Text Cash Network Review- Another MLM scam?

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text_cash_network_review_When first evaluating Text Cash Network, it seemed like a very interesting idea. It’s focused around discounts/saving. People like that stuff, right? Anything that’s free or close to it, you’re going to draw a lot of interest in it. So why not create a business opportunity from it as well? Oh and cell phones. People have those nowadays, right? So why not somehow mesh the 2 together and create something where people can somehow save, make money, and use cell phones as advertising platforms?

Part of the reason is that the company is going to build a large subscriber list. Oftentimes business opportunities offer something for free in exchange for your e-mail address so they can bombard you with additional promotions in the future. Not only that but there can send you these text messages in hopes that you will purchase or get involved with one of these advertisements.

That’s kind of what this company is about. When you sign up and agree to give them your phone number, you will get paid to receive text message ads to your phone. I think if I can remember correctly, they will give you up to five advertisements through text messages per day. Then your next assignment is to recruit lots of people into this network under you and have them submit their contact info and receive messages for these daily deals or whatever. So how the heck are you going to make the money if everything is free?

That’s where this VIP paid membership of Text Cast Network kicks in. You see once you build a big network then there will be a sales pitch to upgrade to an actual paid membership in which you will receive a cut from each person who under you, signs up for this monthly paid membership. This is called multilevel marketing. I must admit that this is a pretty unique idea.

So let me give you my perspective and why I think it can be a very DIFFICULT way to make money from home. It’s going to come down to your ability to recruit lots and lots of people to make any kind of significant income. And let me say this again, it’s going to take lots of people. You have to look at it through a business perspective. Most people that are going to join your team or this particular business are looking to make money. They don’t really care about discounts and savings. They will simply go ahead and submit their phone numbers so they can be a part of the business opportunity to make money.

There are plenty of other better business opportunities out there that pay much more and have a more lucrative business model than Text Cash Network in my opinion.


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  1. Agreed, good overview on the texting side of business, but this has been an evolving concept over the past year, and you are correct, you need thousands of active members before you will earn a strong residual income which is what I look for.

    When they introduced several new products, my income jumped which was encouraging to say the least, so they are making progress to making this a multiple income stream business which is what I focus on.

    Well, they just announced another enhancement, and this one really got my attention. I love passive income opportunities and since most people do not have a large downline to support the usual MLM’s which all require large numbers to make it worth while, this new Diamond Club option got my attention.

    Simply put, you can now loan the company money and earn 50% with their new revenue sharing option. No selling, no recruiting and no purchasing products and you can still earn a nice passive income like no other. As an investor in stock market, FOREX, Gold and Silver, no where can you earn a no risk 50%, so once again, this company is evolving into a powerhouse with something for everyone.

    Success to all,

    • Please tell me you haven’t lent them any money. Do a little DD and you will find that a lot of people aren’t getting the money they’ve earned.

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