The Today’s Online Review Scam- Suckering People Everyday

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I can’t believe I’m about to say this but man, this is my favorite advertorial (advertisement + editorial). You know why? Because you don’t need to waste your time reading the rest of the page – you only need to read the first line.


So basically, it’s just a lengthy “buy me” article. For the past few years, scammers have veered away from the usual advertising tactics and went for the more convincing one – because well, people have a tendency to think if they heard or read it on the news, it must be legit. Sadly, these heartless marketers are banking on that belief.

Anyway, since there are numerous advertorials like this one, let me just point out the basic things you should look for to verify if it should be trusted or not. Because chances are, if the write-up itself is dubious, the company it’s promoting is probably just that as well.

  1. Unable to navigate to other pages or sent to different sites



This is a dead giveaway. For news sites like CNN and TIME, clicking on the tabs will direct you to the corresponding pages. In this case, however, only two things can happen: you will be redirected back to the home page OR you will be sent to the site of the program or system they’re promoting.

  1. Jason Goodman and using logos without authorization


The moment you read anything about Jason Goodman, you should be alarmed because this person (if he even exists) is always being used to promote scams. I won’t be surprised if the same scammer is behind them though. And the news company logos? They’re all used without authorization. But if you’re wondering why CNN, BBC, Usa Today etc. aren’t suing; it’s because there are no resources allocated to hunt down whoever is behind this.

  1. Fake checks


You’ll see the same check with edited name. Take a look at the date though. Notice how they said this is the most recent one and yet it was dated five years ago? That’s another thing to look out for, by the way, since these scammers tend to be very careless with the minute details.

  1. Fake testimonials


These are all machine-generated: the names, comments along with the date and time. How do I know they’re fake? Well as it happens, I’ve seen the exact testimonials (yep, word for word) in other advertorials.


I mentioned earlier that the main goal is simply to sell a specific program or system to people. By making a rags-to-riches story of a single mom; they make us think that if she can do it then anyone can. The sad part here is it’s all BS. They merely want you to sign up to Cash from Home (which I just reviewed) and it’s nothing but a link posting scam.

The bottom line here is: it’s not going to make you rich. It has never made ANYONE rich except the scammers. Don’t even bother signing up since they’ll unleash their experienced sales people to hound you and they won’t give up unless they’ve siphoned a lot of money off you.


Today’s Online Review is just a means to convince you to join link posting scams. Remember all the red flags I wrote here since it’s very likely you’ll come across something like this again.

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