The Work At Home Digital Scam- Honest Review

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Will Work At Home Digital scam you? The idea of making thousands per month just to work from home and post simple links seems too good to be true, right? welcome to my review and I’m here to tell you that I have seen this type of scam pretty much 1 million times before. One of the things that sticks out like a sore thumb is the name Michelle Starr. It is a fictitious character that represents the product and by now to be honest with you I am kind of tired of doing reviews on these fake newspaper online sites that promotes generating riches from the comfort of your own couch with little experience or knowledge or skills necessary.

Work at Home Digital is an up selling machine and that’s usually what these programs are. When you visit the site the idea is for you to get your hopes up about living the life you want and reach financial freedom by just working 30 to 40 min. per day and generating hundreds of dollars today on complete autopilot. If you didn’t know by now, it actually takes a lot of hard work to make money on the Internet and to do it consistently. So whenever you run into a program similar to this one that claims he can make easy money, you want to run away as fast as you can and hope you don’t get swindled

let me explain to you how this Work-At-Home Digital scam sucks you dry of all your money. The training system is in the cost usually over $100, and then but they’re going to do is if you missed it in fine print, they’re going to bill you each month an additional charge for becoming a member. It doesn’t just stop right there. Next expect to get a series of phone calls from sales representatives trying to get you to invest in pay for more coaching and products. That’s really the whole point of websites like this one. Like I said before in this review, is nothing more than an upsell machine.

What exactly is an upsell?

It’s the next offer that’s supposed to get you even more money. So another words with Bill do is tell you, hey if you wish to make even more money by the next product that we show you. That’s really all these websites do and it’s how the creators and owners are able to make so much money and pretty much scam the average person. Especially if you are new to the online business world, it is very easy for you to get scammed because things look promising beginning. But it’s important to recognize the signs of a real Internet scam or really crappy low-quality Internet marketing product like this one. My advice to you, or should I say my opinion, is that Work at Home Digital is a legal scam. In fact I’m not even sure if it’s legal and more since I try to check the domain and it doesn’t even work anymore!

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