Toluna Survey Reviews- Another Scam or What?

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My guess is that you’re visiting my Toluna Survey review because you heard of making money from home doing surveys. Yes, it’s nothing new anymore. You can earn some cash by simply giving out your opinion. When it might be great though if we can really make a living just answering surveys all day sitting behind a computer? Well, unfortunately that’s what a lot of people think because most people that are searching for online income opportunities are you done employed or they’re desperately seeking some way to make money. Allow me to explain what this particular company is about and how it can work for you. Or, could it just be a big scam and paid survey set up?

So you can actually join Toluna Survey for free which is definitely a good thing. The way it works is that you will be rewarded points for the amount of surveys that you complete. There are companies that are seeking valuable information and these survey sites act as the information gatherers for these companies, which is why they’re willing to pay you to take surveys.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]3000 points equals 1 dollar[/note]

To cash out on your earnings, you’re going to have to reach 60,000 points. Now that’s not too bad because on average each survey you take is going to be rewarded to you about 10 to 15,000 points. So you might be able to make $20 within taking five surveys or so. This is problem though that I’ve seen with many, many survey sites.

They make it pretty difficult set of her reach that payout threshold. What I mean is, you’re not can it get a whole lot of surveys each day for you to take. That’s the bottom line. The reason is because, well think about it. If it was really that easy to make tons of money answering simple surveys, these companies would lose a lot of revenue.

To give you my honest opinion as an Internet marketer that does know a thing or two about online income, I don’t personally think your intimate that much income with Toluna or really any kind of other paid online surveys. Usually if you participate in these paid online survey things, expect to make just a few bucks per month and expects to invest lots of hours in signing up for different survey sites. If you’re into McKinney has significant income with one of these type of sites, it’s going to be through their referral program meaning you have to know how to recruit thousands of people. That’ll hold other skill in itself called Internet marketing.

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  1. Scam.scam scam. Time wasted.

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