Work At Home Mums Network Review- Another Online Scam?

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work_at_home_mums_network_reviewThe Work At Home Mums Network has attracted a lot of attention, especially from those who are looking for online jobs and need to create extra income. Not just people though, but mums or “moms”…mothers. This is a huge audience and I know this because I have been in the “work from home” niche for a couple years now. Many of my website visitors and customers are mothers looking to find some kind of work to support the household and make a little extra money to cover costs. There are definitely good ways to create a large income just using your computer and Internet connection. The problem is, the work from home industry is riddled with so many get-rich-quick schemes, it’s hard to tell what is a scam and what is something that is legitimate. So lets talk about this for a minute.

How It Works

Work At Home Mums Network does NOT provide work from home JOBS!!!

It teaches you how to start your own home-based business on the Internet. When you sign up, you will get access to resources such as training, and a “bootcamp” to follow along. You can definitely make tons of money on the Internet, and basically WAHM Network just shows you the basics and understanding of Internet income. It’s a membership site in which you can navigate and choose topics in which you are interested in about online business.

What I Like

Get Started FREE. Obviously everybody likes stuff that is free and you can get started at the very least in this program for free because all you have to do is provide an e-mail address and basically you’re in and can start going through the free training. Of course you are limited because you must upgrade to Premium $25 per month, to get access to the entire package and more advanced training.

Affiliate Opportunity. I like the fact that there is an affiliate opportunity which means guys like me can make money referring people to this program. So if you’re somebody that’s experienced and you’re getting lots of traffic, you can promote this program and I think it’s pretty decent of course the commission though, is not the biggest in the world.

What I Don’t Like

Really Really Basic Training. A lot of the training is stuff like “how to think successful” and stuff like “why building a business is smart” and the like. You will see a lot of business opportunities do training like this which doesn’t really help you make money. It helps you build interest into diving deeper into the industry. Most people just want to know exactly what it takes to make real money on the Internet.

Nothing I Haven’t Seen Before. what I could tell you is that this isn’t something I haven’t seen before. Like mentioned earlier, it provides basically really basic training on how to build a home-based business and it’s something that a lot of info you can find for free by just looking around on the Internet.

No Good Support System. One of the main problems beginners have who are trying to make money on Internet is lack of a good score system. Your chances increase tremendously when you can get feedback from other members and you can get direct assistance from the owners of the system because they are experts. But at the same time, not many business opportunities offer grades for system anyways.


Basically, Kim Constable (owner) has branded a business opportunity in which she makes money by providing training and resources for those interested getting started with an online home based business.

Honest Conclusion & Opinion

no_jobSo I figured out that Work At Home Mums Network is nothing more than your typical basic home business opportunity. I’m actually a big fan of building your own home business online to make money. In fact, it’s really the only way to generate a true full-time income on the Internet. But I must say that Work At Home Mums Network definitely isn’t the best I’ve seen. In my opinion, there is still a lot lacking although if you’re brand-spanking new, you might get some value from joining. If you are looking for immediate job-type income, I wouldn’t consider it though. It doesn’t supply jobs and doesn’t provide paid-work for you to do.


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