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vinceHey it’s Vince and welcome to my review on Wealthy Affiliate. First of all, I would like to mention I have tried many, many work from home programs and the majority are just disguised scams. I want to give you my best unbiased review of my #1 top-rated income opportunity which is Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, I make money today using this program. Yes, you can too. No, it will not happen overnight. No, you won’t get rich. Yes, this will work even if you’re a complete beginner. So, with that being said, let’s talk about WA.

WA Takes You From “Start” To “Money”

The step-by-step training. The tools. The help. The support. Everything you need to make money in affiliate marketing is here. When you need that extra “umph” or if you get “stuck” on something of course you will have 1000’s of other people and other resources to help you within this community.

Understand that there is no magic formula or data entry method to make money. Those are scams. Instead, there is a step by step process that you must follow to make money in affiliate marketing (the real way you work from home).

So, What Do You Actually Do?


It’s actually very simple to understand. To get to the “money”, there are some steps you have to take to make this work and that is exactly what WA teaches.

You don’t just do some magic method or find some kind of shortcut to income.

It breaks down like this. Yes, you will make money if you follow these steps and take action…I actually make lots of income doing this.

1. Choose A Niche– Mainly you can pick a passion yours. You’re going to learn exactly how to make money in that niche. Yes, you can make money in ANY niche!! If you still can’t decide, the WA Bootcamp will decide for you.

2. Website Setup– Then you are going to set up your website. There is a FREE website builder for you that will do this within about 30 seconds or so. You will also get 2 FREE websites at your disposal.

3. Get Traffic– This is where you are going to learn to get “hits” to your website. Basically, attract visitors form your niche market.

4. Generate Revenue– Then you monetize your site by adding advertisements, affiliate products, incentives, etc.

You are basically creating a small, money-making website that will generate a monthly income for you. How? Well my friend, that’s exactly what you are taught!!

Who Will This Work For?

Wealthy Affiliate is going to work for anyone that is willing to follow the blueprint, action-plan, and training. This is actually PERFECT for beginners too, because you are literally taught from start to finish on exactly what you need to do. I have referred 10,000+ people to WA at this point and the type of people come from all different backgrounds anywhere from an anesthesiologist (doctor) to a butcher. Here are some of people this will work for:

  • beginners/newbies to affiliate marketing
  • stay-home-moms
  • retired folk looking for extra income
  • unemployed or in-between jobs
  • professionals looking to fire their boss
  • experienced entrepreneurs looking for ways to expand their business
  • people with jobs looking for extra income
  • those who have been scammed by get-rich-quick stuff
  • those who don’t have a lot of time, but want to do something part-time
  • anyone who is looking for an opportunity to create a secondary income

So what am I trying to say here? This is good for anyone really.

Highlights of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Step-by-step training to Internet money the legit way (OEC Course & WA Bootcamp)
  • Perfect for Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Video, Tutorials, & Forum training
  • 2 Free fully functional websites
  • 10,000’s people who are willing to give help when needed
  • Live chat and support 24 hours 7 days
  • Extremely fast and secure online hosting
  • Access to Experts that do this full-time (including me)
  • 10+ classrooms for higher-level knowledge
  • Free $0 Cost Starter Membership

How Much Does It Cost?

In the past, it costed $97 per month to try out this program…then it went down to $47…now you can get started for FREE. Yes, that’s right…FREE.

Why, what’s the catch? How does WA make money?

You see, there is an optional Premium membership available, but that’s something you can think about later on, if WA is for you after using your free membership and taking advantage of all the stuff it offers. I would consider this.

Getting Started Right + Bonus Offer

I think the best thing to do, is create a free membership (no credit card required) and test the waters out. In fact, I have helped lots of people get started in Wealthy Affiliate, so, I do know a thing or 2 about how all this work from home stuff works. I was once a beginner, and now I am full-time Internet marketer from home. I know the “secrets” if you will.

Obviously, I am an affiliate of WA and I do use this system on a daily basis. I can also help guide you when you need it along with other experts within the community. The point of this program is for you to ultimately make money from home. I also have a special bonus offer available. All you need to do is create a free account.

Click here for Wealthy Affiliate!


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  1. I have existing website but can’t get traffic at all. Does WA help upgrade my website to conform with affiliate marketing?

    • One of the biggest problems people have is getting traffic to their site to make money. Yes, WA covers this and shows you how to do it using free methods and paid methods. And they actually show you step by step.

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