Traffic Authority: Good Training Or Shady MLM Scam?

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Traffic is an essential part of online business. To sum up its importance: higher targeted traffic means more revenue. Plus, people who stay longer in your website will likely sign up for your newsletters thus allowing you to market to them on a long-term basis which is basically what every business owner aims. And another bonus is the likelihood of them referring you to their family and friends.

Traffic Authority (TA) offers well, traffic, as a product and some affiliate marketing on the side. It doesn’t look so bad upfront but once you sign up, you’ll find out it’s not as 100% legit as it seems.

TA In A Nutshell

At $47/month, you’ll get access to training videos and tools such as pop-up generators, countdown timers, web traffic trackers and landing page builder to name a few. Should you decide to upgrade your membership and pay $97/month, you’ll get access to the TA Academy which offers tutorials that include email and social media marketing, purchasing traffic and getting in touch with digital influencers (they provide scripts too).

However, it doesn’t end there. They also have the TA Affiliate Plan where you buy their traffic packages and then market it to others so they can purchase.

Problems I Found

First off, I have issues with the price. The traffic packages cost anywhere between $220 and $4297 which, even if you ask the most experienced marketer, is too pricey considering there’s no guaranteed returns. That’s not to say online business has a predictable profit. It doesn’t. What I mean is, are you really willing to shell out thousands of dollars for something which hasn’t been proven successful or even been operating for years?

Anyway, if you sell them as affiliates, you can earn as much as $2000 for the most expensive one which is the Titanium Traffic Package.

Second, TA is setting unrealistic goals. With their three-step process, they promise you can make $10k/month and in 30 days, you can achieve the financial freedom you’ve always wanted. That’s not so bad, eh? The problem is, I’m not a big fan of outrageous claims. Can you earn such amount in affiliate marketing? It’s possible. But can TA really deliver? I don’t think so.

Third, although you can use the packages for your website’s traffic, you can’t help but be more inclined to do selling because you’d want to at least get back what you ‘invested.’ So really, traffic isn’t the main product but the affiliate program. And the training is mediocre, to say the least. And it doesn’t cover all the important aspects. There are better materials and resources for half the cost.

Lastly, the creators of Traffic Authority (Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey) are also the people behind MLM schemes which are non-operational at the moment and have been tagged as scams in the past. And with their current system, they seem to be leaning towards encouraging you to recruit more people rather than actually teaching you to get traffic on your site. And that says a lot about their intentions.


Traffic Authority is not a scam entirely but I find it shady at best. It’s being promoted as though traffic is its main product but in truth, you can only earn $10k/month if you promote their products as an affiliate. If you can sell their Titanium Package to five people then yes, you can make those five figures.

Don’t be misled. If you’re after the training videos and tools to generate more traffic to your site, then there are much better tutorials which won’t propel you to sell what you just bought. Joining TA will be at your own risk. It may not be worth it.

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