The Barefoot Writer Review- Not A Scam, But…

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Working at home is becoming more and more appealing to everyone. For starters, you no longer need to change attire – maybe just trade one pair of PJs for another. Also, you don’t have to brave the weather and traffic to get to your office. It can snow, rain or be scorching hot outside and there you are – sitting comfortably in your room. It’s not just for those with kids but even single ladies and gents see a lot of perks with WAH jobs. You get to be your own boss, less politics, and you have better control of your time.

Writing is one of the many ways that lets you do all these. But of course, for it to work, you need passion and dedication. Doing it for a living requires you to invest time – and a lot of it. Add that to the effort you need to put in because while many can write, few can pen something that interests other people. In short, you need it to sell because that’s the point right?

Secret Formula? I Think Not 

The Barefoot Writer claims that they have this “secret formula” to earn buckets of cash through writing. You don’t necessarily need any formal training or even college education to enjoy what you’re doing while getting paid to do it. Come on, that’s perhaps the biggest appeal for this program. At only $49/year, that pretty much sounds like a good deal. Well, almost.

When you subscribe to the magazine, you will be taught how to be a copywriter and earn a full-time income. Not only will you be able to work smarter but you can also get paid quicker. That’s quite THE dream. I mean, who wouldn’t be enticed? You get all of these with just a few dollars. You could consider it an investment or you could RE-consider just walking away.

To Me, It’s A Lot of Fluff 

The thing here is the co-founder of American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) is the same person behind The Barefoot Writer Club, Paul Hollingshead, and AWAI has had several complaints. That would’ve posed as a minimal problem but my issue here is with the course itself. It promises to hone your writing skills but delivers none of those. They tell you what you can do when you succeed at writing for a living but leave your HOW questions unanswered.

After paying $49, you will be given various offers on workshops and other boot-camp courses which are mighty expensive. If you do a search on Google, there’s one member who said he was urged to pay another $150 so he can access the “real” information. Hmmm. So what was the initial payment for, then?

Actually, when you watch their sales video, the red flags flare up. It’s the typical pattern of scams – sob story of someone who’s up to their ears in debt but eventually discovers something to pay them off and earn much, much more (six figures to be exact) with little effort.


They sell you your dream and provide very little information to help you achieve it. They fall short on their promises especially because they made it seem like copywriting is very easy even though it’s not. The fact of the matter here is: it can work for some and not for others. Just remember, buying all the up-sells won’t speed things up for you. This is mostly hype, don’t fall for it.

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  1. I fell for it. Shelled out money for the AWAI course. Worthless. // I have found Copyblogger and Problogger to be helpful.

  2. Thanks for the review I’m out of work and would love a job writing. But I can’t afford to throw good money out on a pipe dream. I’ve done that to many times in the past to no avail. Sincerely yours connie

  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But let’s talk about it . . . so long as the talk doesn’t cost me $49 for “free” publications and follow-on invitations to “courses” that will teach me how to write.

    I wonder how much of the $49 Ms. McHorse receives for her copyrighting and YouTube presentation skills.

  4. What the $49 buys you is a gateway to a series of requests to subscribe to much pricier courses on writing for money. The $49 itself buys you nothing.

  5. I’ve looked at this site too. And it does seem too good to be true. But the site does pose an interesting question: where do all those companies get their talent to write those advertisement letters and emails? If companies do pay for that, then where do I go to look for jobs that are asking for that service?

    • Yeah they have copywriters who make all those ads. You just have to be a good copywriter.

      • Oh my I have just signed up and paid for this , and then they suggested to register for the AWAI eccelerated 6 figure reading program , because of many companies will hire you faster if you have a AWAI certificate. $49 per yr. for the Barefoot Riders and 193.00 for the other program. Then I found this post. Vince , I havn’t done anything with it yet and I am hoping to get a refund. I have now started a registration with WA and don’t know where to go from here. Someone please help.
        Thank you,
        Barefoot and Happy

        • Cathy, please check back here and let us know if you got your refund, Thanks!

    • Larger companies have in-house staff to write all of their copy. Some hire outside ad agencies to do it. I used to work in public relations at a hospital and wrote all of the internal and external publications and collaterals, created advertising, and wrote, photographed, and designed various materials for the hospital, among other creative duties. I now write full time from home for two publishing companies. I write educational materials. I’ve never investigated The Barefoot Writer, (it came up on my FB page), but I would NEVER purchase a course that promises to make me a writer. Personally, I am a graduate of a journalism school, and I also went to photography school. College will help you hone your craft, but if you don’t have the talent, time, and tenacity to write, nothing can “make” you a writer. Desire is not enough. It’s work.

  6. Thanks for the information. I wouldn’t go bankrupt if I spent the $49 but still it would be heartbreaking if that was money thrown out the window. From what I read about the Barefoot Writer, some things made me raise red flags. Sorry but I would rather not risk $49. I am sure there are many free resources out there.

    It sounded tempting as I am the type who loves traveling and writing about it, and I absolutely hate my office job. I’m looking at travel writing to do something I love to earn money.

  7. Thanks for the review. It sounded a bit too good to be true.
    Can you point me to a reputable resource for writing jobs that pay?
    All the Best,

  8. Tha ks for the info. Back to work I guess, oh well death can’t be too far off I hope.

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