Will Next Job At Home Scam You? Honest Review

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Does Next Job At Home scam people? That’s a good question and I can see why a lot of people are asking it. Let me be frank with you on the whole “online jobs” thing. There are hardly any real legit actual online jobs or employers looking to hire people to actually work from home. Now, I know you might have gotten your hopes up and thought that this company could be the answer, but I’m going to tell you about what I found through the process of signing up. When you visit the homepage, you will see opportunities for “telecommuter” work. It’s also very attractive as registration is free. After registering, you are sent to the next page where there are a list of links to job postings. There is a search tool where you can filter out what kind of jobs you want. I have to say, I am a little bit relieved that this is not just another work from home scam like 99% of the “at home income” opportunities that I have to come across and review. Please understand though. Next Job At Home is not hiring you. It is simply a website/database of job search queries if you will. Think of it like Yahoo! Jobs or Monster or something. When I clicked on the job link, it took me to the posting/description. When I clicked “apply now” it took me to another job site or search engine. So, it’s like a third party job bank if you will.

I have to admit there are a few Next Job At Home scam red flags popping up in my head. For one, the jobs postings aren’t that frequent. I would say you see a job posted once every few months in which ever category you choose. This could only mean that companies are not using this website to find applicants that much anymore. I feel like the whole point of this website was yes, to provide you with jobs, but also to spam your email with “paid” sign up programs which charge you to get started. In other words, they are affiliates of these websites that are promoted in the emails and are going to make money once you pay to get in.

You want to be careful from clicking on the sponsored links at the top page of your Next Job At Home job search area because those are also going to lead you to some pretty crappy IM income opportunities. it is kind of the mix here and now I can see that this job website isn’t what it probably used to be. I can see now that the main reason why they have the site up and promoted is to basically build a subscriber list. With this list they will be able to continuously e-mail you different offers and different income opportunities in which to make a commission from. The actual job postings, you can find the same ones on different websites that honestly are a lot more legitimate. But the big question is does Next Job at Home scam its members? No I don’t think it’s a scam but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for somebody who’s actually looking to build real income off the Internet at this point. I think you’re going to run into a lot of headaches by trying to find a job through this site and become very confused.

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  1. iam being told that i will recieve some cash and dont what for . i strongly believe this website has been infiltrated by scammers one of them being chris cambell.

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