Stay At Home Revenue Reviews- Just Another Scam, Right?

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The Stay At Home Revenue scam is not unlike a lot of other fake affiliate programs that are out just to get your information so they can bombard you an upsell you on more stuff to buy and not really teach anything at all. Many people get excited about the term work at home, so these companies are created by pretty much scammers who are looking to take advantage of people who just want to earn an honest living on the Internet. Most likely if you came to this review, you have received an e-mail from this company but you want to do even more research because something doesn’t smell right. Good thing you did your research because you just saved yourself a lot of time, headaches, and money.

Let me explain exactly how Stay At Home Revenue actually operates its business. I can tell you right off the bat that this company has already been shut down because I checked the domain name and it just leads to a default landing page of a hosting company. These type of companies always get busted pretty soon and they have to pack up their bags and move on. Unfortunately they move on to the same business model, but just under a different name. And they always use the same marketing tactics which is to fool you into believing that you are actually make money when you sign up with them. Of course to want to charge you a fee to join the program and this is how they make their money. After you have invested in their training program, they will secretly and discreetly bill you after the trial offer has expired. The problem is they don’t make this trial offer expiration noticeable.

[note color=”#FFCC00″]One of the worst things about companies such as the Stay At Home Revenue scam, is that they make it very difficult for you to get your money back. They’ll actually have representatives call you and try to upsell you on the coaching, but when it comes to customer support, they are never there and many people lose out because attorney at the money back, with no response or help. They try to entice you with the idea that you’re going to be trained and learn how to become a search engine agents, even though no such thing exists. What they really want you to do is bind to the program, become an affiliate, and promote their business and pay you a commission. Don’t do it. You’re just can become burned.[/note]

Is it really possible to generate stay at home revenue? and I’m not talking mother company but rather actual money? Yes of course it is possible but you have to learn the right marketing skills first and then drive up to traffic to a niche. That’s really how you work at home. There really aren’t any companies out there there to pay you hundreds of dollars per day for doing easy simple tasks. Not even in the physical world are there jobs like that. It’s really easy to stay away from these types of scams. All you really have to do is use little bit of common sense and you’ll be good.

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