Work From Home University Reviews- Scam or Trustworthy?

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work_from_home_university_review_Heard of Work From Home University? I’m thinking you got an email from this company and something just didn’t sit right with you, so you’re doing your due diligence and want to know if it really works or if it’s just a big ‘ol scam. I have to warn you. There are a lot of deceiving “work from home” opportunities out there and just a few legit ones. But, it’s okay if you can’t point out the scams. That’s why I’m here to help you. So, going back to this. I’m going to reveal to you why I can’t recommend this program. It’s for a number of reasons.

This program is also known as Work At Home University, although some people search on the Internet and replace the “at” with “from” and that’s why you are here. It’s the same thing though. So pretty much this is a program that says it’s going to train you to work from your house doing simple tasks. When you visit the site, you will see mostly a sales pitch and read a story of usually a single mom who desperately needed income and found this system and now makes thousands from home. In fact the sales page will say something like “earn up to $87 an hour!” and this usually gets newcomers really excited about learning more. Sorry to expose the truth to you, but here it goes.

Work From Home University is not really any kind of school. There is no kind of degree to earn. It is not accredited in anyway and is nothing short of another make money online scam. They claim they will teach you how to become an Auction List Agent. Let me tell you what that really means. It means they’re just going to charge you $97 to learn about drop shipping. Drop shipping is a form of online business where you are the middle man and is really difficult to master. There is no guarantee that what you learn will work, and they’re going to try to sell you on investing thousands for a business coach.

It’s pretty much a setup that targets newbies to pull out there wallets to learn more “training” that you could actually learn for free by just visiting Internet marketing blogs. You’ve got to be careful. These sales teams can be absolutely ruthless in their persistence trying to sell you by calling your phone and bombarding you with promotional email after promotional email. I would just steer way clear of this program. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I were just reading your blog and I was meaning to ask you this. Is the Work At Home Programme offered by Google a fraud?

  2. hello sir,
    i read your blog on this company ..It sounds a different company as they say its only posting links nothing to do with dropshipping though .
    Can you please elaborate on dropshipping as i am currently with an american proper training company that cost me $ 4300.00 australian dollars and i didnt know what dropshipping was when they signed me up an dtehy were cagy about how much i could earn >
    Now i see Dropshipping can be risky, as we have to deal with Non english speaking asian staff memebers and communication is very hit and miss .Customers on E bay will rate you badly if the dropshipper is delayed with shipping .
    this can be dangerous because of Ebay listing with The very strict Ebay laws/rules of Ebays new customer rating system
    this USA co I am being trained by I have no wasked for arefund an dam waiting for an answer .
    may I ask for help please if they get nasty where can i turn to ?
    Is there an organisation for consumer protection That i can ask for mediation ?
    this company teaches you to first build the website then sell on ebay dropshipper merchandise and then social media to generate traffic to your amazon affiliate website but its a very slow process and a lot of hour s and today I am discovering so many places that sell website so cheaply!
    can you please email some tips who I can turn to n case they dont want to refund me ?
    many Thanks John

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