Will Varolo Scam You? Unbiased Review

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The Varolo scam as some might call it. I remember when I was first getting into the make money online industry. I actually came across this program and looking back now I am certainly glad that I did not join. And let me tell you why. If you’re somebody that’s visiting this review it’s likely you’re looking for different ways to generate income from home, or maybe you’re just trying to see if this is a program that’s worth your time and money. You’ve got to understand what is going on with this particular system and how you actually make money, or most likely how you don’t. Unfortunately right now the website itself www.varolo.com is down. I have seen some reports of a PTC investigation going on and it says on the website that they are in the works of launching Varolo 2.0. But I’m just as sure with you what the original program was all about.

How It Works

Varolo is one of these income opportunities that say they will pay you for simply viewing advertisements. Generally or most of the time these kind of opportunities revolve around paid to click tasks. But this company but the little bit more of a different spin to it, and that instead of clicking on ads and looking at the ads, you have to watch a video advertisement. And the idea is, that after you’re done watching the video advertisement, you get paid. think of it as getting paid to watch commercials. This seems like easy money right? Well, not really especially if you’re a beginner or you have no idea how affiliate marketing really works and making money on the Internet really works. There’s actually a lot more to it than just sitting through commercials and getting paid for it.

The truth is, Varolo is more of a multilevel marketing compensation plan. This means you’re going to have to refer to recruit lots of people into your Varolo “village”. Basically, you’re going to reap a percentage of all the earnings of your downline.

What I’m saying is, you’re going to need to know how to get people sponsored into your Varolo team in order to see any kind of decent income. You’re not to make big money just sitting around the computer watching advertisements. If it was that easy, then everybody would be doing it . Instead you’re going to have to develop strategies and create traffic sources that bring people in every day on autopilot. Not only that, you have to hope and wish that the members that you bring In are active. this is no easy task especially if you are somebody new and a beginner to the world of generating income online.

So Does Varolo Scam People?

For some reason, the site is down but I believe they are getting ready to launch Varolo 2.0 or something. As far as it being a scam, I’ve seen feedback from certain users who say they love it. But I’m not sure if those are fake comments or not. Also, from the feedback, it looks like members are earning on average $2.00 per week. I’ve seen about 10 different people admit that’s how much they’ve made. Kind of hard to chew if you ask me. 


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