SFI Affiliate Program Review- Please Not Another Scam I Hope

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sfi_reviews_Does SFI Affiliate Program scam people? SFI Affiliate Center is a business opportunity that tends to attract a lot of people from around the world. But is it just another scam? That’s a good question and I’m going to tell you what it’s about and my opinion on it. So the first thing I did was go to www.sfiaffiliateprogram.com and signed up for my free account. It was fairly easy and it took me to a few steps. Honestly, there are a few better ways to make money though in my opinion.

It’s A Setup For “Triple Clicks” More Than Anything

Basically it seems the whole program is set up for you to refer people into tripleclicks.com. Well, at least this is the main income stream that is promoted and recommended for you to join. Triple Clicks is just a large market place of products that have discounts on them. When you refer people to there and they buy something, you make a commission. 

There are other income streams you can be a part of and earn points. Basically the more points you and your team earns, the more residual income you can make each month. There are a number of SFI products you can promote ranging from web hosting to other monthly subscription type products as well. The deal is like any other or most affiliate programs out there: the more people you refer, the more money you make.

The Problem With SFI Affiliate

compensation_plan_It’s not the worse affiliate program I have ever seen. In fact, it’s been around for a very long time compared to other affiliate programs in this industry. This is the issue I have with SFI Affiliate Program: it’s not structured in a way that’s going to help an average person from 0 to Internet money.

It’s just, well, an affiliate center with lots of links going here and there and different opportunities to join. There is some training but it’s very general and not structured enough to the point that if an average person joins, they’ll know exactly how to generate an income.

The problem I see here is the same old problem 99% of people looking to make biz opps work: they don’t know what it really takes to drive traffic to an income opportunity. Another issue I found was reading someone’s testimonial of how they had 135 referrals and was hardly making any money at all. That’s tough. If you are able to generate leads, you’d probably be better off promoting something that delivers high-level training, community, and support. You’d have a higher conversion rate plus much more retention. 

The Big Scam Question

There had been a little confusion on whether this is a scam or not. No, SFI is not a scam. However, I think it is a pretty shotty, old-school low-quality affiliate program mixed with an MLM opportunity. I will re-review this as a few things have changed since I last logged in SFI so hang tight and I will update this post…

What’s A Better Option For Newbies?

Obviously, I know what I’m doing as an experienced marketer and have also been a newbie at one point. I make money full-time online now and have been doing so for 3+ years. Want to know how? If you really want to make money online the correct way, there is definitely a better option than SFI. I know a lot of people are hardcore and loyal to SFI, even if they’re not making any money and not progressing.

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  1. Work is not a curse. It is what we are designed for by the creator. So guys roll up your sleeves and earn your stay on planet earth and leave it a slightly better place than you found it. Your greatest earnings will be on the other side if you do your best. Hope to see you there.

  2. thanks a lot i was wondering if this affiliate program was scam or real deal.

  3. People read with ease, if you are not earning at least $15,000 a month at minimum you are following advice from the wrong resources. Stop wasting your time with surveys, only ones who earn the greater of thee are those who own those sites you belong too. Stop playing games for points, play with your children for lifetime memories as they’re priceless. Stop watching video’s online for $25 an hour as advertised, when you can learn how to invest in yourself; and, stop reading those ads about Copy and Paste Emails for $2o. each – Those are time twisters, they will twist you out of your limited time because one day you will be too old to care, then what!

    Read carefully…If you can sell an item online for a dollar then why can’t you sell an item for 100 or even 1000, it takes the same amount of energy folks. Can’t never could do anything; stop, listening to those who claim they have figured it out – There is nothing to figure out. I can assure any of you, if you discovered a way to make money that shall grow up from the ground would you tell anyone, would you sell money trees – Answer: Unlikely. Simple reason why is that somebody down the road will tell the world they can do it better, that is called Crowding.

    Stop following crowds if you want to be successful online.
    I will let kitten out of the box of a moment; since 1997 (that’s when I started piddling with the Web); by 2000 ones talked about Y-2K; you all remember Y-2K. Everyone was worried the world would just shut down, that operated from in feed sources – Right? Someone in the military asked me how we used to communicate in the back country (hillbilly); and, I said being serious: “we would holler across the valley, and when it echoed back we knew someone heard us.” I put that in a blog post; and, forgotten about it for like 6 years. One day someone asked me how I was listed on the first many pages of Search engines; and, I replied – You talking about me. Yes, did you really holler across the valley. I was stunned anyone actually believed me. That blog went global over 132 million likes; and, to this day I finally figured out who was paying me everyone month like tick-tock. Started out around $37.00, few years later that simple post still paying me residuals of almost $900 a month tick – tock. That is not MLM, Affiliate Marketing, or any of that other off the wall jargon; It’s called, Invest in yourself. Forget about those none sense money trees. That is just one site I’ve posted over those years – Ask me now why I don’t wear a watch – I don’t wait on others, they wait for me. I thoroughly enjoy independence, my commute to work is like 20 feet at one of my pads.
    You don’t need piles of cash to get online, you don’t need a website, and you don’t need to keep following those crowds of naysayers. You know what a naysayer is: (joking)

    When their banker see’s them coming, they will get up and lock those doors.
    Stop follow crowds – Invest in yourself – First.

    • May I possibly have your contact info or email. I agree with self investment but could use insight from a successful person. Thank you so much, Jodene

  4. Thanks so much for the truth about SUFI I was training so much so I would know what I have gotten my self into now I get the true picture. And I have made a decisions to just opt out I have a debt , expenses etc I don’t see how this casework for me thanks Gus for being truthful

  5. Stupid products from sfi. It has high expenditure and not an income sourde. Income for sfi founder only.

    • I have been an eca at triple clicks for nearly 3 years, During that time I have had thousands of followers and numerous good comments about my service, etc. I sell over 100 products on their site. However recently sfi stopped notifying me of orders when they were processed and I had no idea orders were there ( they used to send emails when orders came in) it is not practcle to check every day as I only sold items about 1-2 orders a month a best. that is first problem 2nd just today, i was notified that an order i processed and shipped within 2 days the customer recieved it witin 2 weeks and yet i was told i would not be paid as the cusomter filed a chargeback no explination given. and no appeal of this, So i paid for the product and the shipping the cusoter received the product and now does not have to pay for it, they dont even have to send it back! SFI offered no support or help when i reached out to them.

  6. I wish you guys would quit using ‘MLM’ and ‘Affiliate Program’ interchangeably! They are two completely different animals! A legitimate MLM or Network Marketing company sells physical products (makeup, jewellery, weight loss, skin care, etc.) and/or services (phone, Internet, cable, legal, etc.) that are consumable. Affiliate programmes, done correctly, can be used to PROMOTE any type of primary business, but should NOT be considered a business in and of itself, even though many people use them that way. If all you’re doing is promoting the affiliate programme and teaching others to do the same with no physical product to sell, then all it is is a Ponzi scheme.

    • I just joined SFI about four days ago.Now I have gotten one Affiliate to sign up under me.My problem is I am not sure she signed up under me.I don’t see her name under Affiliates in my up line.I have contacted SFI about this because I don’t want to be losing any sign ups.

    • Let me begin with a morning wake up for you Jeanne – I am most certain the only time you ever heard the word “Ponzi” was when the story broke about Mr. Madoff, taking millions from celebrities; but, if you had not just been one-sided like the US attorney’s office was in the beginning many of those celebrities deserved what they got because they did not read their contracts, did not ask for a Prospects booklet neither, and any nut knows stocks and bonds carry risk; so, if they were not celebrities crying over their own errors the public would have never that chance to add a new word to their gossip. You’re incorrect when you wrote an MLM and Affiliate Program are not similar, you said, “completely different animals.”
      Jeanne we are not at the zoo; we’re online having a friendly conversation. I don’t think you have had too much legal training; but, allow me to enlighten you for moment. A Multiple Level Marketing system has been used in the United States since 1908; and, Affiliate Program is a retailer’s notice they would like for a host to assist in promoting their business in return for a bounty. The bounty could be gift card, store discounts, cash rewards, or just a simple thank you; and, they do that because it is considered a tax deduction. Not all businesses have an Affiliate program; not all Affiliates sell physical products neither; some could be in forms of Electronic Exchanges, like an E-book. However, I don’t recall the Internet being around in 1908. I used the Internet in 1970’s with the US military, the military used such form for communications; and, were skeptical as other countries in allowing public use later. Microsoft or Macintosh did not discover the Internet – JFK started the developing of the Internet during Bay of Pigs, and other countries later followed as their government strategies.
      A good example where MLM can be easily understood is think of a child at the age of 6. Usually at the age of 6 they start school in the First grade, and by the age of usually 18 they are at grade 12. Those are called Multiple Levels where the child applies their marketing skills and training into an advancement forward. Each year the student advances forward then he/she is rewarded – That is germane to MLM, and it is not two different animals, it’s reality.

      Finally, you said, Affiliate programmes (no such word), it’s programs…can PROMOTE any type of primary business.” No madam, you are very wrong in that statement.
      If the business your promoting online is not in the good standards of the Affiliate (retailer); and, the host who is asking is not of legal age 18 in the U.S., you will not be granted access. Porn is a good example to say you will not be promoting Wal-mart as an Affiliate. Affiliate Marketing is a business, Internet Marketing is a business. Both have NAICS codes that are listed as Tax Codes with the IRS; and, that begin said, you must list all earning over $600 annually.
      Whomever you’ve been following with this legal jargon Stop – Stop wasting your time trying to impress others with MT words. Use spellcheck, learn composition grammar, and stop following crowds – You need to follow those who earn a substantial living online, and we don’t talk about legitimate, animals, and scheme because time is limited for everyone. I know I might sound out harsh, but someone is misleading you down a rocky path, if you want to earn greater value in yourself, then learn to invest in yourself first, and leave the smoke settling in the dust behind. You will not earn a dime online ranting smoke to none-smokers.

      Enough Said

  7. My Honest review as an SFI Bronze Team Leader.

    I have known SFI since 2011, I joined, even though I was a total newbie to the entire Make Money Online” idea. (TBH I never even understood how to set up a blogger page) Enough about my history.

    The main problem with all MLM companies in this:- The Sponsors (i.e. the person who recruited you) only recruit the affiliate and leave them in the pay-park! This is why the wider society views MLM as scam.

    Over the years SFI has seen many changes that now allows the new affiliate to start making a proper income in their first few months plus you now get paid for advancing in rank.

    I only became fully active in SFI since September 2015 after taking a few years to watch this company and learn the core of their business model. I believe that the main reason people fail at SFI or any other MLM is simply because they did not take the time out to fully understand what they are getting into. I agree that the retention rate at SFI is low and it is no surprise since all the people I know thinks that they can start earning 6 or 7 figure incomes online literally overnight.


    Even in Wealthy Affiliate, the new recruit needs to take the time out to fully understand how the program works in order to employ the right plans and strategies needed to generate any form of income.

    The Plain Truth About SFI
    What I have noticed over the years, the people who make thousands per month in SFI are the ones who were NOT looking for FAST CASH and were prepared to make huge investments. One fine example is my up-line Team Leader Mr Stone Evans, who went out in invested in his own personal “Down-line Builder” website which he duplicates and gives to his entire team if you ask with free lifetime hosting. (I also got one)

    In conclusion, anyone investing in SFI and is serious about training a serous team of duplicators will make long term ROI. In order to start making good money in the short term then open a shop at Tripleclicks and offer high incentives or simply recruit at least 200 new affiliates every month.

    Final note:
    I have bookmarked this page in hope of returning with some good results. I am currently tracking my monthly investment which is on average $80 per month so far.
    Thank you for this opportunity Vince.

    • This is the second site I have come across that has a headline about SFI but is really trying to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
      I am an affiliate of both companies, however, I have not done anything with WA. So I can not really comment on WA.
      I continue to get emails from WA an watch the trainings occasionally.
      SFI is ok at best. I stick around because I usually make about $50 per month in commissions. The kicker is that I have become very good at winning the auctions. I have accumulated about 30 of the 1 ounce silver bars. Which I usually bid on from the monthly purchase of TCredits. So I am really playing with the house’s money. 99 percent of my downline is not making any money at all. I don’t know about scam or scheme but if you want to make money in SFI you better know how to play the game. Else you will make 1 and 2 dollar commission while spending upwards of 30 dollars per month.

  8. Most of these MLM please before you invest your money into it look for enough information.what majority of them do is used you waste your time,money and blocked you at the end.my advice believe in yourself do any biz with that what you have,pray and work hard.you’ll get there soon.

  9. Which online company(ies) is, or are not Scam?

    • Hey Okey. The only online program I could recommend right now that has everything you need, is Wealthy Affiliate. So far, none has come even close to it as far as support, training, tools, and a platform to work off of.

  10. I have been a member of SFI for 14 months now.
    I find they stay past the 3 month period if you give the new workers 3-5 members
    90 day old or less.They must have 150 v.p. or I do not pass them down.

    We now have a forum with 24 choices to ask or answer someones questions.
    The thing that needs changed I believe is to quit telling people they need no investment.

    True if you use the site like Facebook! I”d rather have a $25 commitment every month up front.
    No sense joining any business if you are totally broke. Be honest.

    I spend $25 on their T credits,rest of $100 on Amway,Melaleuca,Watkins, or Tupperware.
    We call it Transfer Buying.

    I purchase 10 new affiliates. I advertise both SFI and Tripleclicks in my 2 websites and 10 blogs I have had since 2007.

    Advertising: Since 2007, I have up-graded in one Safe-list and one Traffic exchange if it is new and
    cheap.It took this long to find an honest business.

    Advertising and reading is where most affiliates come up short. I set myself up for success.

  11. Believe me I Divican Tochi used to spend $40 in a month to build my SFI business. Believe me all those testimonials you see other than people who have learn how SFI works. SFI works in a traditional way you can spend your dollars but in a month you earn only 0.85 dollars after you have spent 50 dollars. You refer a lot of people to SFI but they still pay you 1 dollar in a month. I agree that riches never come just in a night, but you will stay in SFI until you realize that you are wasting your time. Ok

    • Thank you fro your frankness about SFI, especially it costing a person more than you actually earn

  12. After three months from hard work at SFI i realized that SFI big failure and waste of time only one person wjo earn money GERY CARSON
    Games waste your time
    auctions suck your money
    very low value products
    Sponsors cheating others like my sponsor
    i do not recommend it to any one

    • Thank you for being honest, Ahmed. It’s a breath of fresh air to see an SFI member tell it like it really is. Most are still stuck in the mindset that they’re going to be millionaires and this is the best program out there….just like most MLMs.

      • In nearly a year and a half I have looked over, investigated and tried at least 15 different programs, processes and schemes. The norm: no real products were sold but fluffy “information” with limited training and empty promises. One ‘promise’ costs me nearly $100 was to put 50 people in my down-line as soon as I registered and paid to be an Executive Affiliate. The list I saw was never added to my team and had a heck of time reaching my ‘personal guru sponsor’. ‘Get rich quick without effort’ was the bait and the hook set by webcasts and webinars of ‘real people working it’.

        Start-up costs is, or used to be, the rule but full disclosure of the “business” came before investment. The new Internet Marketing and Cyber Business model asks for a tiny investment and we’re given tiny bits of information until paying for more; accept for SFI.

        SFI is a marvelous mix of old school and new age. I was told right off the bat that this is a business and not a get rich quick scheme. It will take some work, commitment and time. Oh wow!! What a concept. I have not been asked to invest anything other than my time — for training that is to the point and ongoing. It’s presented as a logical process that teaches practical business development. SFI teamed up with Tripleclicks (TC). TC is a cyber-store of real products, including all our business supplies. It’s also a place for the small shop keeper or Mom and Pop store to sell their wares in an International marketplace; large retailers need not apply. There are 11 different ways to generate income and all are explained and taught thoroughly.

        For me, the big difference: These are companies that have each been in business for more than a decade with SFI in its 17th year of consistent and continual growth backed by a corporation with nearly 3 decades of success. A rarity in this new virtual business model.

        SFI Affiliates are Internet Marketing Professionals and TripleClicks is the company being promoted. With SFI an affiliate is what was traditionally refered to as a Marketing or Media Specialist, or an Advertising Account Manager/Executive. From my experience the only differences between an Affiliate and an Executive is the drive to work, which I don’t have, and who I work for, which is me.

        While I have your attention, and hopefully I do, let me also point out a few other distinct differences I discovered. 1) SFI support and encouragement is not virtual or based on financial investment. SFI invests in the affiliate before the affiliate needs to pay anything to SFI or TripleClicks. The points earned through training, continued business development, and playing games (yep, foreal: paid to have fun too) are redeemed for marketing tools, ad placement opportunities and to spend in our own TripleClicks store. 2) Training, which is perpetual and continuous results in a solid foundation any business could be built upon and have sustainability; including a bricks and mortar. Lastly, 3) We are built up and rewarded for our efforts not just the results. My experience: it has taken me longer than intended to get my first ads up and have an base of active affiliates. In spite, my sponsorship family sees the effort and I am rewarded, continuously encouraged and inquired on when I miss a couple days. Sure, I’m helping them make money as well but that is not how I’m approached. They put real people on my team (affiliates from their own team) and provide real tools; such as a webpage and gift certificates for TC.

        My conclusion: If it promises lots of money with hardly any effort in 90 days or less, it is a scam. Any business is a gradual process and this is where SFI really leads the pack in honesty and integrity. From the get go Gery Carson, President and Co-Founder tells us “… big incomes simply do not happen overnight. It’s just not reality. Instead, plan to work the hardest your first 6-12 months or so and get compensated the least. Don’t expect large earnings until after you’ve educated yourself and given yourself time to put your plan fully into operation.”

  13. opting out just after the 2nd month on sfi. no comment.

  14. Why do they insist on not allowing affiliates to state their earnings. Other companies do. Also I have been in over 20 years, have over 400 people in my down line, very few any good. Most I have earned in a month is $165, last month it was only 36 dollars. Beginning to wonder!

    • That should read 2 years not 20. 4000 people not 400. Silly me

    • I think it is good that they do not allow affiliates to state their earnings. It sets them apart from the scams out there. Showing off money or paychecks is one of the lucrative tools many of these scamish companies use to get desperate people looking to make an income to invest their hard earned money only to lose it. To earn a large income in SFI is definitely hard work. But it is still one of the best affiliate programs out there!

  15. I have been in SFI/TRIPLECLICKS for 6 years. When I joined all the ads that I saw said you could make $500. a month. when I first joined I did not under the program and they only did SFI at that time. I was going to quit. But they started Tripleclicks . I could under tripleclicks just like eBay with no biding . I was spenting $22. a month to make $9. I didnt understand the program. I spend $22. but not every month only when I sold one of there products. I made $8 plus $9 bonus and I got 2 people in my downline From SFI they put 2 people in your downline every month you get 1500 vp. So went you buy $22. product you earn 1500vp and they put 2 people in your downline .After wasting 2 years I decided to spend $22 every month for one year and see were I would be at the in of that year. I went on auto ship $35. a month I would get 2 bottles of the product. I had 4 people buying the product. My checks started growing to about $90 to $130 a month. So did not cost me any thing . I started listing my own products on tripleclicks took months but i finely sold some thing To make a long story short I make sells on tripleclicke every day. Make about $200. to $600 a week from tripleclicks. I love the program. It is hard to understand at first. We are getting better at getting people to understanding it .

  16. Work at home without investing any money! This is not a get rich quick scam, it is real work, and hours need to be put in. Feel free to review Paidverts reputation on Google, it is very reliable and growing fast.

    You basically have to click on ads and prove (by staying 30 seconds until the timer runs down) that you looked at them. And that gives you BAP (Bonus ad points)… those points are used to view paying ads every day. More BAP you have= better the value of the ads you will be allowed to look at.

    I like the site even if it is slow to start… I made only 60$ in 3 weeks with a 11$ investment… but it will grow as I get in higher groups as my BAP accumulate.

    It is definitely hard work, but nothing gives you easy money in life… You can e-mail me for questions, or can go directly on paidverts site.

    If ever you want to try it, you can put my tag as a sponsor instead of the Default guy (The number one admin of the site…which is rich enough!!) Thank you.

  17. I have been with SFI for 14 months and I love it.. It’s a BUSINESS.

    I want to give an example: Let’s say you put together a product and you discovered that it sells pretty good, so you go down to your bank and apply for a business start up loan for 100,000. Dollars, you find a retail space there is 2 to 5000; you have to pay for all the utility’s there’s another 2 to 3000; you have to stock your products, you have to pay employees if you have them, you have to pay for signage and advertising and whatever else come your way.

    So now that you have that all put together you have a grand opening and BAM you only end up with 10 customer all day long and only 3 bought something. You all ready spent your 100,000. Thousand dollars and you have a payment coming up, space rent, employees and whatever other bills need to be paid next month

    So now all through the month you have to figure out how you’re going to get customers in the door because you have all these bills to pay.

    So now let’s say you start getting customers and you start getting money rolling through well you still have to pay all the bills. Most business owners WILL NOT make a profit for at least 5 to 7 years some will take longer most will not survive the first 2 years and some even have to use their personal income to grow their business.

    Now with SFI I started making money my first month no it was not a lot; but I did not purchase anything. Now I range from 35.00 to almost 200. a month NOT Profit I do not expect to actually make a profit for at least 2 to 5 years but the money I do make is put back into MY Business and that is how you build.

    You stated there is no one on one coaching wrong; as a business owner you must step up and coach your down-line so whoever was your sponsor did not learn anything because they should have helped you. As a Business owner I help my down line learn and when they are willing to take a risk step up and learn then they will build a great business to.

    If you were a brick and mortar business on the corner YOU would have to be their everyday, YOU have to train your employees how to do the job if YOU don’t train them then they will be really bad employees. You have to do the same in SFI.

    Business is a very hard task and if you’re not willing to take a risk then I suggest you stay out of business and get a 9 to 5 job. SFI is a Business and it takes a lot of work, just like a brick a mortar you are not going to be rich in a few weeks or a month.

    SFI is not a scam, It’s A Business.. Have a great day with much success..

    • Hey Robin. Thanks for your honest opinions and response.

      All you had to say was “my downline” and I already knew what I was in for. I already knew the “how traditional business sucks” pitch was coming lol (I used to be a hardcore MLM’er myself)

      Brick and mortar/traditional business is MUCH different than online business and Internet marketing. That’s for sure. I know biz opp people like to compare the two. In fact, that’s why I personally got involved in online marketing: because of the ability to build an online business much faster since SO much information, activity, and data is moving at a fast pace. For example, I was able to generate a full-time passive income online in less than 9 months.

      $35- $200 a month not profit? OUCHHHH!!! Waiting 2- 5 years for a profit? OUCHH AGAIN!!! You might as well start a brick and mortar business then, really. What are you doing, Robin?!?!?! You could be making so much more with the same amount of time and effort especially if you just learned how to properly do affiliate marketing, oddly enough, like WA teaches. You’ll see success story after success story in different niches! Not just the “home biz opp” niche. SFI is really just a bizarre affiliate/MLM program that revolves around the game of “if”. IF you start getting customers. IF you can hustle people into a downline. If this, if that.

      It just sucks seeing massive action takers such as yourself, go down a long hard road, when you can apply the same amount of dedication and see MASSIVE RESULTS!!! I do recommend seeing what WA is all about. I think it might open your eyes to a whole new universe.

      Good luck on everything!

      • You want to be my mentor because I need one like you, I’ve trying to break into this affiliate game quite some time and never seem to get going due to how long say it takes to make money. I need money quickly…thanks

      • I received I email about Sci affiliate. I signed up. My question how does the payment work and how many points must u have. People please answer. I am currently unemployed and really need to do something to do something to put food on the table,?

        I really want serious true answers!

  18. Am currently 2 weeks now with sfi and I asked lots of questions about payments. I did not get any aswers bacck not even from my team leader. I have asked that if you do not have a credit card or pay pal and can only buy with EFT or direct deposit. There is still no answer

    • Thanks for you comments and feedback Sindie. Hmm. Very interesting. I think any good business opportunity should at least provide decent customer support, especially when it comes to billing or payment issues. That is definitely not a good sign nor quality of a good, responsive community. SFI has been around for a long time, but has changed as well. I am currently working on an updated review of SFI and I will keep these things in-mind. Again, thanks for the comments and I hope things turn out well for you.

      • I agree 100% with you Vince. I just felt in love with scnet company because of their like you said, customer support plan, which consists of every morning 40 minutes lasting trainings in a web conference room, every evening explanation of their compensational plan and the idea on wich is all business based, personal trainig with your upline, seminars ones a month, public presentation ones a week in live in each town, books that we can by in our partner store, videos on you tube over a 700 hours of a material. I am so sad that we do not have in English yet, because we have in this moment just 20 states in Europe, but it will be also present all around the world when some of us find their downlines there.

  19. I agree that SFI & TC is a low-down, no-good, dirty. . .but, the reason it’s not a scam (legally) is because they make no claim that you have to buy anything (though it’s heavily suggested) or that you’ll make a penny (though it’s implied). What really sucks is there are too many people who don’t understand what’s happening to them till they’ve wasted some money (reference the people on here asking for help on how to make it work). Please, adhere to the adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Thanks for your response and thoughts, Brian. How to make it work, should be in the training…that’s the problem and why I can’t recommend SFI. I am currently re-reviewing it as I noticed the website layout design and even name has changed since last time I looked into it…however, still, things are not looking all that good. I agree that legally it is not a scam, but ethically, now that’s a whole other question and story. I think this business model can be so freaking confusing especially to new people joining up and getting into the home biz opp industry. Tripleclicks, as stated in another review blog, is like a poor man’s Ebay LOL Some of these products are so weird. I guess the whole goal of SFI is to farm as many affiliates as they can and get new people to follow the system or “steps” which involve selling/buying from TC and participating in the Versapoint tasks within SFI.

  20. This is a big scam…….no comment.

    • I’m with SFI about year and I don’t agree because it isn’t scam.
      Maybe you cannot to earn quick big money , but as second income – it works.

  21. Hey there I’ve been reading the comments and if I wasn’t already signed up I would be worried but the thing is s.f.I is not a get rich quick scheme. It might require effort, time and investment but what other program could you make money without some time or effort. As far as a free program goes this one is alright. I can say you won’t make real money until months later after you have built a decent down line. I am in my third month and I have about fifteen personal sponsored affiliates and about 114 co-sponsored affiliates. My income isn’t hardly anything I expected but I am making a little. Which is better than other programs I’ve done in which the take your money and run. They have been helpful when I have a question or concern and I’ve never felt I’ve been left in the dark.

    • sfi affiliate programme is not a scam, and not a get rich scheme either.
      In sfi you reap what you sow
      What in the world are people thinking.
      people think when the join sfi in some few months the will be earning thousands of dollars.
      well My friend if you are thinking that way you will never ever make money online talk more of sfi.
      Mark my words i mean everything i say.
      i have review many reply here on this post about sfi affiliate maketting some reply with the truth some with anger, hope,and skeptical.
      if you want to make some money online or in sfi i have only three words to clear your mine and make your succeed.



      Wow!!!! it sound great
      Now what
      Sfi is real the have been existing for more than a decade.
      So ask yourself why whould someone conclude that sfi is a scam simply because the can’t make money or dim in it,Think of it.

  22. truth about SFI business like this is not a click to earn program but an effort based network marketing program and your sales points have more value than only action points. 
    Your entry level lessons are 31.. almost every affiliate signing up skips over these..average I’ve reminded new sign ups to do all lessons of 100 85 will not return..possibly 18 do the lessons.. then the web changes constantly so you come in you login.. you do your daily actions weekly and monthly
    Those earn you commission points for the company pool
    They cost no money.. then lessons 31-81 cover how to earn money with all the free power tools
    Sfi offers in marketing and co-ops… only about 5 of sign ups actually read and use these tools
    I’ve found majority of English speaking people want EASY RICH PROGRAMS.. SFI is a business
    Not an employer.. When you invest your time to start any business.. it calls for you to learn
    Not wait to be told what to do… intelligent people will succeed
    lazy people will complain the world doesn’t work for them boo hoo..
    Well my advice is do as I did Go in to sfi for 90 days.. research, read, seek answers under every red blue and underlined word.. do not come in thinking it’s all done for you..
    The info changes with the Internet cause sfi never stops on one line of thought
    With no money invested and my hard work within 6 months I was able to make my standing order since then I am able to add advertising cost covered as well.. I average 67.00 .. and I invested time and effort not money

  23. It is not total scam. In fact you will earn some money but the problem is that you pay $30 per month and earn $1. You can spend even $1000 without breaking even.

    SFI is a total joke!

  24. I have read a lot of negative reviews about SFI here, it would had scared me if i was not already involved in the program. I just wonder how people will report what they know not. yes i recall lots of people calling Microsoft a scam because they peg a price on their products, or better still a lazy employee calling his boss a scam because he got laid off.

    Now here is how SFI works, you sign up, you have a lot of materials and trainings on how SFI works, if you fail to read, its nobodies fault. Its not a get rich scheme like most people would expect, people are just looking for a magic wand that will pay them with little or no effort on their path. Does such a thing exist?

    When you sign up, you sign others up and earn commissions from their expenditure and sales they generate. To some, it may seem a scam but to me its ingenious, someone sat down to put his idea to work. I am on my forth month with SFI, already a team leader, yes i have invested some money, its a business, you must put in some form of investment in other to earn profit. I started receiving commissions at the end of the 2nd month, though the first was not fantastic, but it was enough to cover my expenditure for the month. The last pay was lined with profit, i spend quality time promoting SFI and marketing SFI daily, i spend time training my team i recruit how to go about the business, so why won’t it profit me?

    If you didn’t make it on SFI, it just that it was not meant for you. I have signed up over 200 affiliates for SFI, only about 15 are active, i have earned co-sponsor affiliates assigned to me by SFI, you get this as you grow in rank and you also get a percentage of their expenditure. I have over 300 of these assigned to me, only about 10 are active, but i work with these and train them to recruit their own team to work .

    If you are willing to dedicate a little time and be a little patient, you can get the system to work for you,

    • Thanks for the informative post. I was getting a little weary reading these negative reports. I too have been an affiliate for approx. 4 months.
      You are having much better success than I am.
      I believe this program can and will work over time and it is totally up to the individual how one invests or promotes SFI. I don’t have a lot of marketing experience but I can learn over time and this is what I intend to do.
      SFI has delivered everything they said they would. I do not believe they scam people.

    • Hi Etim. I’m just following up here to see how things are going at SFI. I know it seems like you have seen some success with the program. It’s been several months. I think for any decent affiliate program or business opp, 3 months or so should be plenty of time to see some big fruits of hard labor. It seems like you are or were someone who was taking action I’m assuming?

      The reason is, I like to update reviews if they need to be. So far, I’ve had several people comment and email me how they’ve had 300 and the other person 400 signups with minimal income. I’m taking about cents per hour if you were to calculate how much effort they’ve put in versus the actual paycheck from SFI they’re receiving.

    • Thanks for the your insight Etim. I’ve been an SFI member going on 8 months now, and when I first started I was sold on SFI and its system.

      I knew I was not going to make a profit in the first 2-3 month of the program, however I did set goals, goals I expected to reach by my sixth month in the program. The sixth month came and left and I was not even close to what I was expecting. I advertised SFI and TripleClicks vigorously, I have over 400 PSAs and CSAs, few were active and made a few sales, nothing really substantial. But eventually the active members faded away along with the sales. I tried everything to keep my down line active by offering them gifts and incentives. Started up co-ops to help build my down line build their down line. Nothing really worked.

      The support I got from SFI is sub par at best, all they do is throw me a bunch of information and tools that really does not work. And if I try to get support from my sponsor or up line team leaders all they would do is refer me to ECAs or direct TripleClicks product you can purchase or subscribe, to build your down line (Mostly with inactive PSAs) and advertise your business, they’re (my sponsor and up line team leaders) basically in it to make money of you. And if I try to look for support from the other members of SFI, they’re all in the same boat I’m in. They give you some encouragement and tell me to keep pushing, you will reach your goal but that’s it.

      My point is, although SFI is not a scam, it works somewhat like a pyramid scheme. The only ones that is really benefiting is your up line and the the SFI corporation.

      I made my decision, I will be opting out, I’ve seen enough of SFI to know I would never really succeed in their system . They’re basically pulling the wool over my eyes and selling me dreams.

      Hope this helps!

  25. Look at another fraud in this organisation SFI and TC.
    Here is a list of auction bid logs i am giving to you. The master blaster electronic cartel Bing Obaldo and Ruth Obaldo.
    I have given only few, there are still more. I dont want to waste my time.
    Before Ruth was downline of Bing. Then god knows when they shifted her to somewhere. Corporate giving tcs to bing and all other bid against bing loses and finally become a fool who dont know whom they are bidding against.

    If any one have guts then ask this in SFI or TC. you will also be kicked out. “

  26. I’ve been with them for a week and Im getting good results. You have to treat it like any normal job and put in the effort..To each there own..Im sticking with it..A lot of people get stressed out and quit to early..Maybe the reason for the negative feedback..or they have been at it for awhile and may not know how to market it right..Anyway goodluck to all..Stay positive..

    • Hey Jon. I just wanted to followup and check up and see how you are doing with SFI. It’s been several months now, and I like to go back and visit comments of people who said they are initially having great results with something I don’t necessarily recommend. I think the 3 month mark should be enough time to see whether a program is really soluble or not.

  27. I am a member of SFI. I look at SFI earnings like a refund of my purchases at Triple Clicks. There are some really cool products on sale there. There is an Avon Lady. There are coin dealers. There is precious stones and real silver and real gold jewelry as well as some costume jewelry. There are a lot of green products and health products. Lots of the newest electronics both for sale and Auction. It is as good a store as any other internet based store. Affiliates are supposed to earn money promoting TripleClicks products. They waste too much time trying to recruit other Affiliates when they should be promoting the store. Recruiting other Affiliates is not easy especially because it is through selling things that one can begin earning right away. As recruiting takes lots of time.

  28. Use your mind and think mathematically, if you really earning or ??????… remember you have to deduct your effort fee, time, internet bill and other expenses…. then the result I think would be a very BIG NEGATIVE!!!! (-)….

    Think twice!

  29. Well I am doing it. And progressing.. I See Several holes… But it could be cause of fast action will wait and see… I Listed some Silver coins. no action yet.. I Can See that one could stay with them.. work out a real program of local merchants that wanted to sell online.. Almost any retailer would take it at a low price using tc promo stuff..

  30. you recruit in vain you`never` get your hits they block them,, they steal your down line how can you grow, they assign you persons that are a sleep buy force you have to take them like it or not they black list you if you do not go along with them GOD forbid if you complain, they prey on persons that really need change or want it

  31. I have worked SFI for three years, avereage 4 hours a day, have over 300 in my downline.
    Sofar have earned $8.32, an vereage of .00000000000000000001 per hour. I did win
    one silver bar for half price which added $10 to my income if silver keeps stable price.
    That knocjs a couple zerros from my average income………don’t do it for the money

    • Dang. Having 300 in your downline? That should be enough for at least a lower full-time income in ANY other mlm type of business. That just goes to show you how low the retention rate is for SFI. All that hard work isn’t paying off the way it is deserved to be paying off. If you were to apply the same amount of effort, let’s say, in a niche that you are passionate about, you would be making way more money and not have to deal with the sleazy niche of “making money online”. Trust me. I had been in your shoes before.

  32. I don’t think sfi is a scam its just kind of random. There is some training it’s just not as structured as some other affiliate programs. I personally stay a member because there are some things within triple clicks that I like. I have won some auctions on there and scored some silver bars cheap. Since I am a collector of precious metals its always good when I can get silver or gold at a discount. As far as the affiliate program I could take it or leave it, I certainly would not pay to be a member but since it’s free I stick around…
    Good Review Here

  33. Well,my opinion is still clear,Scam or no scam they keep me busy online and……I like.

  34. SFI sounds so much like a scam, unless you are prepared to invest and keep on top of things, in hourly terms it sems that it is ust not worth it. Just from reading reviews….

  35. I put the advert into my Starlove software, “Grow a Second Income” . After two weeks, this advert has displayed to about 2000 people. So far, only two people have signed up for SFI, and neither of them are very enthusiastic. So, I am considering now taking the advert out.

    • Yeah, that’s definitely an inefficient way to advertise. The reason is because whenever you use traffic exchanges, you are essentially targeting people who just want to earn money by clicking on your ad. Occasionally you will get a few random people join, but since it’s not a targeted ad strategy, those people are not really the audience you are looking for. That is probably the reason why they are not enthusiastic and I would guess probably already dropped out.

  36. Hi Sanaya,

    SFI cost nothing to join. It is FREE and if you follow the training provided you will make money. It is not a get rich quick scheme, you will do the work and find each month you are earning more money than the month before so long term if you persit you will have a good second income or a new full time income that you are in control off.

    • Hi Toni. It’s been over a year. I was just wondering how SFI has been going for you? I know according to this comment, you were really in favor of SFI. Were you able to develop a full-time income after all?

      • Interesting, nobody ever answers your call for an update on their enthusiasm. Scam? No. Way to make big, if any, money? Not likely. It is what it is-MLM.

      • Readers are Leaders. There seem to be no answers for Vince Reviews. I am wondering.

  37. can any one tell me clearly is sfi a total scam. can I trust in it. if so how to generate downline affiliates. do I have to make payment before starting this online marketing business. waiting to have a fast reply

  38. How is SFI a scam? Be clear! I always made money with it.

    • OK, tell us, how much money did you make per month?

      • Good question! How much money did you spend to make whatever you claim to have made?

        The truth is that less than 0.1% of SFI people are making any money. Their claims are a total joke!

        In fact, ask a serious question, or question a SFI claims, and you will be banned from participation.

        This company needs to be seriously investigated by the FTC and IRS!

        • I have been with sfi for just over 2 years and have 4000 people under me. All I make every month so far is $100. I have twice been turned down from advertising two perfectly normal opportunity manuals for no good reason. You are not allowed to say what you earn, other businesses don’t make this stipulation. I’m not sure how long more I can stick with it.

          • That it I am about to opt out.

    • yes be clear!! How much did you make? Or are you one of those ones getting peoples money for nothing.

    • I wish to high light the Triple click auction spending. It is high time some body notice the Triple click auction charges.
      In triple click auction they say the auction goes in.01 cents per click and they are penalizing the participants hugely.
      for example if an auction goes for $6.05 the total click is done for around 605 TCredits considering every single T Credit ups the value by .01 cents and if you calculate the total cost of T Credits spent on the auction it comes to as per their own cost (they charge for 125 T Credits a sum of $52 USD) if you calculate for 605 T Credits spent on that particular auction the total comes to $251approx. That shows how the Triple clicks is exploiting its members.
      Where as the highest bidder may get the benefits while the other member participants are losing heavily. Which is quiet surprising. This is in my opinion it is a great fraud. If the second and third highest bidder gets some T Credits in return may well suit but in this case nothing is returned and the Triple click hugely gains. It is one simple example suppose if it is in the case of an auction which goes more than 30 or 40 dollars then the T Credits used may come around 3000 to 4000 T Credits and if you calculate the value of the T Credits it should be coming around 1500 USD approx. So in my opinion the Triple click site is swindling its members in huge sum of Monies without any real benefits to its members.

  39. thanks for your kind advise, i have known SFI for many year but never had interest in joining. because the internet is full of scam. i am writing from Liberia west African. please is there any program that can help me to make money online as to enable me pay my bills. at list $2, to $5 dollars daily. PayPal is not option for us neither is payza, liberty-reserve is close, which payment method will be good for us in that region of the world. thanks i wait a kind responds.


      • none of my referrals come to me were do my clicks go or to whom it seems I work in vain something is wrong with SFI and when you ask question they black list you

        • It is absolutely true. They cheat on measly points and comissions you earn but when you ask for comissions, they delete you account. I was bronze team leader and invest about $1000, but today my acount is deleted after I ask for henesty.

          • Sadly many people fall into scam, please add me on facebook or just google my name and talk to me i will help you, am not here to put you into another scam company.

        • SFI IS TOTAL SCAM. keep you Money and time from scammers.

        • I Am Active In SFI. And Like the concept.. I Recognized the error emeditly.. The Agreement is full of error and may be Illegal .. But the over all concept is totalitarian.. And border lines prospect for the Rico Act.. But Will continue as long as the do what they say..Knowing that they Spy on their members.. Why More evedance

      • SFI is not a scam, but it is very hard for you to make any money. You may end up spending alot of money buying affiliates, but they won’t generate any income for you. I have a team of 191 affiliates and only one of them is active and generates for me about $20 per month. You can get 500 affiliates under you and not get any income from them. The only way for you to earn even a few dollars is spending more than the dollars you earn. Still there are people who make it and earn massive profits, but they invest heavily.

        • SFI is kind of full-of-Shit! You spend much more than you earn. It takes a few months to realize that you are a LOSER!

        • SFI is clearly a scam, They allot you CSAs to your account once you become A EA or TL but if you check their CSAs action non of them are active and most of them are inactive accounts joined a way back without any actions and they will never be active. but in your score board they mention the worth of the CSA or PSAs as $100 or more some times which is of no use and in Triple clicks they auction these CSA or PSA for some USD if you calculate their worth it is again comes to nothing but the Triple click mints huge sum by auctioning them. for example if you participate in this auction they say the auction goes in.01 cents per click and they are penalizing the participants hugely.
          for example if an auction goes for $6.05 the total click is done for around 605 TCredits considering every single T Credit ups the value by .01 cents and if you calculate the total cost of T Credits spent on the auction it comes to as per their own cost (they charge for 125 T Credits a sum of $52 USD) if you calculate for 605 T Credits spent on that particular auction the total comes to $251approx. That shows how the Triple clicks is exploiting its members.
          Where as the highest bidder may get the benefits while the other member participants are losing heavily. Which is quiet surprising. This is in my opinion it is a great fraud. If the second and third highest bidder gets some T Credits in return may well suit but in this case nothing is returned and the Triple click hugely gains. It is one simple example suppose if it is in the case of an auction which goes more than 30 or 40 dollars then the T Credits used may come around 3000 to 4000 T Credits and if you calculate the value of the T Credits it should be coming around 1500 USD approx. So in my opinion the Triple click site is swindling its members in huge sum of Monies without any real benefits to its members.
          When I posted this in the SFI forum they simple banned me from participating this shows that they are real scam.

      • I worked hard two months for nothing…
        SFI is a scam.

        • SFI is a business, where expenditure are more than income. You pray to God that if one out of hundred works for you and ultimately he will also leave getting frustrated.

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