The Millionaire Bot Review- Neither Free Nor Profitable Almost Scam

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A week never passes by without a new Binary Options scam roving the internet. I’ve written plenty of reviews and yet, these internet marketers still go out of their way to lure in people to invest money in something that doesn’t work! Yes, they’re heartless because the creators aren’t traders or brokers. As I said, they’re marketers which explain the variety of ways they use to sell their “software.”

This time, I’ll do a review on The Millionaire Bot. Take note, someone already complained of losing more or less $8000 using this system. Before I go into details, let me explain a few important points about Binary Options and why any company that guarantees you can make millions out of it is a liar.

Binary Trading gives you two options: CALL or PUT. On a micro scale, you should choose whether you think a certain commodity’s value will go up or down. It follows that for every trade, you have a 50:50 chance of getting it right and winning. Yup, it sounds a lot like gambling. Nevertheless, no technology on earth has cracked any code to this no matter what those scammers say. It’s undeniably difficult to predict anything especially when you only have a few minutes to place your trade.

With that, The Millionaire Bot’s claim that you can earn $13K in just a day is a big fat lie. They promise that you can use their system at no cost and it can help you generate $13, 425 daily. It’s like they chose numbers 1-5 and merely scrambled it to get to that amount.

Things You Might Want To Know

  • They have “Trust Guard” badges in their website but it’s not clickable. Therefore, there’s no way to verify them.
  • Their page says “No Credit Card Required” but then again, you’ll need to deposit at least $250 to begin trading and the scary part is this – the card details will be routed to a website that has nothing to do with The Millionaire Bot or their chosen broker. It’s a third party site which can then easily make unauthorized charges for you.

The Sales Video Is Unreal

  • It begins with a series of screenshots of badly photoshopped images containing huge amounts of cash. But it’s just so bad that it looks more like they used MS Paint to overlap some images or maybe someone who just began learning how to photoshop. But then again, most would hardly notice them since they strategically made a pretty fast slideshow so you’ll have no time to take a closer look.
  • They have seven fake testimonials from people they most probably hired on Fiverr. I must say though, with the few seconds of air time, the acting was so cringe-worthy that it convinced me they must be newbies. They haven’t even memorized the amount they’re supposed to say.
  • They’ll sell you the lavish lifestyle – mansion, sports cars, and endless parties. It would’ve helped if they included real videos from those people who made testimonials. I mean, come on, how would you believe them if they just spliced a bunch of watermarked videos from other people?
  • There’s the scarcity tactic since they will only allow 23 members. Yeah right!
  • Then comes the story of James Robinson who is (drum roll please) just like you! It’s another sob story to make the creator seem relatable so there’s no point of going over it because none of it is real.

The video was actually too long so let’s stop beating around the bush: IT’S A SCAM as all other binary trading options systems are. As I said, there’s no software that can do what it claims. And it’s not free because of the starting fund. Nevertheless, they’re still sprouting everywhere for one thing – affiliate commission. As long as anyone deposits $250, these internet marketers will get at least $500 from the broker.

I’ve seen these all before; it’s nothing new – not even the back story. So my advice is this – stay away from these “too good to be true” schemes. Making money online isn’t easy and for free. Don’t fall prey to these scams.


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