The Michelle Withrow Scam- WAH & Other Schemes Review

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michelle_withrow_Hopefully I can save you from joining another Michelle Withrow scam. You you are probably somebody that’s looking for legitimate work from home opportunities and heard of a particular program and the founder is this woman. I think it’s a very bold and smart move that you actually took action and investigated for yourself. I am here to help you and I’m going to expose and show you that this is all a big scam to take your money. Let me explain to you how the scam works so you can better be prepared in the future.

It’s A Fictitious Character

I don’t think Michelle Withrow is even a real person at all. She is nothing than a fictitious character who is often featured on these scam websites that claim you can make lots of money working from home if you just buy the package. The reason why I say that this isn’t even a real person is because her picture is a stock photo. Not only that, but even researching the name on search engines, I couldn’t find any valuable information on her.

  • Stay at Home Revenue
  • Work At Home Authority
  • Work At Home Institute
  • Daily Consumer Posts
  • and many more¬†

One of Her Most Popular Scams Is WAH

michelle_withrow_scamProbably the most popular scam products out there featuring Michelle Withrow is Work At Home University. Let me show you a break down to you exactly why this is a scam and not to trust anything where you see her name. This is a popular scam website attached to the name that you might be familiar with. Let me point out the obvious red flats here. First of all, do you see those famous network logos? Yeah. They have absolutely nothing to do with this program. They are put there to create an illusion of legitimacy so you can feel comfortable as to what you’re getting into.

Also, have you ever heard of a work-at-home program that pays $87 an hour with no experience and where there are only limited positions available? I have never encountered a job that offers these benefits. Also the only need an Internet connection of qualified line is extremely cheesy. There is just so much scam about this program. 

How Do You Get A Refund?

It totally sucks because it’s hard to contact the people behind this scam and even harder to get money back. I know a lot of people ask me how to get a refund from programs like this. What I would suggest is to call up your bank or whatever merchant account you have and let me know what happened and to cancel any future recurring charges. Because that’s how they make even more money, by charging your credit card each month even more for a membership fee.

Just remember, if you ever see another product with the name Michelle Withrow and it’s a stock photo and it’s obvious, then make sure you run away as fast as you can and don’t get involved. You are just going to get disappointed.


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