WAH Paycheck Reviews- Bait and Switch Scam?

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wah_paycheck_I’m thinking you searched for this WAH Paycheck review because something is not sitting right with you on the inside. Good thing you are reading this. In the oh so wonderful world of the Internet, there are so many scams you have to avoid. The problem is, they always seems so promising! And this is one of them. The scheme is set up to fool you into thinking you have just landed on a spectacular opportunity to work from home and earn $1,000’s just using your computer. Please understand there is no program out there that is really going to pay you that much money. You have to create it yourself, and there is a whole process to that. I’m going to touch on a few points here as to why this is a scam more than anything else. Trust me. I have literally done thousands of reviews at this point, and can usually spot one within just a few seconds. 

All The Fake Stuff

I’ve seen many similar actresses used in sales videos before. They are designed and used the same script that is pitched in WAH Paycheck. Of course the woman, Jessica Marshall, tells you how she’s going to show you exactly how she makes truck loads of money just using her system and all this other crap. Honestly, I get tired of reviewing these scams. It’s always to the same old thing. But you will see attractive sales script like it being really simple and everyone can do it. She’ll walk you through her story and not really give much info about what you will actually be doing, however you will be working with “big companies” and what not. It almost sounds like a high-level position you can do from home. Please give me a break!

Here’s another tip to avoid scams: any time you see popular news network emblems on the site, run away. They have nothing to do with the work from home opportunity you are visiting, and if you look closely it will say “as seen on…” so it doesn’t even matter anyway. The only reason they put those there, is because at one point in time, those network may have done a segment on how some people are building home businesses. That’s it though. It has nothing to do with WAH Paycheck or being featured on television. These are tricks to fool you and earn your trust.

Make $75 Per Hour Is False

WAH Paycheck is not some kind of job where you get paid per hour. The reason why they come up with these numbers is because if you were to build a massive home business through affiliate marketing and divided your income by the hours you put in, it is possible that it would EQUATE to $75 hour. Again, however, this is a very daunting task and WAH Paycheck has nothing to do with these numbers either. All they are pitching with the whole $75 per hour thing is the possibility of it happening rather than a set system or method. Good luck.

Get Your Website Setup?

Many scams like this one will want to get you up and running with a website (which will cost money), yet they say “no credit card required” in the sign up form! Okay? I’ve figured out that this is a tactic to make you feel attached. Having a website setup makes you feel like you are on the way to seeing results, when the reality is, you have a long way to go and many more upsells and offers to go. There just isn’t enough adequate training, in my opinion, to get you from start to money at all. Instead, you will get very generic affiliate marketing info delivered which doesn’t go deep enough into how things really work. There is a lot of stuff missing such as explaining how keyword research works, updating content on a regular basis to maintain rankings, and much more. 

The Only Good Thing I Found

wah_paycheck_free_website_Probably the only good thing is that when you exit out of the page, if you stay on page, you will get a discount. Do it again, and get another discount. Again, and it lowers all the way to  “FREE”! Yes, that’s right. But please believe that there is a catch. They mainly want to capture your contact info. Of course, you are not going to get away with a product truly for free. You will most likely be bombared by  sales call after sales call, encouraging you to invest lots of money to get up and running and also expensive coaching. That is how this program makes their money. They lure you in with notion of a great work from home opportunity and make you think you can earn 1,000 of dollars IF you go deep into their product. More money for the owners, more frustration for you.

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  1. Can we file a class action since we all were scammed?

    • In the perfect world lol Not worth it in my honest opinion. Just count your losses and move on.

  2. I had SIG ed up for this also and after sleeping on it decided that I. Eeded my $97 refunded. I called and argued with the customer service who o ly wanted to do a 50% refund. I told her I wanted 100% after telling her that I would talk to my credit card and get them for fraud they gave the 100%. I made sure to get a transaction number before I hung up. It was off my card the next day.

  3. i also fell for this work at home wahpaycheck i did recieve a call to set up my free consultation was charged 97.00 but after reading this i will be calling for a refund thankyou so much for this review sincerely a single desperet mother.

  4. I just put in over 300.00 into wahpaycheck.com how do I get my money back?

  5. I just called customer service and here is what happened..the person on the line offered me a 20% refund..I said 100%.. Then they offered me 50% and I told her she was dickering with me and my next step would be the attorney general who could shut them down and 100%’refund is what I require TODAY..i pushed and did not back down, I got a 100% refund and that makes me feel better..I’ve always hated scammers and maybe I should start my own company that works to get people’s money back and shut these thieves DOWN..WHOS WITH ME?

    • I am with you. I only got 50% refund. I should’ve fought harder like you.

  6. I guess t sucked in..within a few days I was so uncomfortable and saw so many red flags that I asked for a refund..I can’t get an answer and haven’t heard about a refund

  7. Me as will drives me crazy is there anything out there that works . I even payed for aspire after signing up all about money almost $2,000 for their product guess there is nothing to try.

  8. They got me for 97 dollars also what can we do to get our money back

  9. How can I get my money back?

  10. I have just been taken by WAH Paycheck Home Business Scsm! They got me for $600.00 But was trying to get me to invest $40,000 on my credit card!

  11. Wow!!! Cause I recently signed up for this program and they say to call some specialist to get a consultation on if I qualify for a 1-on-1 helper or something like that. Yet i’ve still been waiting on this call. Then it says if don’t want to wait continue to step two. Im really feeling now that I’ve been cheated out of $97 dollars and I want my money back cause it’s a lot to do just to start up… Please if can tell me what I need to do to get refunded back my money. , Thanks, Ms. Amelia Anderson

    • Yup. That’s how it works. It’s all a set up to get you to pay for each step, and make you feel like you’re progressing and getting closer to “money” when the reality is, you’re just making them more money. Your best bet is to go with my #1 recommendation. No doubt.

      • How can I get Refund?

        • I got scammed also . So unless there comes a time that a class action takes place against WAH PAYCHECK, it seems we”ve been trumped. signed; being an unemployed dummy.

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