United Online Business Review- Another Scam Or Not?

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united_online_business_scamUnited Online Business might not be what you think it is. Hello and welcome to my review. In this short article my hopes is to open your eyes and see what’s really going on with this system. By now, you probably figured out that you are interested in making extra money from home and you are looking for legitimate opportunity. Is this one a scam or is it really something that you can get involved with? Usually these are the kinds of questions that people ask when you’re doing research. Unfortunately, many of the people that are visiting these websites are beginners and are very vulnerable to different schemes and unrealistic moneymaking machine systems out there. Let me explain to you what exactly United online business really is.

Cost: $100 Upfront and $89.95 per month after

On the sales page, some of the features and benefits that United Online Business says it includes are as follows:

  • marketing and e-commerce websites
  • top level training
  • a community to be a part of
  • social marketing techniques
  • custom e-mail campaigns
  • calendars
  • tracking and reports
  • broadcast tools
  • and a few more tools at the Professional Account Level

Does United Online Business Scam People?

One of the first things I noticed is that none of the Youtube, Facebook, Google plus, or Twitter buttons on the sales page were clickable. another thing that I saw was that in the bottom section it says that you’re going to work with top leaders in Herbalife. I could find no legitimate Association with Herbalife and UOB, meaning even if they tell you that this marketing systems and help you build a Herbalife downline, it doesn’t mean that you actually will. Another problem I have is that you’re not even hold exactly what you’re going be doing when you join. As soon as you opt in, you go straight to the sign-up and order page. This is really fishy, and it’s actually very direct approach. I’m thinking that this particular system is going to fool a lot of beginners and “newbies” to the online business industry.

What can happen is you’re going to be taken through all this training, modules, coaching, and really honestly all whole lot of basic mentor ring and motivation than anything else. This is the problem I have with a lot of these type of marketing systems. The way that they make the money is just signing up people into United Online Business and nothing else. You are basically we going to learn how to resolve this program yourself. There are match better affiliate income opportunities that you can be in partnership with and make a lot more money any more legitimate matter and not have to deceive people using a shady marketing system such as UOB.

They have even used a picture of a top-selling couple in Hebalife on their sales page and if you look close underneath it says that this couple doesn’t receive compensation for their endorsement with United Online Business. Basically they’re using a picture of two people that don’t even belong to their system.


So overall, I can see that United Online Business is a marketing system designed to help you grow a Herbalife (mlm) business. As you may or may not know I’d highly do not recommend getting into multilevel marketing especially if you’re a beginner because there is literally a 99% failure rate. There is a lot to learn and more to it than just joining a system that’s supposed to make you bunch of money on autopilot, when it most likely won’t.


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