Unbiased Cash Crate Review- Survey Scam or Legit?

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cash_crate_review_Hey and welcome to my Cash Crate review. I know a lot of people search the Internet for the easiest way to make some money from home, so they resort to survey sites like this one. I think the hope is being able to make some good money simply filling out surveys all day. I mean, wouldn’t that be just wonderful if we could all just sit on our butts and make tons of cash giving out our opinion? That’s what sites like Cash Crate like to have you believe, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. Can you really earn “extra” cash? Is this reliable? Is it even legitimate? I’m going to do my best to explain to you how this all works. 

Spend 2 Hours to Earn $2.00

So basically you get paid to answer surveys and sign up to membership sites. Get prepared to give out your credit card info a lot. Also, taking the surveys can be a big pain the butt as well and making money is just really sluggish. Did you really think you’d make lots of money doing this? No. Of course not. But you can really make some money. This is legitimate. The reason why you won’t make a lot is because the surveys and tasks just don’t pay a lot. I’m talking about $.50 per survey and that’s even IF you’re lucky to get a constant flow of them to do. They take forever to complete as well. The surveys are not quick and often times you have to take a pre-survey to take the survey. Yes. You take a survey to take a survey. They want to know if you are qualified and if you’re not, buy bye! You will probably make about $1 per hour if you were to translate this into a job. Just not worth it in my opinion.

The Real Money Is In The Referrals

cash_crate_reviewSo this is how you are going to make any significant kind of money: recruiting people into the system. So basically you’re going to get a cut of what your people make and also what their people make. Remember though, the earnings are really small. So this means you’re going to have to recruit thousands and thousands of people to buy pay for, let’s say, a phone bill. Good luck. That’s a whole skill in itself. It’s called affiliate marketing and it basically takes building an entire online business in the “opportunity” niche. 

My Final Thoughts on This

Go ahead. Try it if you please. Just don’t expect to make much at all. I’m warning you. It can be extremely annoying and frustrating. Why spend all those hours making a few bucks, when you can focus on alternative income-producing methods and make 100x’s more? 


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  1. Nice honest review, thank you. Their website is really cute by the way lol.

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