Survey Downline Review- Scam Or Smart Income?

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survey_downline_reviewHey welcome to my Survey Downline review. Most of the time, people searching for info on this program are looking to create extra income or want to see if it works. I’m just going to tell you my honest opinion on this company and why I might not give it the green light to a beginner or “newbie” just yet. There are absolutely plenty of legit ways to generate income online. But is this one of them, or a scam? Does it work? I’m going to discuss how it works and what it can mean for you as far as making money. Stick with me until the end and I hope to give you a better understanding of what this is all about.

I quickly figured out that Survey Downline is pretty much a mix between a paid survey opportunity and also a multilevel marketing compensation plan. Paid survey sites have become really popular recently and lots of people have flocked over to the sites, signing up in hopes of making easy money. I always tell people that ask me about these type of survey opportunities, that you’re not make that much money and most of the time I am right. In fact, I’ve never met anybody that’s made more than $20 doing one survey and often times will pitch you on the idea you can make that much money. but back to this particular company, you’re going to make a tiny bit of money doing surveys and make even more when you recruit people and have them actively doing surveys.

How Much Can You Make With Survey Downline?

Not a lot. Just think about it. If these sites paid that much for survey, they would never make any money and it actually lose lots of money because how hard is it really to answer questions all day and give your honest opinion? And here comes the multilevel marketing part to the whole equation. You’re in a need to know how to recruit people into this business and then have them be active if you want to make any more kind of residual money.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]Note: I was browsing around the different forums and I come across somebody that has been With Survey Downline for a couple years and has recruited over 300 people. In a nutshell, he said that he makes about on average $20 per month. Yikes. That’s definitely in my opinion not worth your time and effort.[/note]

Why I Can’t Recommend It

The Main reason why I can’t recommend this program is because there are just too many better options out there. Like I said before, you’re not make that much money doing surveys whether it’s with Survey Downline or really any other kind of paid survey sites unless you really work the referral program. In this case, the referral program does not give you that grates of a return for your investment in hard work and effort. There are programs out there where you can literally make 20 times as much money with the same amount of effort referring people to the business. If you’re looking to make maybe one or two dollars per month, then I would consider joining this. If not, I would pass.


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  1. If you last on the same ones for years the pay gets better as I have but they tell you your not going to get rich or earn enough money to quit your real job and I disagree about it being hard work mainly because I own a major construction company I started years ago so I know what hard work is . Surveys are relaxing and something I work on after work while my wife and daughters are fixing dinner. Some can be too long but most are fun . I only sign up for the cash only or Amazon gift cards as pay as we shop on Amazon a lot . I only have 2 that pay in points .

  2. If I need to unsubscribe I don’t to it the conventional way. I unsubscribed from one site once and it automatically unsubscribed me from other I wanted to keep. Some are un by the same people, just formatted differently. If I don’t want to be bothered with one I just put it in the spam folder so it no longer comes to my inbox. No biggie. If you join enough of these site you CAN make a little money. I do and it gives my extra money here and there. I am retired so a little easier for me to keep up with granted. Also don’t think that I have not ran into some crappy and crooked ones to. Never lost anything though, a little time. One site I won the sweepstakes for $1000.00. Took quit a bit to convince me that it was legit. You have to do these for a long time and lots of them to get anywhere and do your research when you suspect a bad site. Thanks for letting me comment,,,,,,,RAE

  3. This is a TOTAL SCAM!
    & Trying to “Unsubscribe” from these incessant emails from them is proving to be impossible!
    Don’t make the mistake I did!

  4. scam;
    this company is a scam,, after making like 20.00 in three years, they reimbursed me anymore money, then they canceled my account, I have sent live 10 requests and asking for explanations, I ‘ve been ignored . Stay away from this company, it it full of scams.

  5. I had been with Survey Downline for a year or so and had no problems receiving requested moneys earned. The email invites to surveys started slowing down so I logged in to see if there were any surveys I was missing. The screen told me that I was attempting to take a survey from a country which was different to the one I was registered under (not the case). I sent a couple of messages for assistance and got no replies. When I signed in a month or so later, the unclaimed money in my account had been removed and they are still ignoring my emails.

  6. They say for earning 10.00 in your account you can get a month subscription to a magazine.I entered the code hit submit .I says in my account I redemed the 10.00.But couldnt pick the mag out of a list of several like I could before entering code on a differnt pags.Its a SCAM BIGJoKE.

  7. I redeemed $20.00 of money earned on this site – on January 15, 2014 and I see that it has been deducted from my account balance – but, I haven’t received it yet and many e-mails on their form have remained unanswered. Have I been scammed? Except for their form there is no way to reach them except by snail mail. Any advice?

    • Blow up their social media accounts. Let people know they ripped you off. That will get their attention.

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