Swagbucks Review- Can’t Be A Scam With So Much Hype, Right?

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Rewards site like Swagbucks always look good on paper. I mean, getting paid to shop, play online games, search the internet or watch videos? I do that all that time and for free! I admit though, the first time I heard it, I thought it was a rapper or some hip-hop band or maybe the latest cool expression.

Lol. But seriously, isn’t that what we all want?

Get paid doing what we love? But before you go “Where is this and where do I sign up?”, you should know there’s more to this “loyalty program” than just handing out rewards. Nobody’s going to give you something without anything in return. Let’s explore a little further.


They ask you to do stuff and you get rewarded in points. That sums up what you need to do to earn. Despite the testimonials you read on the site (probably about how Swagbucks helped them travel etc), they don’t pay in cash. The points are given in Swagbucks (SB) which is their virtual currency. One SB has the equivalent of just one penny.


  • Watching videos – You get 3 SB for every 10 videos you watch. The topic and length often varies.
  • Using search engine – You don’t use Google for this though and there’s no exact number of points given to each search. It’s random most of the time.
  • Playing games – Sometimes, you may need to purchase credits or tokens to play games. However, this will be repaid to you BUT even if you paid in cash, you will get it back in SB points.
  • Answering surveys – This is the task that I liked the least because one survey can take up to 40 minutes and besides, you still need to qualify.
  • Filling out daily polls – It’s probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn points.
  • Shopping online –This could easily be your favorite. Swagbucks is affiliated with various retailers and you will receive points depending on how much you spent per item.
  • Referring people, getting coupons, downloading mobile apps and joining the Swagstakes – These are other means of earning points.


  • It’s free to join. At no point during your registration or even after will they ask for credit card information which is always good.
  • The gift cards are for big online retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy. So you see, you can surely get something nice for five bucks.


  • Points are sometimes inconsistent.
  • There’s a time limit on points. Unless you make this as your full time job, you’ll find it challenging to accumulate a significant number of points to redeem as gift cards. They expire after six months so it’s best to redeem whatever you can.
  • Because it takes a while and a lot of completed tasks for you to reach some points (you need about 500 SB for a 5-dollar gift card), it can really consume much of your time. As I mentioned earlier, that’s not an issue if you want to do this full time but if you’re just planning on spending a few minutes every day, it might not work.


  • Sudden deactivated accounts – This has been quite common for users after some of them earned a total of more than a thousand SB points. When they asked WHY, they were told Swag Bucks noticed they were using a ‘bot.’ I’m not sure what this means, either.
  • Un-credited points – Well if you’re constantly monitoring your points, you might just find a few of them which were not credited. I don’t know if this is a system glitch or if it’s somehow connected with the inconsistency of giving them.
  • Time-consuming qualification process for surveys – If you’re lucky, you’ll qualify but if not, you just spent minutes for nothing.
  • Non-stop calls from their partners – Now this is annoying. Getting a call from salespeople who will stop at nothing just to sell something is unacceptable!


Swagbucks is straight up legit but plenty of users (especially those who have been around since the beginning) complained how great it was BEFORE. If you want to get rewarded for things you still do on the internet every day, then you might want to give this a try. It may or may not be worth your while but it will be at your own risk.

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