Will Mobile Money Code Scam You? Honest Review

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mobile_money_code_scamsAre people still falling for the Mobile Money Code scam and programs similar? My gosh it’s always the same old sales pitch. When you visit the sales video you’re going to see the typical luxury cars, big house, and how easy it is to make thousand dollars from home each day and really quickly, right? Yeah, right. This program is no different than all the other scam IM products out there. Just think about it. If everybody that purchased this program really saw success, everybody would be rich and you would see it being promoted in people making money with it everywhere. Of course that’s not the case but that’s what the sales video wants you to believe. It’s definitely not easy to make money on Internet, but it’s simple. But it’s not easy.

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What You Get With Mobile Money Code?

  • Step 1: Sign Up For Special Members Only Training
  • Step 2: Welcome Video From Greg
  • Step 3: FREE Gift! (“free” website gift that’s not even free because you need to pay for hosting)
  • Step 4: Sign Up For BONUS Weekly Coaching (webinars that try to upsell you on more stuff)
  • Step 5: Watch This Live Demo 3 Websites in Under 3 Minutes

You’re essentially paying for 5 videos of a guy telling you to buy more stuff.

The Different Training Tabs Include:

  • Mobile Money Code Home
  • Bonus Live Training
  • Bonus Software
  • Done For You
  • Traffic Money Code
  • Social Money Code

Some of these tabs have the same exact stuff in the first 5 videos. The “bonus” software is nothing more than a plugin that converts your site to be viewed on mobile phones. Also there are “50 mobile sites” that you can download in different niches. Again, if you’re a beginner you’re not going to have the foggest idea what to do with this. Then there’s a QR generator that you can actually find online for free. 

How Much Does It Cost?

scammed_The base price is $49 but when you checkout, you can be sure to see that they have added in a couple upsells for you without your permission for $89 and $98. You can delete those 2 if you want. But the fact how they already included them in there, is really shady.

I was really disappointed when reviewing Mobile Money Code because I knew what was happening. You see, if you’re a beginner or new to the make money online industry, you are actually very vulnerable. I believe there is a whole market for “newbies” that scammers can make money off and this seems like one of those products. this product is nothing really more than upsell after upsell. What is an upsell? In upsell is when they say “if you want even more money, you have to buy this next thing!”.

Basically they try to sell you more products to spend your money on as much as possible.

This is really how the guys making so much money and video with all the luxury cars and big house: by creating a product that has a couple videos in it that tell you to buy more and selling it to thousands and thousands of beginners looking to make an honest living on Internet. The videos really say a whole lot of nothing to be completely honest with you. Basically the premise is to create these mobile websites and sell them to local business owners. Good luck with that.

Does Mobile Money Code scam people?

If you come across any positive Mobile Money Code reviews that are saying it’s an excellent product, you best believe that the person who has written the review is trying to sell it to you because they’re going to make a commission from each sale they make.

My advice to you is if you run into one of these reviews, then run the other way as fast as you possibly can. In my opinion, I really do think this product is nothing more than an overhyped really low-quality Internet marketing program where you can find all of the training that it provides, for free on the Internet if you just look hard enough.

I think that it is pretty much a scam. The way that the creator is making so much money is by getting people to pay him to tell you to buy more and more stuff that he’s affiliated with.

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  1. Big damn rogue, thief Greg Anderson, give our money back your thief

  2. He is a thief Greg Anderson you have cheated so many people including Senior Citizens, ripped off their hard earned money, money back guarantee was promised and no one returns the calls or the phone numbers are phony too like you Greg Anderson, you better return our money you thief

  3. terrible site. I want my money back.
    I paid and no access – website not found.
    Why cheat people like this? Do you think all your earned money with following you to hell?

  4. They got me damn it I want my 50 bucks back

  5. Is Auto mobile code a scam also?

  6. As listened the talk and seeing the Rolls Royce that I fell for it as it is a genuine case.I really ordered the stuff but my bank refused to give the money.I believe in Lord Jesus who safe guard me always. When I went out of the house to do some grocery shopping and came back to log in it won’t let me in then I got all the reviews above. Thank God he saved my life for ever. This is definitely a scam without any doubt. Orherwise why in the world nobody take the phone and talk, give a decent answer.

    • It’s so funny how they rent cars and make these videos. It’s a good thing your bank didn’t give you the money. I’m thinking they smelled a scam too. Understand that they definitely won’t give an honest answer because they are trying to hustle you into their program. That’s the truth. You always want to beware for marketing practices like this. If the dude really had a Rolls Royce he wouldn’t be doing a cheesy thing like this. And even if he was, he’d be making all the money scamming you and others.

  7. Wow!!! I realized this was a scam pretty early on however it had me going for a minute I must admit. What I didn’t realize was how profitable this was for them. Just look at how much money is on this website alone! Sry for everyone’s losses but damn if you don’t have to give the Devil his due. What a horrible way to get paid!! I called the 1 800 number just to cuss them out. Had to leave a msg- go figure…

    • Yeah it’s freaking incredible how these money schemes screw around with people’s emotions. It even fooled you for a little bit, right? Lol. Yup. That’s some pretty crazy marketing and sales tactics. But unfortunately, it works. There are a lot of other people out there who do fall for things like this all the time. In fact, those are the type of people who join one thing after another and lose lots of money in the long run. Those are the people that these gurus target. I mean, hey, it’s repeat business in their eyes.

  8. I have this same issue i purchased this crap and the first couple upsales, the videios were outdated the content is outdated and its just a waste of CASH!!!! I got my money back but they tried to keep me with them but all you got to say is “No thanks i want my money back” Over And Over And Over. It worked for me. Best Regards.

    • Yeah the content is really old and outdated. You are right. I’m glad you were able to get your money back. You’d be shocked as to how many people have gotten suckered by this and never got their money back. Usually you can get it by calling the affiliate network which it is sold on. Normally you won’t be able to contact the actual product because they make it really hard to find out who they are and hide their contact info. I’m not sure if he has, but it wouldn’t surprise me to say the least. You definitely have to understand that they’re trying to take your money and run.

  9. I was lucky! five days after I had been trying and trying to work through this eMoneyCode crap, and after sending emails galore, I called my bank’s fraud division. I came clean with them admitting my stupidity for falling for this scam. To my amazement, they refunded all of my money. It only took 15 minutes!

    • Wow. You really are lucky. I’m thinking you used your credit card? There’s no way they would’ve given your money back if you paid with your debit. That’s the reason why they refunded your money so quickly. When it’s on credit, it’s much easier. Just make sure you don’t fall for crazy scams like this one.

  10. Well i’m new computers and I got an email from the Money mobile code I sent them hundred $95 and I never received anything wondering if I can get a refund or some money back do you know of any place I can call to get a refund. Thank you very much Doreen ST.john PS they say they do everything for you set up a website and everything they did nothing for me.

    • So you got an email from this? Oh ok. I’m guessing you have opted into other make money online stuff, and that’s how they get your email. I’m sure he buys email lists and blasts them with scams like this one, and it goes to your email. Then you get curious and suspicious after you bought and find out that it’s just a scam. It definitely is a scam and you might still be able to get your money back. It could be too late as well. I would just take it as a lesson learned.

  11. Funny thing I just watched this video and then I Google it and found this. When you try to click out in the middle he will give you the system for $19 instead of $49.

  12. I have seen this video several times now advertising the eMobile code, the mobile money code, etc. Different actors, different ‘creators’ same basic script, same premise. Same scam. I almost fell for it the first time, but my bank account was empty. I Google everything now before I try anything because I’m desperate, but I can smell fish when I see it. Since then I’ve seen so many versions of this…I get so angry too, because the economy is awful and so many of us are desperate and searching for a way out. The last thing we need is one more jerk taking what little we have left because we dared to dream one more time.

  13. Sorry, stupid me, I did fell for this Money Scam. I do understand there must be some type work involved but no , this is just draining money for so call membership money and there after for more and more money.
    Please do not get to this so call program you will only loose. I did ask for refund and some Guy Rayen just laugh at me!

  14. I feel sorry for all the people who got scammed. Luckly for me I did my research b4 i gave up my dough. These people should be thrown in jail

  15. I am sad to say and admit but yeah I got scammed by the Money Mobile Code earlier this month, and I couldn’t even download the program to even begin to use it, and it is just like the guy said in his review it is just 1 upsell after another, and before I knew it I had already spent $262.20 and had nothing to show for it, like I said I couldn’t even download the software I contacted customer support to ask for a refund, and that just started another upsell process, where they tried to offer me more free stuff if I would just stay with the program and give it a try as they put it, and I have not received my refund yet, So yes Stay away from Mobile Money Code.

  16. I’ve gotten a couple emails now from this Lisa person, I’ve been ignoring them because I expect it to be a scam, but how do I stop the emails? Apparently she’s gonna keep nagging me for awhile. There’s an “unsubscribe” at the bottom but I’m suspicious of that too since I never subscribed in the first place and you never know what that link will actually lead to. Should I just use that button anyway? Did it work for anyone else?

  17. Total scam. Say it’s so cheap, $49, but the next page has u pay almost $200 then the next page has u pay almost another $200. You’ll end up paying at least $1,000 if you do this program. It’s a scam don’t do it

  18. I, too, became SCAMMED by this. Tried to resolve through #PAYPAL but they are have provided absolutely no support in the dispute. Wish I’d found this before I fell for the lure…. hope this helps someone who takes the extra time to research the #MobileMoneyCodeScam

  19. I wish I had found these reviews before getting scammed.

    They actually gave refunds when I requested…. at first. My mistake was not canceling credit cards right away. A few days after removing the original charges and thinking I was finished with MMC, new charges appeared on my credit cards. I immediately requested the cards to be canceled. Subsequent talks to the credit card companies denied me a refund saying I had already done business with MMC with the first charge/refund. The card company wouldn’t refund even though it was a bogus duplicate charge. Lessson learned: immediately cancel a credit card when unauthorized charges appear. Two different cards used (one for the $19 and another for $200). Both companies told me the same thing. Now trying to gain refunds through ClickBank, but guessing they are part of the scam too.

  20. scam scam scam … You can spot a scam when they do not have a product to sell.

  21. Hello everyone,

    I feel for all the people who are having problem trying to get your money back. Here is what I do to prevent getting ripped off:

    I always do a simple internet search “”mobilemoneycode.net scam”” and that is how I found this review. I do that to pretty much anything I buy online with company that I am not familiar with. Just put the website name then add scam word afterwards and do some research prior to buying anything online.

    Always use your credit card. If you didn’t get what was advertise, contact your credit card company with in 30 days receiving your statement and contest it. I am sure you can get your money back.

    Good luck everyone.

  22. I just watched the video and I was going to do this if I had the cash but read the reviews now im definitely not doing this after that I got another email taking me to the mobilemoneycode site what happened to this is only offered once greg

  23. I was also invited as well by an email. I am a cautions person when it comes to business. I don’t just jump into things without doing research first. Like the saying goes if it’s too good to be true it is! After watching the video which was a complete waste of my time, which I will never get back. I should file a law suit suing him for time lost! Anyways, if people would scroll down to the bottom of the invite and read, they would see the disclaimer. From there they would know for sure this is a scam!

  24. Hey thank you all for the reviews, I almost fell prey to this B.S until I found all this.

    Please be aware that they might be getting your emails address when your posting resumes online, Because your more vulnerable during these hard unemployment times.

    Probably Posing as fake Companies just to get information online too” Because Iv’e been job hunting for the past 3 months constantly updating my resume online through a few sites. Then all of the sudden I started getting all these BS emails.

    1 Career Builder
    2 Monster
    3 USA Jobs



  25. I googled it just to check, but I didn’t need this review to tell me it’s a scam. Lots of red flags in the sales pitch itself:

    1. The old standby–if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

    2. If he really just wanted to give it away, he wouldn’t spend half an hour telling us how great it was before he gets around to how to order it. (He really should cut that down; I almost bailed in the middle because I was sick of waiting for him to get to the point.)

    3. He keeps saying you’re seeing the video by “exclusive invitation”, but I linked to it from a mass emailing that must have gone to thousands of people.

    4. There is no “mobile internet” separate from the Internet we’re on now. You see the same sites from your phone as from your computer.

    5. If it takes just 5 minutes and a few mouse clicks to set up, and the money rolls in automatically after that, why do you need six weeks of “hands-on training”?

  26. Always remember: There are no short cuts in reality and it makes us human”

  27. Ttttthhhhaaaannnnkkkk you so much for that number I talk to rep and they ask why did I want to cancel and

    I just told her I no longer want it so she put the refund in and I received a email for confirmation so I appreciate the

  28. Thanks for the review. I have been seeking income opportunities using online resources for a while now. So far I have found only scams for the get rich quick B.S. and the legitimate opportunities requiring 12 – 18 hours of time to invest daily at your computer to make any significant amount of income.

    I have always known to get “rich” one must put forth the effort for the highest payouts, it has always been this way if you run your own business. Ask any small business owner and they will tell you how much time and effort is required to get the business to generate enough income to pay for operating expenses, let alone profit.

    I am looking for something that requires only moderate effort (like 4 hours of time) which has the potential to generate enough capital to supplement my income. I wish to make or financial cushion a bit bigger for later retirement. Post up if there are any other ideas.

    Advice: hold to the old rule “If it looks to good to be true, it probably is”
    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS RESEARCH an opportunity BEFORE you give up information and finances.
    As an IT and Network Admin, I can tell you FOR SURE that you must assume ALWAYS that the internet is a thieving money hole, cause it is! I am glad I checked this BS Code out and found this site (along with other scam watchdog sites” which confirmed my suspicions that this was yet another scam preying on honest people.

    Good luck all, be safe, and don’t trust anybody (not even your dog) when it comes to YOUR money.

  29. Honestly, God bless you for your review!
    It helped me to avoid that scam while searching through possibilities for online marketing. Will look through your opportunities tonight.

    I wish the very best luck to all that saw this review too late!

  30. What’s up to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this site, and your views
    are nice designed for new viewers.

  31. Oh this had me going until the wife and then the kids pitched in with their videos. All seemed very scripted and fake. After listening to this guy go on and on for 30 minutes, when I saw the $49.00, I told myself “I knew it”. No one gives anything away for free. So by that time I figured he borrowed someone’s fancy house and Ferrari to make his video. If he’s making the kind of money he claims, he doesn’t need $49.0 and wouldn’t be wasting his time. Someone needs to teach this guy the definition of “pay it forward.”

  32. This is such a SCAM… I tried it and couldn’t do anything with it. Every time I tried they just tried to sell me something else. They are taking advantage of people… First they are going to give you information for free.. then its 49.00 then when you get pass that they want you to spend another 200.. and it goes on and on. That is how they are rich.. They scammed our money… As someone who’s position was terminated and is now out of a job that is just F-ed up. Dont get caught up in this.. Unless you like just giving your money away

  33. this guy is a real hustler of a scam artist. I was ready to payfuckers ney and then after the video I researched it on Google. As I started to type it in the search engine I got one word typed in and the rest popped up I clickedon it and Here I am. That just tells me that Thousands of pe ople are searching the same thing. I wish there was a way I could stop this but unfortunately assholes are everywhere. if I could get a hold of this Greg guy I would tie him to a Pole and beat the shit out of him. I Would then torture him and rip his fingernails off with pliers. I’m sorry to be so grousom but I despise fuckers like this. Then I would get in his bad ass Ferrari and position it right against his tied up ass and put it in drive and walk of leaving constant agonizing pressure on his body as he turns into a useless carcus….a

  34. when i look at the video i knew it was scam..at first i thought it was all so true but at the end of his video you can see how he’s begging you to pay the $49,- and how he is trying to brainwash you hahhaa really pathetic

  35. The man in the video is a paid actor and not even real. This is a scam ran by the illuminati.

  36. Thanks everyone.

    I sensed something wrong with such a strong sale pitch. I decided to Google it, till I find this website.

    I am very careful usually, but kept on watching the video, as I am out of work as a senior engineer.

    Thank you again every body for the comments and saving my $49.

  37. Being to the Disability Pension for over two years or so my saving vere quickly being depleated, I had a secure but stressful job and always working on my own doing shift work with 3 others. When I read an email from Bill McRea wherehe said by the time I go to bed and wake up next morning I’d have $10,000 in my account. That started my down fall.
    I was caught by Bill McRea and his partner Mike Morin by the slick webpage and video last December 2013. It was Free Software as Bill stated that he helps me and I help him make maoney which seemed a logical statement. However, near the end of the video I was politely asked to send $49 for upkeep of his staff and servers that ran the massive program. Paid the $49 and was taken to another video where I had to pay more money, the same again after the third video. You may wonder why I continued with the further payments? The answer is that I wanted to get my money back to pay my bills which were mounting up due to what I was able to afford to buy on my wages was now stopped and I was dependent on the pensio.

    To cut a long story short, I lost nealrly $500 on the program from Bill and Mike and it didn’t matter how many times I called on the phone, I couldn’t get through. The same was with the emails…I’ve lost count of how many email I have sent with no reply. I even wrote a letter to the address on the bottom of the email page but it returned back to me.

    It’s a real shame that so many people have been caught by these guys and reading the above letters, it kills me how they can get away with this.
    Does anyone know where in America a person can write or email an Authority Department where a complaint can be made about these two fraudulant guys? Dudging by the amount of letters on this site alone I have a gut feeling there are so many more people who have not emailed in for one reason or another. Hope there is someone out there that knows how we can bring these guys to justice.

    Unfortunately for me, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. I was also scammed by Greg Anderson from “Mobile Money Code”. He sound and looked so concerned about being out of luck by listening to all the other scammers out there…it’s not your fault..he says softly.

    I have noticed that 95% of the emails that come in my inbox don’t have the person’s name or personal phone number, just an address on the bottom of the page, even their support team don’t resond back to my questions. It’s difficult to know who is telling the true about making money at home on the internet, I personally get over 100 emails a day from people who say their system is the only one that will make me money. Who can you trust? Is it possible to make money on the internet? I just wanted to replace my $1,500 a week pay cheque , I didn’t want to make millions of dollars a year..
    I have spoken to my local Law enforement Agency in my home town and he gave me the number to the Fraud Squad in the city, and gave then all the details but the Agent told me it may be difficult to track down simply by the way these people use the emails, something about the emails being pinged to many different countries before it gets to my inbox and it can take quite some time. He also told me the Nigerian scammers do the same thing. Well karma will catch up with these people one day.

    Hope people will not be taken in by these criminals .
    Thanks for reading ny experiences on making money on the internet.

  38. He goes on about how he is going to give this to you for free in the beginning of the video. Then I see right underneath how it will cost 49 dollars. I would have to say, if someone goes on and on about how easy and great something is without really getting to the point, you know they’re scamming you.

  39. They got me today … I’m too late omg only if I did little bit research

  40. The video took too long for me to consider it to be legit, but I thought that the actors did a good job. I did not send any money.

  41. I signed up for the mobile money codesand spent $250 and got ripped off it is a scam I recommend people do not sign up for it thank you Richard

  42. I got bored just watching the video and waiting for the so called free information. Too much hype and bad acting. how anyone can fall for this kind of marketing is beyond belief.

  43. I knew it was too good to be true. I was watching the video, and decided to google “mobile money code scam” THANKS GOOGLE!! It was low quality video and they sounded like used car sales men. People need to stop falling for LIES of scam artist. They are nothing about us. They just want MONEY.

  44. Thank you all for the information share…… thanks for saving the rest of us.

    Did anyone find a good business on the internet to make money?

    Anything out there is real?

    • Hey Avital.

      I would recommend doing affiliate marketing to make money. It is a legitimate way to earn income. The best program that will show you how is Wealthy Affiliate. I hope that helps!

  45. I got the video in my “junk” file and that was my first clue but still wasted half an hour watching these clowns re-educate me that “free” actually means $49.00 . Always do your homework first before you give out a penny!

  46. I was watching this video and got my sons iPad to research while watching. Thank goodness I found this review or I would have spent money.

  47. i love how the folks here typo and call his wife his WIDE!! what a true to life comment!! i too was intrigued by his video but any spam type mail is usually garbage. thank you all for clearing my head and pointing me away from his rubbish!

  48. Thank you very much for your review!

  49. The guy at the coffee shop was reading from posted script… Everybody was acting their part! Quite ingenious… Too bad some people will believe it is true. He is rich because of all the poor fools have sent him $49… just add 49 x 100,000 people who fell for the sales pitch: that is about half million!
    Keep you $49 and take your lover for lunch. You’ll enjoy it better.

    • Klaus, your,e right but your math sucks 4.9 million

  50. when it is FREE and the PRICE is $49… That was the first clue that it was BAD NEWS

  51. Thank you so much for posting this review. You saved me some $$.

  52. The whole thing is a disgrace. I spent a lot of time getting my money back last year and it wasn’t pleasant. I live in the UK but I urge everybody to put as much effort in as possible to expose that slimy bastard Anderson and his disgusting family. Very angry that they are still scamming people.

    • I too,was sucked in,so I will cut my losses at 100+ thank’s.

  53. Thx everyone for posting your comments!
    U saved me $50 and I could use that for food!
    Those bastards ain’t getting me! Haha
    Thx again! In the past I have gullibly handed
    Over my cc and felt violated later! This might
    Be the first time I thoroughly investigated
    Before I invest. Thank God I am learning,
    Better late than never! Thank you again because of you
    these bastards did not get my grocery money!

  54. I forgot to add, if you right click on her image and copy the photo’s URL then open another tab, type in google.com/images click on the little camera in search bar then paste the URL in it will search for that Lisa chick and then you can follow along to see if you can find anything about Greg whatz his name. Maybe if you give her a hard time something good will come of it. I’m thinking I might stay about on here to see what happens. Again good luck to anybody that got burnt by this guy.

  55. THANK YOU! I can’t afford to be scammed, and I appreciate all of your honest comments. THEY DIDN’T GET ME!!!

  56. I’m sooo glad that I came across your review, thank a lot. The fact that you find this Greg Anderson’s invitation just right in your email, then he brags that you only get it through special invitation….what a saddening deception! what made me upset then wondering is he talks ALOT about how he’s going to give you the code free, takes such a long time showing you examples of either good actors or poor hungry-internet rich looker!! then at the end says you got a pay $49!!! & it gets better as he scales it down to $19 then $9 just to keep u on the page!! such a waste of time. Any way, I have learned from surfing online that no matter how good the offer sounds check out honest reviews before putting down your money.

  57. I just recieved emails from greg anderson and cory gates and watched both, they were almost identical.
    i was very tempted to try their systems but wanted to see what I could find on google and here I am reading
    how it is a scam. should have known it was to good. Like everyone here we are just looking for a work at home
    to make money, and obviously don’t alot of money to be scamed.

  58. I found a number for clicksure and got to talk to someone right away for refund the number is 888 853 3688 I too bought the mobile money code but after reading everyones reviews decided that I don’t want to be scammed money is very hard for me right now so I hope all this will help those out there

    • Greg,

      Thank you so much for posting the above telephone number. I am on the telephone with the customer service right now.

      I was told that a confirmation refund email will be sent out within 24 hours and that full refund will be issued in 3 to 7 business days and a maximum of ten business days.

      The customer service representative asked me why did I want a refund and I told her that the cost was just too much and that I could not commit the time that it would take to succeed at this mobile money code endeavor.

      I’ve learned my lesson with the scam artists. This has made me a bit wiser. I won’t be clicking on any more get rich sites.

      Thank you again for the telephone number.


  59. As soon as I heard Greg Anderson say, “This is only available by personal invite, and will never be released publicly” I knew it was a scam. I got there by clicking on an ad at another website.
    His daughter is the worst actor ever and the fact that there is no fast forward or time remaining buttons on his video are a good clue.
    Him and his actor mate say they’re going for a coffee and will be back in an hour. When the video returns to them they’re sitting there with FULL cups of coffee. WTF?

    If is sounds too good to be true,… it usually is!


  60. Greg seemed so sincere in his video wanting to give back and help others. I fell for his daughter crying as well as his wide and paid the $49 but in fee. Well I should have known something wasn’t right when the coach October started asking about my personal finances. Btw, my coach hasn’t called me one single time. Mobile Money Code is basically a sales job. You have to go out and convince business owners to let you design a mobile site for them. Well they promise to give you 5 websites, but you have to shell out more money to a Hosting company for those sites. Also I couldn’t get any of the sites due to continuous error messages. In addition to that, you have to obtain a cocksure id and an auto responder company which is more money. I purchased the MMC Jan 3,2014. As of today, I’ve obtained my domain and everything else I needed but now I’m getting phone calls from Web design companies wanting me to pay an additional $500 to build the website that I already paid to the MMC. Greg and his crew are nothing but common criminals.

  61. I wondered why I couldn’t claim the 5 free websites. I always got an error message instead and no one I emailed could help. Instead, they gave my phone number out to Web designers who call me daily trying to get me to pay $500 for building my site. I must say, Greg is the epitome of a theif swell as his wide and kids. I feel like such a fool. I will get my $49 back from you Greg. Trust me I will not stop until I’m dead, you dead, or in jail where you belong as your wide and kids as well.

  62. I don’t know if it is a true scam or not but it sure does seem like it. On the other hand it could be legit. For me $50 is too much of a risk

  63. I got it in December found it to be a scam I never registered product but they keep calling when I have no signal left a number to reply to and it is 1-800-675-6137. I have a so called help number of 1-877-917-2337. Let me know if don’t work I may have another contact left on my voice mail to provide they called many times?

  64. Omg help me I just sign up last night. Ask for a refund and there’s no help at all. So I’m fixing to get a lawyer fast.

  65. I thought scam right away!!!!!! You don’t pay it forward and then ask for monies.

  66. I was about to paid for it cause the video was so convincing but I had decided not to join, I think its a scam,

  67. I just went through the website from the link sent to me via email, unfortunately my computer infected with virus / spyware thereafter. That’s no good. But, I’m still interested in what they said on their website. So, after cleaning the virus and spyware, I checked their reviews, there are so many peoople gave good comments on them. Thank for your honesty comment. I’m about checking your top 5 recommended website. Hopefully, that would be good as you commented earlier.

    Thank you

  68. Paid $225 yesterday, wish I had found this site before that, what phone numbers do any of you have that can be used to contact these people, tried 1-888-413-7660 but its not them, they gave me 1-887-917-2337 but they say they are a web hosting company, just a run around.

    • hi
      complete scam
      paid $49 and just got upsells glaore
      didn’t even get a welcome letter or website to begin
      these aholes called me and spoke with me for 25 minutes asking me questions
      on how much time I have to spend on this and what my financial picture is
      there number is 1-800-675-6137, these are the people that try to upgrade their pavkage
      ive gotten names of shea, michelle, Nicole, and they all sound the same
      good luck

  69. damnt,,,,, they got $4 from me. I was watching greg and researching this at the same time. ty all . I hate scams!!!!!

    • i am doing the same thing as you did, OMG, these people need to put in Jail! Especially Greg! Clearly there in no CODE, he is making money on just selling his BS program! I’m surprised this kinda of behavior is legal in this Country. We ought to come out a law to punish the scamer!

  70. Oh Wow This Is Crazy II Was Thinking About Signing Up As Well Glad II Always Research Things First Thanks For The Info People!!!

  71. Love u all .. u saved me friends 🙂 .. still interested in earning online … please show me a way … thanks .. Garry

  72. I just signing up…for $19.00. Thanks for the reviews, tomorrow morning I will call to my bank to cancell

    • Ant luck on cancelling that payment.

      • Hey guys, I ran across that video too and found myself here. You should check out the book, The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. Just and idea. Good luck.

  73. Wow!! I was so close to signing up today. But something made me
    do a little more research.
    What a rip off.

  74. first offer: $49
    order it… then close tab…. but choose stay

    offer drop to $19…..
    choose you card to visa … then close tab…. but choose stay …

    offer drop to $9……

    so weird …..

  75. I got suspicious when he asks for the $49 for support people who are already making millions and everything is for free but the pitch for the $49 was kind of sales pitch like, that’s when I goggled it and found this link. In brief if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  76. I was riped off by mobile money code to when I called to talk to a start up specialist all he could say was do I have more money to put in. I said no he hung up. I have called and send emails with no response. And I have not been able to get my money back. This is the biggest scam on the Internet. Do not waste your time or money on this making money scam. It put virus on my computer. And there programs stop working. If you know how to get our money back let me know. And if we can find gred let me know I want a piece of him like the rest of you and is helpers that want to rip the poor people off.

  77. Thanks, guys! I was thinking about signing up. Good thing i decided to read a few comments first. At least, I can use the $49 for groceries.

  78. All the same bastards.

  79. Yes, I did not follow my first thought , This Greg seem to be honest (joke). And then the kids (maybe) the daughter crying, they were really great actors. I skip all the other promotions I just took the $49.00. And when I tried to get the training video, and of course an error kept coming on. I tried to email them about this issue. And a company called Brainstorm kept telling me they could not help me. And I still can not get as reply to my emails or the phone I just want an honest job I can do at home. All those people were good actors, and that Greg had the nerve to talk about other Internets jobs are scam. Then to read the other post about the address being a UPS office. I feel so stupid that I did not listen to my first thought. Then they want to take about a thief or robber. When I got ripped off by a clean cut American guy.

  80. Hello,
    Today I have got the invietd email in my InBox. Bij clicking on it I have seen the video of Greg. Before the video ends up I open another browser window to do a little research on the subject Mobile Money Code. One of them leds me to this site review. Thanks for all of your shared experiances and opinions. I now decide NOT to finisch seeing the video. I already doubted that was too easy. But that is my personal thought..
    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Guys,
      I also received an email asking me to look for this video acted by Greg Anderson (probably it is a fake name as well). Money wont come like that easy. I am very skeptic, but before I wanted to go for a trial, I found this site. Thank you so much for the sharing and now I have made up my mind NOT to join this so-called mobile money code.
      IT IS A SCAM!!!
      Protect your money, or rather just spend it in the coming holiday season…


  81. I fell for it to and not thing back or money back and didn’t see this till now I feel so stupied

  82. I further more add to my comment above >>>> TO ALL YOU SCAM Artist’s
    I don’t know how you Scam artests sleep peacful at night , knowing that you riping people off, all I can tell you is that your evil deeds will catch up with you ..so reep the harvest now … and let your SOUL burn eturnally when your Journey of evil expires … GOES AROUND COMES AROUND .
    YOUR DAY WILL COME ….. I rest my case ….May God have Mercy ? on your Soul ? . Signed … Alan E Ross Sr…..

  83. Yes I fell for this scam ,but I was Skeptic about it , I thought I would give it a try . As i talked to two different people named , one named Josh ,,an the other named John .. both sounded like they were going to help walk me through the system to make money. then Josh wanted to call me back in about a few min. then he sounded far away ,,…like some one else was on the line listening ,, I asked him to speak up ,that he was not loud enough..I should have known then … but was more interested in getting started ..he ask many personal Questions , , I didn’t answer all .. He never gave me any code ,,and I still couldn’t get my pin number to get my site on line they original gave me , which was too many letters and only calls for 16, but they gave me 19 ., that also didn’t make sense … IT worked the first night I used it ,,but not now. AS a result of all this , They didn’t call me back after talking to them ,,when suddenly the phone went dead …they hung up ..I tried to call back ..and when I did ,,another guy named >>JOHN , answered and told me that he was only associated with success story’s, and i couldn’t tell me anything of how I can get in touch with the other John or Josh …….as I think about it now , i think it was the same Guy and was just lining to me …he also said they most likely didn’t think I Qualified for their program ….I ask well how do I do that ? he said do you have 500. dollars ?? I said if I had that , I wouldn’t need your services …and something about talking to a director would cost me ? excuse me ?? I told him right then that he was a fraud and this is a scam .. I’m tired of this crap…. sick and tired of being ripped off …I’m going to report it to my bank for fraud …. OH and the first guys were trying to tell me as I spoke about being skeptic , they said we’ll be happy to refund your money … Now I’m in question , there isn’t even a phone number I can call now because this one I got is linked to the Success story’s,, as another John tells it ….I guess every body there is Named John ,,or Josh … maybe just fake names …I asked the last john for his last name ,,he hesitated,, then finally said >> White ,,John White … B S … I don’t believe it . all I wanted like any one else , was just and edge to try and find something honest to make some extra income honestly from home ,,as I am now disabled and can’t live on what I get.. I have good Ideas to invest money in as to even possibly employ other people to some work ,,but I need money to do it .. Ya all it takes is Money … Rout of all Evil .. or the rout to tools to it with … I always looked at money as a tool to make things happen … Now with all the abusive scam artiest, who can you trust ? God and Jesus is all I can trust… … Now with all the abusive scam artiest, who can you trust ? I trust God and Jesus is all I can trust…, I just want my money back….. I have lots of great Ideas to make good honest money , and also to be able to help other people to make money too ..but , I need Capitial to do so…….

  84. You need to file a support ticket with Clicksure. Google “Clicksure support” and file a ticket under the “customer” section. You’ll need your original receipt that was emailed to you to file a ticket. After you file your request for a refund, they’ll email you and try to get you to back off of your refund by offering you “bonuses” of some kind. Refuse, and they should issue a refund. I’ve had them send a second “bonus” offer to, and have always been refunded after refusing that one as well.

    • Can you help me get my refund of $49.00 I sent them on December 9th 2013, because I have been trying to reach them, and unable to. In addition could you tell me how to report them?

    • Thank you I too have been scammed … I will do that right away to get all my money refunded.

      Thinking that it is legitimate … absolute no honesty in these crafty people …

      Thanks again

    • I am in the process of the support ticket with “Clicksure Spport”. I’ve asked for a refund, but they just keep offering something else cheaper.

      I have to wait until Monday t contact my credit union to see if they can put a stop payment on the pending transactions.

      I also intend on reporting these people to every fraud agency known to man.

      I am s disappointed in people always trying to scam someone.

    • I have requested a refund as you instructed but it send me an email that my order was yet to be confirmed by the seller im not receiving any confirmation yet. I should have read this reviews first before giving out my $49. It appears that the $49 have unexpected cost because beside the $49 there is cny $308.

    • I just cancelled my card! So If I do go to the click sure support how would I get the money back?

  85. Hi,
    I subscribed for 45 Dollars with Corey Gates, but 49 Dollars were collected.
    I was intrigued by this video and subscribed just to see how this obvious
    scam would continue.
    At the support number 1-888-413-7660 never a person was available.
    When I saw the fifth video which was contentwise an exact copy of the
    first one, only starring Greg Anderson instead of Corey Gates, all was clear.

    As I have produced my own website (about tourism to Thailand) for the last
    4 years, I am curious to know how to get visitors fast when I will launch
    my website and a corresponding Android-app in February 2014.

    Any help in this regard is appreciated.


  86. I just watched the video of the Mobile Money Code. This software promises to make you vast amounts of money for very little work. If this is true I advise the actors they hired to buy it because none of them can act and will never make a living kidding themselves they can. The daughters false overacted sentiment was painful to watch and the guy who collects supermarket trolley’s for a living may as well stick at that because he will not make a penny as an actor or with this scam code.
    Thanks for the honest review that confirmed my thoughts of yet another scam that unfortunately some people will believe.

  87. DON’T DO IT>>>This organization does not honor it’s money back guarantee. Look somewhere else for working on the web. ANY PLACE ELSE.

    I hope I have saved you time and money and aggravation. DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME. I am currently trying to get my money back. After 7 emails, multiple organizations (can’t actually figure out who owns this) and a load of non-responsive emails I am still trying. I will be setting up a web site along with Youtube, Facebook and anything else I can think of to inform people they would be much better off going somewhere else. I have contacted the FBI and waiting tohear more from them. I will also be contacting an attorney if I don’t hear back from them by tomorrow.

    You will not get any help from these people. You will not get your money back. You will not be happy. SAVE your money and go somewhere else. Judging by all the sites talking about how bad this company is I feel stupid falling for this. Hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    I will also be spending a lot of time trying to inform the public and cost these rip off artist as much money as I can.

    • Good one Mark, only a bit too late. I’ve spend a fortune for nothing but bragging. Now I started the fight to get my money back within 60days, so far unsuccessful:(

      • I thought it was fake all the way through anyone can do wonders with animation programs and programs like Photoshop try contacting Clicksure one of the sites in the video and report the site as Scam site

      • Can the BBB get it back? And what about internet feaud
        There has to be a law on that. Hope this is helpful.

      • Call your credit card company and decline the charges. They will give you a credit immediately

        • That’s what I did. My bank canceled my card and sent me a new one. Then refunded the $49.00. Someone named Tina emailed me 4 weeks ago saying they can’t find my account…BS..I emailed her the trancation ID from my bank card..nothing else from her and that was 4 weeks ago. I even put in a claim with pay pal and they denied me. They said “it was not actual merchandie” and can’t be refunded. I should have read the reviews..I only wanted more money to pay for my children’s sport activities..I picked up a part time job as an Avon representative. I made about $200 extra this month. Not a lot of $$ so far. I dnt put a lot of advertising out there but I know there is the potential to make more..FACE IT..IT IS AS CLOSE TO A “WORK AT HOME PROGRAM” WE ARE EVER GONNA GET. Lol. Future advise for anyone else out there: JUST GET A PART TIME JOB IF YOU CAN.MOBILE MONEY CODE IS A SCAM!!!!

          • The same person emailed me saying that they could not find my account and I contacted my bank to get my money back and investigate the charges

    • I wished I’d read your article before I spent $426.00 on the MOBILEMONECODE SCAM. I have only been able to log-in to the site once over a period of 10 days. I have sent their nebulouse customer service dept. 1 to 2 messages each day asking for help WITHOUT A RESPONSE FROM THEM!!!

      I demanded my money back 2 days ago without a response from them. The address showing on the bottem of their site shows an address in Henderson, Nv. which turns out to be a USPS store location.

      Greg Anderson set things up so that he cannot be found but I will fight to get my money refunded!! I do not have $426.00 to lose to a scammer. He presented himself as one who is so caring for the underdog …… more like a wolf in sheep skin!!

      Lets pursue this issue and hold him to his 60 day money back guarantee.

      Eugene R.

      • I can tell you that Mobile Money Code is a Scam! I put my information in the system and then decided I didn’t want it , so when I tried to get out of their system a so called person name Greg Anderson pops up and says wait a minute don’t go, and reduced the price from $49 down to $19, I went on and took that offer, but after giving them my credit information they didn’t send me anything in my email with the so called Code or anything else, so I called bank and reported the charge as fraud, and closed out that account, Thank God they were able to void the charge!….I am now filing a fraudulent charge statement with my bank.

        • If you would have clicked one more time on that x in the top right hand corner you would have only paid 9.oo. I was thinking of trying this since I have spent the last ten years doing home bases business that don’t pay much of anything and you spend all day making cold calls or warm calls with nothing to show for it. If anyone knows of something that works please let me know. I am disabled and can’t work a real job to well so, the net was something I thought I could do from home boy, it’s been a big disappointment.

      • I think this is a scam, and they should not be in business. I want my refund of my $49.00, and there should be a way to report this business. I am complaining because they advertise $49.00 and then they ask for other amounts, how is that? These people are in money to scam people out of other money. How you going to run a business and cannot get a refund for $49.00. I know I ordered it but that was because they said it was so easy, but then they asked me for more money and I think that is a bunch of bull crap. I think these people need to be caught and their business dissolved.

      • I fell prey to this system Sat. a week ago. I reviewed it for five days and then cancelled it. My card had not been charged therefore I knew that it would be easy for them to stop it. I have sent several emails along with a facebook now and I am getting no response. I need my $150 back now. Let me know how things go for you and I will get ont he bandwagon along with you to get our money back.

        • Hello guys, I’ve been through the same problem and I totally agree with everyone but, what happened with me is bigger amount than you guys lost and I would like to share with you guys how they ripped me off with $1300 worth of crab and how I got my money back!! First of all I made all my purchases through my credit card from citizens bank that they will never authorize any transaction without my permission specially if they see something is unknowing appear on my credit statement . so anyways I made the transaction and I kept going with them to see where they trying to take me and the bank called me and asked me about the transaction and I said I never made that purchase so I would like to know if someone got in hold with my credit card? They told me the transaction showing from China so I refused it then they refunded my money and sent me a new card and they didn’t take a pinny from me. At the same time I was testing their billing support and I was acting like I didn’t do nothing and I was asking for my money back they said oh we are going to give u an access for a program worth $5000 for free just to satisfy you and make you happy I told them if you wanna make me happy you better give memy money back and they marked the case as problem solved without giving me my money? I was like WTF I replied back I said your not smarter than me ass whole you getting my middle finger not my money!!! Lol so yeah stay away from them. Good luck to everyone hopefully you all get your money back .
          By the way anyone knows a really good system that makes money online and not a scam? I really want something like that I am tired of working like a dog!!!!””

          • Ya know what’s weird about all of this is I was just like everyone else. Got the program, didn’t receive what was promised. Called for a refund. The very next day the card I used to pay for all this crap was compromised by a company called PES*GLSES ECOMM GUANGZHOU out of China. They got me for another $300. Started looking harder and it’s a mobile moneycode company. I wonder if it’s the same company? Has anyone else been hit by this company? It’s spelled


    • I wish I would have seen this review before I sent those sorry people my money. I didn’t really have the $49 to send them, but I thought maybe this one was actually legit. I don’t know how those people sleep at night knowing that they are ripping off people with middle to low income. I was brought up to be honest and I guess expect everyone else to be as well. I will be sure and pass this on so that no one that I know makes the same mistake. Thank you all. GOD bless.

      • I read your comment on Money Code and can so relate. I hope you got your money back. I almost did it for the $8 that they came down to, but decided to check it out first. So glad I did. I hope you have found a way to actually get some income online by now. Best of Success to you.

    • Thanks Mark your an honorable person no doubt.

      I had a “If it looks too good to be true, it usually Is” type of feeling about this product and the Charleton pitching it. However it was terrific to get an honest genuine insightful opinion (yours) to confirm, that the product and it’s peddlers are modern day charletons. While their m.o. is different the end game (take your money) remains the same.

      Man I’d love to pull up in front of Greg Anderson(if that’s even his real name) characters home and have a word with him
      You don’t get much lower on the good chain than this p.o.s..

    • I totally agree with your comments. They do not honour their money back guarantee. We cancelled after 3 days, 4 months later we are still trying to get back only $409!! They have had their team of sales people call well over 40 times during these four months to change our minds…and now the latest email, after saying they were working on our refund, is asking for all the details again. SCAM…..please don’t waste your money on this. Any company worth their salt would give the refunds back at least within 30 days after purchase. Stay Away!

    • Boy am I glad I looked in for reviews right before I entered all my info could of been another victim

  88. Thanks for this totally honest review.

    • mobilemoneycode was craked hhhhh

      • Did they give u a refund or i will have to change mi cards?
        thank you, i was stupid enough for not to read this first

    • B E W A R E

      M O B I L E. M O N E Y C O D E. iS. a. S. C. A M. !

    • Why would you pay $49 for the support of millionaires? They don’t need $49.

    • its like the obama care scam buy it then “we” will show you how it works

    • Thank You all for saving me from these scam bastards. I was about to become the next victim.

      • Yes…. this is definitely a scam…. I had it just this week… First I was ask to start off with 49.00, After paying I was sent to a page where I was told to listen to a few videos, supposedly to guide me to start making money immediately. Then I was told to buy another system to kickstart for 198.00. but when I decline to buy…. it was discounted to 98.00. Then again after paying for that, I was asked to listen to another video, again was asked to buy another support system… It never end.
        I then write in to asked for a refund, since I was told that it will be a “no question asks” refund. 4 days later I received a call from this guy RYan Shaw, asking to speak to me. I answered the phone and he tried to convince and persuade me to stay on in the business. As I was busy at that time, I told him that all I want is my refund back and I busy to be able to talk to him much. Straightaway, he told me that since I refund to g o into a conversation with him…. my refunds is declined. HE WONT PAY ME BACK!!
        The number he used to call me is 713-574-2048…
        I am considering calling the press & the Consumer Tribunal to lodge a report. Anyone can help??? Please pass this around. I felt cheated as this money means a lot to me. I am a Stage 3 cancer patient and was out of job since 2011 trying to do something decent from home to survive my medical cost…. but then..

        • shame i didn’t read this before buying it!!

        • that is awful that people scam on innocent people and the fact that you are going through stage 3 medical cancer. These people are like leeches they live in there mansions but one day they will have to pay for their sins. I am so sorry for your situation it broke my heart and I just wanted to tell you someone was thinking of you. I hope you get your money back mabey write a letter describing your situation , not sure if that would help but it is worth a try. next step would be the BBB which i guess is the Tribunal. I wish you the best.

    • OMG!!! I just paid the $49 then it sent me to another video where it asked to pay another $147 so now I am very skeptic of this. How do I get my money back?

      • Hello, How are you? I really like your article and I had a friend of mine who sent me this but I have no experience with the online world. Can you please tell me what you think about it. http://——————-

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