Does Get Weekly Paychecks Scam People? Unbiased Review

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get_weekly_paychecks_scamGet Weekly Paychecks is a make money from home program that has got some exposure over the last few months. Many people think it’s a scam, some beg to differ. I’m going to give you my unbiased opinion and review what exactly this program really is behind all the pictures of big paychecks and stories of supposed success online. If you are someone interested in finding out more about how to make money online or from home, you’re going to want to keep reading. I am not a member of this system so I promise I’m not going to try to get you to join under me or anything like that.

Get Weekly Paychecks Is A Sales Funnel For MCA

You will find out that Get Weekly Paychecks is a sales funnel for Motor Club of America. MCA is a multi-level marketing company that deals with a roadside service and discounts on various services as well (yes, any time you have a sponsor, and you can be someone else’s sponsor, and you’re marketing a product, it’s mlm: hence multi-level).

The whole idea is for you to use this Get Weekly Paychecks “system” to sign up a bunch of other people into MCA. Basically you get your own GWP affiliate link and you promote it everywhere. You’re supposed to get as many signups as possible. You will get your own back office and different squeeze pages you can use to sell people and get them interested in signing up. How? Well that’s where you’re most likely going to run into a big problem. The key is traffic. 

A lot of people don’t know how to market and bring traffic into an affiliate system such as Get Weekly Paychecks. I feel if you don’t know how to get traffic to your affiliate link, you’re not going to make any money with GWP or any other program out there. Actually I know you’re not going to make any money. That’s why before you join GWP, I would first learn how to generate traffic first. Then you could apply what you know and earn massive results. If you are someone that is already getting lots of traffic, then I would recommend adding this system to your online business. But be prepared to mentor, coach, lead, and motivate a lot of “newbies” who need direction. 


Get Weekly Paychecks is definitely not a scam, because you are promoting a real service (roadside assistance) and other products. I don’t have a problem with it and once you know how to market correctly, you possibly could make some good money. But if you’re a complete beginner with no experience or knowledge and you join, then I say good luck with that. Your sponsor will most likely try to encourage you, but I just don’t see enough valuable training in the system itself.

[note color=”#fff1b7″]The main methods of training include:

  • How to market offline
  • Facebook techniques
  • Craigslist strategies
  • Webinars each week from leaders
  • Paid-advertising[/note]

I’m just going to be straight up with you on this. These training tips are not really going to be that effective nor ethcial. That’s just my opinion. 99% a system like this will train you to post in the “jobs” section of classified ads sites. That’s misleading because GWP is not a job. I feel a lot of online mlm systems use “Facebook” and “Craigslist” because the average Joe is really familiar with these sites, so you can relate. But the majority of top-earners aren’t really using those techniques. In fact, you don’t want to get busted for spamming on Facebook or Craigslist. So be careful. And with offline and paid-advertising, those are whole other skills you have to master on top of all that because if you don’t, you could lose a lot of money.


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  1. I got scammed by weekly paid i found it on fb and thought to my self this is to good to be true and it was i am so mad at my self for trying to take the easy way out.

  2. Get Weekly Paychecks is a scam, i made it and never get money, why this webs make this with people!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for all your comments. So far, the work at home jobs on the internet seems to be as crooked as a 200 piece jig-saw puzzle!

  4. A scam a scam a scam. Who makes a fake website to lure people in and don’t pay them don’t response to emails. I have generated 900 to be paid to me and I haven’t receive one dime of my money

  5. it is exclusively fake website.they are referring to cell phone companies in survey and making money.please be out of this scam.

  6. Cannot complete survey. How to finish survey and get paid. Cannot send payment request.

  7. i eas contacted by one of their representatives sheila brooks and she stalked me. she constantly harrassed me, she threatened my life, she even found where i lived. the company would not return any of my emails when i tried to report her. i have had to go through great legnths just to have the athorities to get involved. be very very careful with this company. it is a huge scam.

  8. I agree!!! I fee for it…..Had so Many people Involved and Bam!!! NO MONEY AND COULDNT COMPLETE SURVEY THIS PRODUCT IS A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!! SO WARNING STAY AWAY FROM THIS!!!!

  9. Can’t complete a survey and it you try to contact them through their website no one replies to your e-mails. Their surveys are all cellphone subscriptions.

    • The email support is a mailer demon !!!! i’m mad

  10. thw weeklipay is fake site my survey never completed……

    • I can’t even finish my survey. Keeps bringing me to the same page!

    • All you guys are talking about two different wesites getweeklypaychecks is totally legit this other survey website weeklypay or whatever is a scam!

      • You guys are talking about the WRONG WEBSITE. GetWeeklyPaychecks is NOT A SURVEY WEBSITE, its owned by a Christian family, who has never scammed a single person in their entire life.

        Please pay attention to the website name before ruining the reputation of a good company. Thank you.

    • I did not get to the survey section before i figured it out..
      They want you to subscribe for $40 and pay $20 per month.
      Then go to GETWEEKLYPAYCHECKS and pay $20 to get started and then pay an extra $20 per moth,
      so you end up paying a total of $40 per month if you make money or not…
      seems like a scam to me

  11. i am trying to earn some.. but i cannot. what is the problem? cant a Nepali earn money in dollars or what?? help me

  12. I beg to differ on your opinion about GWP. I say this because most people feel that it is a real job. Think about it aren’t there real SALES and MARKETING JOBS IN THE REAL WORLD? WHAT WORLD ARE YOU FROM? YOU ARE MISLEADING TO THE PUBLIC. YOU REALLY SHOULD INVESTIGATE THINGS PROPERLY BEFORE YOU GIVE AN OPINION!

    • Hey Lakina. Thanks for your thoughts.

      Where I come from, a real job usually requires an application and then an interview from the employer. Still trying to figure out how to get hired by GWP if people feel it’s a real job and not an opportunity.

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