Traffic With Anthony Review- Scam or Real Deal?

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Traffic With Anthony is a product made by a guy named Anthony. This product basically promises that you would be getting 500,000+ visitors in just a few hours or even minutes. It’s a very outrageous claim, and it’s definitely obvious that there is something behind this guy’s product. There is something behind it that just goes to show that it is not a reliable thing to believe in. There is a lot of misconceptions involved with buying products online. There are countless “make money online” productsjust like this, but Traffic With Anthony is one of the first that many people are recommending you DO NOT buy.

Traffic With Anthony Review

Traffic With Anthony is a product that involves not only buying the system, but after you buy, there is a software that is a REQUIREMENT in order to seeing this so called “traffic”. Countless people have said that this product not only is deceitful, but there are so many things that Anthony doesn’t explain that you need to buy just to make this work. When you buy this product, Anthony requires that you buy the software which is not compatible to most computers. None of this information is shared or talked about until you buy, which goes to show that Anthony does not care about his customers or their money.

Little to NO Support

There is practically zero support that you can get from Anthony. In fact, they even have a phone number you could call that they will never answer. Most people have tried calling it around 2-3 times a day for 7 days straight, and Anthony or his team will not answer They give you the same messages over and over again. The worst support system ever, no doubt. The Warrior Forum is a very reliable Internet marketing forum that is most famous for their honest approach to exposing these horrible guys who try to scam on their buyers. Countless reviews of people there showcase how angry a lot of them are in regards to the horrible support made by this guy.

Might Be HARD To Get a Refund

When you get this product, you cannot get a refund. There are literally countless people who have not received any refunds online from the owner of this product, and they have experienced nothing but extreme stress. There are several people who have tried to get refunds as best as they could, but nothing seems to be working. Not only do they not honor their 60 day money back guarantee, but they actually ignore their clients, and they don’t bother to help anybody personally.

Traffic With Anthony is a total scam. Anthony and his support team can barely deliver a product that works. Everything they teach is old and rehashed, but to make it even worse, they are very stingy with their support. They can’t even develop or create a product that benefits people in one way or another. Do not buy this product by any means. You can discover better techniques online through other sources online and through other products. With the huge number of scams online, you should avoid this product at all costs.

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