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video_traffic_academy_reviewVideo Traffic Academy really opened my eyes to how much more money I could make just uploading simple videos to the Internet. Before, I had never really done videos to be honest. I’m not sure why. But I regret not using videos because now I know how much traffic, leads, and sales I missed out on. Shucks! But good thing I got a hold of VTA and now have added videos to my online business and it has helped tremendously. It’s obvious that nowadays people are gravitating to watching videos about stuff than just reading. Basically the purpose of getting Video Traffic Academy is to make more money! You’re going to learn exactly how to piggyback & take advantage of the world’s 3rd largest website: Youtube. Not only are you going to be able to rank, but rank fast too. But this is not your ordinary “video marketing” product. I have to admit, this is one solid course. Let me explain.

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The course is broken down into 5 main Modules:

  1. Video Traffic 101
  2. Developing Your Strategy
  3. Creating Killer Videos
  4. Video Optimization
  5. Advanced Video Traffic Strategies

Extra Bonuses:

  1. Director’s Tool Kit
  2. Outsourcer’s Guide To Video
  3. Faceless Videos
  4. VTA Community
  5. Youtube Superstar Spotlight Interviews
  6. Video Marketing for Affiliates
  7. Video Traffic Process Maps[/note]

I am a HUGE fan of any product that really goes deep into training, and not just selling hype or tell you to buy the next thing. Video Traffic Academy is going to show you how to find a niche and come up with a strategy to become profitable. Also there is training straight for Affiliates. You’re going to see why 90% of business owners fail when it comes to making videos. Not only that, but you’re going to learn what makes a great video and what kind of software and tools you want to use to make your life a lot easier and your videos very appealing and converting. 




  • perfect for beginners to advanced
  • will be taught many different methods of making videos
  • you don’t have to be in front of the camera
  • lots of training modules and bonuses
  • get an increase in traffic to your affiliate marketing
  • 100% 60 money-back guarantee
  • Live chat whenever you need help
  • and much more


Video Traffic Academy Review Conclusion

Honestly, there is a lot of quality content within Video Traffic Academy and that’s what I mostly rate products on. If I had to pick a good video course that’s going to teach me how to effectively use video to make money, I would have to go with this one. You definitely don’t want to continue doing affiliate marketing WITHOUT video. Trust me. You’ll see the power and extra traffic & money you can generate by uploading simple videos after you know what to do. I would highly recommend to check out Video Traffic Academy.

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  1. Great course ever!!! it really increases my conversion rates.

  2. Sir When i see video on youtube a ad is appear for 10 second or more time. How to connect with company to earn from ad i want to add ad on my video . Kindly give me the procedure to make money from youtube. By step by step

    Thanks for your advise. Please help to earn from youtube.

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