have been witnessed and are part of the digital world. However, it is first important to understand what a scam is. A lot of time people just refer to products and services as scam without vividly justifying it. A scam is something that promises to deliver a number of benefits but ultimately fails to do so, not because of user inexperience and inability to use it, but because of defects and ineffectiveness of the product or service. A scam can therefore be shrouded by benefits and some simple attractive features that in essence do not add any value or profits. Social Post Suite does deliver functionality, but in my opinion does not live up to its promises or what it’s intended to portray. 


Firstly, leads cannot be generated without optimized content and high quality conversations. The only service this software provides is a way to integrate links into the message and how to broadcast over social pages which it fails at doing and there are better options. If you are just beginning, the software will be easy to install and use. However, linking any generated lead with using this tool is a farfetched idea and the means of gaining and converting leads to sales are already known. It requires a combination of techniques and tailored approaches to ensure engagements and interactions land to sales. The tool is not recommendable as it only brings a new experience and tryout without guaranteeing leads.

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