Survey Money Machines Scam- Hailey Gates Review

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So you’re wondering if this company is a big Survey Money Machines scam, right? Hey and welcome to my honest, no holds-barred review. I quickly wanted to point out a few things about this make money opportunity because I know a lot of people are searching for honest info as to whether or not they can really earn money doing paid surveys. My answer is yes, you can. And yes, you can make money with SMM. But how much? That’s the big problem I always have with these types of survey websites.

Hailey Gates claims you can make big money and Survey Money Machines says it will show you how to get paid up to $75 taking phone surveys and $100 an hour participating in focus groups. That’s total garbage and let me explain why and how it really works. 

The reason why this company offers a free signup is because all it does is refers you to their survey site affiliate links. That’s right. When you join you will see that this program is nothing more than links to other survey sites that you also have to sign up with. Not only that, but sometimes you might even have to pay in order to actually participate in whatever research that company is trying to do. You will get on average about 2 links per day. That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that once you sign up, you just sold your email address’s soul. Prepared to get spammed up the yin yang.

you got to understand the real purpose behind Survey Money Machines. Of the whole reason why this website was set up was to attract lots of people looking for income and have them sign up for free so they can become affiliates for companies in which the owner is affiliated with and makes the most money.

There are many other survey sites just like this one that do the same thing. They make outlandish claims of making hundreds of dollars a day by doing stupid surveys and it’s just not true. I guess what they’re trying to do is target people who are looking to create extra income from home and are desperately looking at that so they will join just about anything.

You definitely don’t want to waste your time doing the surveys because even though you can make money, most of the time it’s peanuts and cents more than anything else. The same amount of time you’re going to spend sitting at the computer answering some questions, you can be spending building multiple profitable full-time income streams on the Internet and quit your day job within six months. I’m not even kidding.

In my opinion, I would stay away from Survey Money Machine just because it’s another one of these survey schemes that I cannot recommend to people.

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  1. Thanks for your help, I’m glad you put the truth out there. I believe everything you said and will not be participating. Thanks again

  2. Thanks so much for the review. Unfortunately I didn’t see, let alone read this until after I’d already sold my emails soul. 🙁 Now I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do…

  3. Thanks,the problem is you never know which one is the real one unless you do it. People always bash each other for competition as well.

  4. thanks for you information i was about to sign up thank god i did my research first very helpful.

  5. I just did a bunch of surveys for them and I swear I have spent close to fours on them So not worth it. Glad I googled it and found you thanks

  6. Thank you for your review. Will defiantly NOT be signing up for this… Just came upon this site while I was looking at coupons and was wondering what the deal was with it… I am glad that I now know. Thank you

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