The 5 Steps It Takes To Make Money The Right Way

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Hey it’s Vince and it’s 2016 and I have seen it all just about now. You are not going to get rich quick online, and you’re not going to find the hidden secret to overnight profits through a “method” or “system”. Those are what scams say! Instead, this is what you need to do if you are looking to generate income from home through affiliate marketing. It’s actually quite simple.

1. Choose A Niche- This is a group of people that have a particular interest. Where there are people, there is money to be made. Period.

2. Setup A Website- Isn’t the internet just a network of websites? Of course it is. And of course you’re going to need one to earn income. Don’t worry though. You can get one set up in 30 seconds.

3. Get traffic- This is where you get visitors to your site. No visitors, no money. That simple. But you can get tons of traffic through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

4. Earn revenue- Now you convert that traffic into actual money through affiliate networks, products, programs and other methods. The cool thing is, you don’t have to sell or ship anything yourself! 

5. Get pointed in the right direction- Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best program that is going to help put all this together and make it work. Kyle and Carson, the founders, have put together training, tools, websites, support, and a community that will put you on a straight path. This is especially going to be good if you’re brand new to all of this, or even if you are experienced. I would go ahead and create an account to see how it works. 


  1. Hi I am so very new to this, I feel really dumb asking probably what is a simple question. I’m not understanding the Niche part. And I read the comments above from Amanda and reading. How does all this work and how will she make money reading. Please help me to understand this better, thanks

  2. Hi Vince,
    My niche is reading. Can my love of reading actually make me money? Would I basically blog about the books I’ve read and try and promote others to read/buy? I have absolutely zero knowledge in marketing and business. Im not super savvy in the tech world either. Is Wealthy Affiliate still an option for me?

    • Reading is a great niche idea. WA will show you how to see the market and if there really are enough people to create business for that niche within the first lessons.

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