WFH Report Review- Just Another Scam? You Bet

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Is WFH Report just another work from home scam? Yeah. Of course. Man it’s almost humorous how these websites are set up. The sad part is, some people actually fall victim to them….but you can’t really blame them. Hopefully you are reading this review right now because I hope to save you a lot of trouble and frustration. I’m going to break it down as to why this is a scam. You see soooo many of these programs out there and sometimes they are set up to look “legit” when they can’t be any farther from it.

Make $379 Per Day? Yeah Right!!!

First of all, you should be able to see that this is just a scheme just based on the promotion and claims. Stuff like earning up to $379 per day with no prior experience or skills. Do you know of any job where you can make that much without some kind of skill or background? Yet they set it up in a way that makes it seem like you’re going to get hired from home if you just join. Also, they like to use a “scarcity” tactic where they say there are only a few limited positions left in your area.

Everything Is So Fake About WFH Report

I mean, you can spot out the fictitious stories about how people are finding success with the program. You will even see pretty much fabricated checks and a stock photo of someone claiming results if you just look closely. Also, there is nothing more fake than the name “Wendy Price”. Wow, so original right? Not. Her story is that she was struggling and needed to make some money and found this “amazing system” and now makes hundreds of dollars a day. Total bullcrap though.

Then there are the news network logos that look familiar. It makes it seem like the website is endorsed by these news channels when they’re not. If you just look closely, you will see “as seen on” and nothing else. But even the fake news story that is featured are nothing put hired actors. 

Going To Cost You $197

If you are unfortunately convinced of joining, you will end up paying nearly two hundred dollars. Of course, you’re not even going to know exactly what you are getting, but you are believing the hype if you do decide to join. There is also a downsell when you try to exit the website. Don’t be foolish though.

Whoever Owns WFH Report Is Making Lots of Money Ripping Off People

 So why would a website like WFH Report even exist? Well, not only to make money selling this junk, but also to collect email addresses and info so they can sell it to other companies! Ever wonder why you get a ton of emails after joining a sketchy “work from home” package? 

Yup. That’s what happens. 

The person or party that owns this site is making tons of money off unsuspecting visitors. Hopefully you don’t have to deal with the almost impossible refund process. It’s hard to even track down where these sites are coming from. I would suggest to run away and never look back. Don’t join this program!


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