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Hey, thanks for visiting my personal Viral Net Profits review! Viral marketing is a popular way of taking an idea, product, or service and spreading it. The idea of viral marketing is continuing to spread, making more people aware of a business in order to increase popularity. A new robotic software known as Viral Net Profits, created by Jason Hunt, supposedly helps people break into viral marketing on some of the web’s hottest social media sites. The members area offers three training phases for Pinterest, FaceBook and YouTube, which are among the most popular social media sites. These sites are commonly used for marketing purposes by individuals, businesses, organizations, causes and the like. I’m going to quickly go over with you some of the benefits the sales pitch says this program is going to offer you and then I will give you my unbiased personal opinion on it.

What Are The Main Points of Viral Net Profits?

  • What makes Viral Net Profits so unique is that it offers viral marketing tips and guidelines that are easy enough for even newbies to understand.
  • The content is pretty easy to follow and not as boring as most programs.
  • I did start to think though that maybe money was wasted on the software.
  • There are a few useful tools that can help you out a little bit.
  • One of the tools is the PiiBot, which is an automatic Pinterest bot used to create a mass number of Pinterest accounts.
  • The bot also provides mass liking, following, and re-pinning.
  • I’m not too excited about any kind of mass-auto software to be honest

There are a couple other tools offered by Viral Net Profits is the FaceBook Store Builder and FaceBook Fan Poster. The store builder is supposed to make it easy for FaceBook users to incorporate affiliate products from Amazon and eBay onto their FaceBook page, which is how you would make money using viral marketing. However, these products need an audience. That is where the fan poster comes into play. In theory, the FaceBook Fan Poster provides mass communication with fans by automatically commenting on the profile pages of fans. This is how the audience and potential clickers are targeted and encouraged to view products.

A Product Marketed To Affiliates

Although viral marketing itself is not new, it has never been an easy market to top into, especially for those who are new to the idea. Jason Hunt turns that problem around with Viral Net Profits. Many users have reported success using the automated program that is designed to make viral marketing a breeze even for those who lack certain technical skills. The bot he created for Pinterest garners particular interest among users considering how much attention the site has gained in such a short amount of time. The site ranks towards the top of the charts with 104 million views per month and growing.

Applying automated viral marketing control to sites such as FaceBook, Pinterest and YouTube seems like it can literally propel any idea, business, or organization into success. That is not likely though. Of course, Viral Net Profits is not some get rich quick scheme. It is sold to beginners and newbies as a product that can generate a sizable amount of profit in a short amount of time if followed step-by-step. It most likely won’t though. Jason Hunt reportedly made $18,376.19 in the first 44 minutes using his PiiBot software. I call bull-crap. Keep in mind that success stories will vary, meaning not everyone will experience the same kind of success. Overall, the program and combined software is going to cost you.

My Personal Opinion: The Truth About Viral Marketing

Yeah. Um. So to be completely honest with you, no one has really mastered viral marketing especially for the make money online niche. I know there are products that sell you on the idea of getting lots of traffic and sales and everything, but the reality is you’re going to come off as spammy and could get punished. Everything looks good on paper for Viral Net Profits. But this is the thing: I am not a huge fan of automated software systems that blast things. You know what I’m talking about? Anything that produces at mass quantity or does something “automatically” such as creates accounts or comments, is a little bit “spammy”. It might work, but most likely for a short while and you might get some accounts banned. I’ve seen that actual programs and opportunities that offer an affiliate income plan AND training work the best and are more “legit”. Just be careful when integrating something like Viral Net Profits into your business.

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