The Direct Pay System Review- Another MLM Referral Scam?

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direct_pay_system_review_The steady growth in online business has attracted many scam programs and others that are as close as you can get. This is a growing concern since many people are losing a lot of money through programs which claim to help people make money online. One such major borderline is Direct Pay System. This program claims to do all the marketing for you while in real sense this is not the case. You are required to use gimmick marketing methods or pay for the advertising. There are different levels which attract charges. The charges usually double depending on the level you chose. The least you can pay is $400 at the silver level, $800 at the gold level, $1600 at the platinum level while the highest amount is $3200 at the royale level. However, it is expected that these charges can shoot up to $6400.

Really Low-Quality

What is most shocking about this program is that it is not unlike the many of 1000’s of systems out there. As expected, the higher you pay the better the services you receive. In this case, the opposite is true. As much as you dig deeper into your pockets, there is nothing to really show for it. The fact that the direct pay system does not disclose all the important information until you join is more than enough proof that it is a borderline scam. The program claims to offer a $1000 guarantee if you do not make money in 60 days. In reality, it is very difficult to live up this because the reality is, it’s a business opportunity and individual results will always vary. 

Making Money With Direct Pay System By Hustling Others

You might be tricked to think that you will make easy money from the program. In reality, the money is made from marketing to other desperate folk, who want to also make money. This will largely depend on your ability to market your business properly and also proving your leadership qualities. You surely do not expect to pay such amounts of money and still put in a lot of hard work in order to market yourself and your business. This explains why a huge number of people will leave this program after the first trial.

It’s MLM Pretty Much

In most top programs, you get to enjoy all the cash from your hard work. In the direct pay program, you only enjoy 80% of what you make while your sponsor receives the other 20%. This means that many people lose a lot of money through sponsors. It is also important to note that this is not a company but a program. There are no offices where you can launch your claims. This makes it impossible for people to trace back the money they lose.


With the high growth of scam programs, it is important to exercise caution before joining any program. Ensure you conduct some research regarding that particular program. You can also seek the advice of experts in the home business industry. The expert will be able to shed some light on the pros and cons of that program. If you were on the verge of joining the direct pay system, it is important that you reconsider your decision. This is a precautionary measure aimed at ensuring you avoid losing your hard earned cash and most important, time.

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  1. I am a member of Direct Pay system and all I have had with this company is a bad experiance.
    I spent several hundred dollars on advertising that they recommended and did not get one lead,
    It just didnot work. I can’t say ir’s a scam, but I lost a lot of money, and their recommended advertising just did not work.SAVE YOUR MONEY!

  2. The only person making the real money is the owner himself – Tim Berger. This guy has mastered manipulation tactics to lure people into his nonsensical, money syphoning gimmicks. He’ll shower you with flowery words and promise you the world until you join. Trust me, I dished out money and still had to do all the marketing. Don’t give this guy any money. His program does nothing but continously makes him rich.

  3. Sorry don’t really have a true comment your just really nice looking!

  4. Anyone know of Rod Stinsons pizza box method?

    A guy called Peter Vlahos has been pushing it as a home business opportunity via ads in the small biz op newsstand magazines.

    Is Peter Vlahos legit?

    He says he offers free coaching after you opt, has a BBB rating, and a “92% success rate” with his clients. I can’t speak one way or the other about the validity of these statements or not- does anyone know the reality of this?

    • Peter Vlahos scammed me. He promised me to do all the job and the end it was the same junk as Rob Stinson. They make money showing you how to do the same to innocent people who are trying to make some extra money on Internet. This is scam. Time to stop them. Once Peter Vlahos gets your money, you are on your own. Exercise extreme caution.

  5. Ive only found 1 program that works. A lady contacted me about this program and its 400$ start up cost. No thanks!! The business Im in was only around 170$ to start up. Free training, free websites, free webinars, free advertising. Really amazing support.. I hate seeing people get taken on those other companies by people only wanting to make a quick buck.

    • Wendy I appreciate your comments. However you said “the business I’m in was only around $170 to startup….free training, free websites, free webinars, free etc..”????? I think I missed something there. The business I’m in however, there is a free membership where you get 2 free websites to work with plus beginner training, and then an optional Premium membership at $19.

  6. I am convinced they are all scams. Even this review takes you to that godawful project payday which will on turn lead you to that worthless empower network. They want 500 bucks plus to send to some hippie in costa rica who came up withba scam.

    • This review takes you to Project Payday? You might want to click the link again. It takes you to WA….nowhere NEAR Empower Network, which I agree, is a scam…I thought died out a while ago. Is it still going?

      • Vince, what is the name of the Program your in?

  7. I have been trying to get started online making money and fine that alot of things all lead back to IPAS 2 and other things i just don’t really want to do,..but do they work??? I have found a few things I’m in and working on i have them at

  8. It is a rip-off period! Do NOT invest in it. And always research any company before you send a dime. Sometimes a simple Google search or BBB check can tell you what you need to know.

  9. I bought into this program at $3200. I will tell you they told me that they were going to give me the first 200 leads for free. Yes they sent me leads but in order for this program to work you need to post ads on craigslist in a sneeky way so that you can get leads. Craigslist is against business opportunities and this is the best way to get leads as they told me. I can say this I wasted $3200 for nothing because they do not help you in any way market the product and you have to figure it out for yourself. This is a complete scam!!!!

  10. Amazing article and I agree 100%. Do your research when looking to make money online and offline for your business.

  11. The DPS program has been completely revamped and enhanced. I’m sure you made some excellent points but with the new services along with all DPS is doing, it will be more effective and better tools for online marketers.

    Thanks for your review.

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