Nu Skin Reviews- Another MLM Pyramid Scam or Not?

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nu_skin_reviewsYou’re probably searching for Nu Skin reviews because you’re curious to see whether or not you can really make lots of money by joining, or if it’s just another pyramid scam out there. I’m thinking perhaps a neighbor or a friend invited you to some kind of meeting where you sat through a presentation on how by joining this company, you can reach all of your financial dreams and goals. But you’re doing research on the good old faithful Google and want to find out little bit more before you make a decision. It’s funny because I have been there, done that. What I’m going to try to do is give you my own personal review and opinion of Nu Skin.

I actually created this website in hopes of steering brand-new people to the home-based business industry, in the right way by giving unbiased and totally honest reviews. My hope is that I can kind give you my perspective as a successful Internet marketer and home-based business owner as to whether or not I feel this is something worth going for or not.

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What Is New Skin Exactly?

Nu Skin is a direct sales company that markets skincare and cosmetic products. For a start up fee (usually a couple hundred dollars) you can become an independent distributor and retail these products from home. In other words you can have little get-togethers with your neighbors friends and family and sell these products and earn a retail profit.

Now you can make even more money by expanding and building a team of distributors in which you recruit. In other words you can talk your friend and ask them if they’d be interested in making more money. If they are, then you can pitch them the idea of becoming a Nu Skin representative under you. All of the sales they make in their home business, you will receive a residual paycheck.

Now your friend can also recruit more friends and all that business adds up to you and your residual paycheck keeps growing. This is known as multilevel marketing. Otherwise known as network marketing or direct sales. It’s actually one of many direct sales companies out there which you might’ve heard of such as Mary Kay, Amway, herbal life, Monavie, and many more. It is a legitimate business model.

What I like


One of the aspects of starting a Nu Skin business is that the products are in, in my opinion, a recession proof niche. No matter if the economy is going up or down, there are always going to be people interested in looking healthy including having nice skin. This is a health and wellness micro niche. You’re not really selling something totally irrelevant or crazy, and it’s a product that many people, especially females, can relate to. I’m a big fan of niche markets that are always going to be high in demand.

Nu Skin is also a very reputable company that has been around for quite a while. I like the idea of joining a company that has a solid background and reputation and also delivers pretty high quality products into the market.

What I Don’t Like

Although Nu Skin provides an opportunity for you to build a home based business and residual income, it is a multi-level type of business model. This means, yes, you are more than likely going to be required to and call your friends and family to join your business. After you go through the list of your friends and family, you’re going to literally has to contact complete strangers and convert them into representatives. This is extremely hard to do and very few people actually make it to the “big levels” in Nu Skin.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t join, but just be realistic about it. At the presentation they probably paint the picture of big riches and easy money with just a few hours of work each week. It’s not from a turnout that way. You’re going to have to be 100% committed and be very good at people skills. Like really good. The average person will probably never get that level. Also, be ready to spend extra money buying motivational tools, going to seminars, and buying products for yourself.

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  1. There are hundreds of NuSkin distributors in Scotland. My Facebook page is inundated with them. The products are ok and maybe expensive for what they are. But they are no better or worse than many other skincare companies around.

    What really annoys me, is the amount of deliberate misleading and false information distributors make about the products and compensation plan on Facebook. There are so many false before and after photos it’s ridiculous. And they will say anything to get people signed up under them or to buy their product.

    For example I just seen this claim from one lady from Cruden Bay in Aberdeenshire…

    “As well as taking my Green Tea Capsules
    I also have been taking these (they are not allowed to mention Nuskin products on Facebook)…..And knowing that they are the equivalent of eating the following is an absolute bonus!”

    Then she lists a long list of foods – “23 eggs, 200oz canned tuna fish, 
15.76 teaspoons of soybean oil, 
16 cups of peas 
530 cups of cooked spinach, 
20 cups of cooked soy beans, 
9 cups of raw lettuce,
30 cups of cauliflower, 
6.4 oranges, 
1.36 cups of milk, 
5.6oz of tofu,
16oz turkey, 
6 slices of wholewheat bread,
4.6oz beef fillet,
1 cup of walnuts, 
5 tablespoons of peanut butter, 
6oz rice, 
2oz prunes,
4 cups of green tea, 
1.3 tomatoes, 
1 cup of cooked carrots, 
20 cups of red grapes, 
Plus 1200mg of marine omega essential fatty acids”.

    She doesn’t say way they are amazing (whether it is vitamins, calories, minerals, protein etc.) and I doubt she even knows herself!

    She then has a list of 11 different comments saying how amazing and wonderful this product is??? Not one of them knows why it is amazing or even given an indication to why it is so amazing? It was because all the comments are from NuSkin disturbers. Not one comment is a genuine comment. This is how they con you into believing they are selling great products. They all pretend to be a customers of each other, leaving feedback on each others Facebook sites whether it is true or not. They will even share comments, making it as their own and you will see the same comment made by different distributors and half of them don’t even check their facts or even know what they are saying?

    They will lead and brain wash you to think they have loads of happy customers buying their so called amazing products and making amazing amount of money. What makes it worse, they encourage each other to say things like this. The idea is to give you, the customer, the illusion they are selling hundreds of products, making thousands of pounds.

    Other claims included galvanic spa can make you 10 years younger in 10 minutes, which are completely untrue, no product can do that. Bulling and scare mongering people into believing you are worthless in your current job or you have a miserable life and they are the only company that can give you financial freedom. Advertising job positions that are not even there. It is unbelievable the lengths they go to and I am surprised they are getting away with it.

    I think you can make good honest money out of it, and it could be a good system, but it is the lies, deceit and brain washing that goes with it is totally wrong.

  2. What makes me even more sceptical and suspicious are all those people punctiously, vigorously definding the product under every negative review. They sound exactly like salespeople, probably searching the Internet for sceptics to shout down. But when the whole business model ist built on making money by recruiting more people, it is obvious that people will tell you just about anything to draw you in. After all, that’s where they earn money, is it not? Would not be so bad if it was actually a good product, but the concept makes me doubt even what the “scientists” of the company say. Terrible system, MLM, in my opinion. Not a good foundation for honest advertising. Let the producers defend their own product. At least they cannot go around bloking fairy tales.

  3. I signed up a week ago, I love the products, it was free to join, it sure promised all the riches for sure, trips and all the glory, but they also said we have to work for what we want…nothing comes free, but if you want beautiful white teeth, great health, I suggest you join too, this is a 32 year old company. It is locked up there trading at wall street. MLMs best this one…glad I’m on board, I already have a team of 12 and we all love nu skin, come join us, no regrets

    • Hi can you be a distributor for your own products?

  4. I would like to ask. If you sign up directly with Nu skin and give them your tax number are you automatically taxed on what you earn as a 2nd job

    • you dont have to put your tax number

  5. The NuSkin model requires you to recruit at least 5 Distributors in order to become an executive.
    That is to say, each needs to buy around 1000 worth of points or around US$850…

    When you reached executive, you will find out that it is not so easy and thus not easy for the rest to get another 5 distributors.

    NuSkin is only interested in getting new distributors who dream to become executives, so with each one bringing in $5000, they don’t bother so much about the pyramid…they just want to grow their distributors pool as their strategy….

    This has backfire lately as sales dropped…and they are panic, thus going all out with lots of marketing tactics…

    • A lot of these comments are incorrect. It costs NOTHING to register as a distributor with NuSkin. As a NuSkin distributor, I can attest that there are absolutely NO fees, NO minimum sales requirements, NO quotas. You can register as a distributor, and never sell a thing. You won’t make any money, but you don’t have to do anything.

      You do NOT have to recruit ANY distributors to become an executive. There are sales requirements to become an executive, but you do NOT have to recruit anyone to become an executive. To become a LEADER, you must recruit distributors.

      NO ONE in the organization will tell you it is easy to make money in Network Marketing. It is a sales job. Not everyone is cut out to be in sales, or executive OR leader. The only people I know who do not see the opportunities with NuSkin or any good network marketing, multilevel marketing or any other name you want to give it, are people who quit when it gets difficult.

      • Maybe they changed the model but I had to pay to go to one of their special seminars (well I didn’t have to go, but I had to pay if I wanted to go – lets put it that way). To get started I was told I needed to buy a kit – there were some different levels/types but they started at about £1,200 – £1,500. For clarification that was more than a year ago, but it wasn’t what stopped me. Actually, the compensation structure was the last hurdle for me, it was really badly explained. No-one was able to tell you exactly what you needed to do to get your investment back.

        • Some distributers do that but its very deceiving its not required its totally free to join

  6. Nuskin has become very popular in Scotland. I don’t have an issue with nuskin products, other than they are very expensive for what you get. But, I am staggered at the deliberate misleading and false information from distributors, of claims made about the products and compensation plan. Most of the false advertisement is put out on Facebook or other social media. Distributors will pretty much say anything to get people on board to be part of their team or buy their products. Claims include, galvanic spa can make you 10 years younger in 10 minutes – completely untrue, no product can do that. Advertising Nuskin like a proper job advert. Scare mongering people, telling them that their job is shit and you will lead a miserable life if you don’t join Nuskin. Showing misleading demonstrations using apples and apricots to convince people that can turn clock instantly by using their products. Our skin is completely different to the skin of an apple or apricot, how can they even make this comparison. Telling people they can make them ‘healthy’ or lose weight or prevent people from getting cancer taking Nuskin supplements. This is just a few of the things they are saying. There is a lot more.
    It seems that distributors are allowed to say/do just about anything. Nuskin don’t seem to be bothered about how distributors sell their products. Trading standards are either turning a blind eye or are not aware of the extent of this. This is so wrong. No company should be allowed to do this. Why are Nuskin distributors getting away with this?

    • I agree. Lots of my friends on Facebook sell it and the reviews they supposedly get ( like ooh just had this email from mucustomer) are all the same! Same picture same words etc. Also noticed most reps blur out the branding on the product which annoys me. And they all comment on the products saying they love it, asking questions they already know the answer to, saying they’ll pm the rep…very misleading. Also noticed claims which cannot be substantiated such as this will completely cure psoriasis

      • I agree. I am a distributor and I am appalled by some of the “copy and pasters” Those people are giving the rest of us (…who actually post factually well put together posts about products we’ve actually used…) a really hard time selling when markets collide.
        The commenting is just to gain visibility… some people can be very abrupt about it, which is not a good tactic. Professional sales reps are infuriated by the ammeters poisoning the pool.

  7. This company is a total scam offering you a trial period for5.95 then they wait if you don’t read the fine print your screwed they debited my account for two different amounts. 88.95 and 88.10 you don’t recieve m.ore products and I wouldn’t want them anyway. SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am with NuSkin! I’ve never EVER asked any one for a sing up fee! It’s completely free? So I’m not sure how you got charged?!

      • I have just been signed up and i wasn’t asked for a sign up fee either.

    • not true – no upfront payments with Nuskin.

    • I don’t know what you have against NuSkin Pennie, but this comment is irresponsible and an out and out lie. You must have NuSkin confused with another company

    • Sounds like you are talking about VitaLuminance. We had the same crap happen to us, but it wasn’t NuSkin. It took months, but we finally got our money back, not for lack of hard work I might add.

    • Hello, there is a scam from a Chinese company called skin nu

    • You have to be sure you are actually buying the product from Nu Skin and not a different company that has a similar name

    • I just signed up only to promote one of their products and I was not charged anything. I also did not have to give them my bank information right away.

    • I can also vouch that the comments that Pennie has made are untrue. I joined the company a week ago. Have not paid a penny out and have made some money.
      Im not going to be a millionaire from selling this stuff as I work full time.
      No scam though. No pay out. No signing up to anything.

  8. Awesome, either you wake up now or never…..u will sink in modern slavery by name of secured job

  9. What happens if a customer comes back to you and says they have had abad allergic reaction or they sre not happy with their products .

    • They get 100% of their money back.

    • Call Nu Skin’s Customer support team at 800-487-1000 now or ANYTIME that you have questions about their policies, products or customer service. I’ve found them to be a very upstanding company. One month, my delivery didn’t arrive but Nu Skin sent a notice to me that the product was delivered. I live in a condo building and the package could have been picked up in our mail area by anyone in the building since it’s not secured. I let Nu Skin (not the distributor I purchased from) about the issue and Nu Skin took my word for it and replaced it. That’s excellent Customer Service!

  10. NU Skin is a SCAM!!

  11. There is no free lunch in the world, whatever it is direct marketing company or a commercial company. Some people success, some people fail is normal, why you don’t ask APPLE that are you paying every employee the same salary? How much effort you put and how lucky you are, then how much you earn, that is very normal, For the pricing, every products’ price is different, if you think they are expensive, then don’t buy. Do you think La Mar is expensive? Doe sit worth?

    I have read lot of comments here, it’s interesting that people think why cannot earn much money in a short time,, their products are expensive…….maybe you go to a comextics shop and ask how much do you earn per month? Why that brand so expensive but you earn so little?

    Please be reality that this is a real world, some people can earn money quicker, some cannot — that is very normal, it is bot only NU SKIN, also for all companies. Even you buy stock in stock market or buy a properties, are you sure you can win every time?

    • Buying stocks online is different and can’t be compared to mlm. People going into mlm being deceived that they will earn millions in just a snap but stock market on the other hand is volatile – everyone knows that. So people buy stocks at their own risk. Mlm deceives people into thinking the more people you introduce the more u earn. But money goes to the people on top of the pyramid.

      • People from the top also worked hard to achieve their top levels, nothing is for free.

        • I don’t understand all these negative comments… I’ve made it… and I’m just an ordinary young single Mom of two small children! I think it’s great being able to earn thousands a month and having the time to spend with my boys. Too many people think money will just come to them without any effort. As long as you have determination and you persevere it’s so easy! I have a good strong team who I am helping to get where I am now. Our compensation plan is one of the best and YES you can and will eventually earn thousands a month. I started less than 6 months ago and I’m already on £1000 a month!

          • I agree with you Sarah. I’m 3 months into NuSkin and absolutely LOVE the brand new ME product and people I introduce it to, thank me for offering it to them.

  12. i know people doing Nuk Skin business earning 5 figure sums per month! It is not a scam it does work!!! They have left their full time jobs and are living their dreams!

  13. THANKS for the article. I’m looking into becoming a distributor. NOTHING comes easy and only networking pays off– wether it’s with NU SKIN or some other company. Worst comes to worst, I will just become a retailer.

  14. I just got contacted by the person above me to a panic buy marketing technique. I have had it with this company. I do not need panic in my life now. YOU CAN FIND THE PRODUCTS ON EBAY FOR MUCH LESS THAN SUPPOSED WHOLESALE RATES. I am going to start buying on ebay and save money and stress. Not made a penny and spent over 1 K.

    • You cannot spend 1000$ and not get any money back. You always get money back on your purchase and your downlines
      You are not being honest.


    • Make sure you are buying sealed product and
      Not expired . I received 4 yr old product doing that.

      Cheap for a reason sometimes. Distributor discounting is only about
      15-20% so if you find it cheaper someone’s trying to unload it.

  15. These products are not great / the tooth paste contains SLS – the skin products parabans & represtositve are claiming to help dermatitis and eczema – these products will make skin conditions worse. I have a PHD I medical products and ingredients and am a sufferer or atopic eczema I tried these products and they made my skin worse !!!! Stick to your day jobs

  16. I am a distributor of the nu skin , it’s not a scam . my success story . I joined nuskin then studied all of the products , within 2 days i make 100euro profit + recruited 2 people in my first 4 days . AND a big yes ! for them 4 days i in total slept 12hours because i worked my ass off ! but i made an amazing start + i took this only as a part time job , i’m work in beauty industry and trust me investin 400euro won’t get your wrinkles away, you will be lucky to get away with 5k euro in an plastic operation .
    In ireland i didn’t have to pay signing up fees , buy starting kits , nothing !
    Peoples brains these days are over the top , expecting to much !!
    when you start a new job you only get minimum wage of 8.65eu/h and it keeps rising up each year if you are a good worker

  17. I think for any MLM to work properly, first you have to really believe in your product. Second, you have to have methods for reaching people outside of your inner circle – you can’t rely on just friends and family to purchase from you, you need a larger sales network than that.

    • I totally agree.

      • that’s true

  18. I have finally given in & stopped working for this company, they lure you in with aspirations financial freedom but in reality it is not possible to earn a decent guaranteed monthly income. I did it for 18 months & they fill your head with nonsense platitudes (teamwork makes the dreamwork etc) & all call each other babes, Hun, sweetie which most odd considering nobody actually know each other! I gave up a decent part time job (idiot I know now!) to work for them & the most I ever got in commission as an ‘executive’ was £1400 for just one month but I had to work at least 50 hours (posting on Facebook, advertising for ‘distributers’ hosting pamper parties etc, but every month was a struggle coz I constantly had distributers dropping out & people complaining the products were overpriced rubbish so my monthly commission eventually was around £150 & with a busy life you just can’t put the hours in to sustain new distributers to sustain a decent income. In short it’s like every other MLM ( redefined pyramid scheme) & should be avoided as a serious source of income as its not possible to achieve.

    • I am so sorry this happened to you, and sorry you have now had a bad experience with Nu Skin, I have been with them for 18 months and started as a customer. I got really good results and just shared it with friends and they started to purchase. Yes people can get to six figure incomes very quickly and I have seen the success in the UK with Nu Skin. (I am in Australia) I have been having a look at what they are doing and they are posting a lot on Facebook. Social Media is a must do in any MLM or Network marketing business the days. From what they are doing they are not buying the product up from until they get the money from people who have ordered. They then place a bulk order on the account or a new distributor under them and they all get the commission with no out of pocket expenses. They also earn the difference between retail and wholesale. As they are putting orders under people they have signed they are building their teams quicker also. One of the biggest factors in succeeding in this industry is to BELEIVE it comes across in anything you do. If you don’t believe 100% regardless of your fear and doubts then don’t start. It is a great industry and very lucrative but it is not for everyone. Good luck in any further ventures

      • I completely agree! I work for Nuskin also. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but the products are fantastic. I reinvested any profits on buying products to showcase to people and the sales just keep rolling in. The proof is definitely in getting people to try them so that they too can see how good they are!

        • You didn’t work FOR them. You worked your own business. That is a big misconception in the industry.

    • Kayleigh, I feel a bit sorry for you. MLM really isn’t a get rich quick scheme and I hope it wasn’t described like that. It is however, a legitimate way for you to obtain financial freedom and live a life you could only dream about unless you are a doctor or lawyer or someone like that.
      In the traditional business model people work long hours and receive very little remuneration, or even none at all in the early days. Then they either go broke or succeed but it takes effort and is a long slog. Your MLM business is no different, but the only difference is you get support from like minded people and the rewards are heavily weighted towards the back end some 5-7 years down the line. It sounds like actually, you were doing okay and just needed some foresight and faith. Ah well, how’s that job going?

  19. As the comments from all of you, I think Nu Skin pay for 30% to distributors to recruited the new member to sell their products, better than pay for advertising. Because they sure that the products completely sold .
    I also agrees about they trained their members very good, so the distributors will be come highly and well professional in marketing. But in this time, spend few hunders dollars to buy the supplement, cosmetics…I do not know who can afford to pay? Let ‘s see.

  20. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  21. Thank you for sharing , very useful info, coz am thinking 0f joining.

  22. I had the experience of scouting for the best MLM companies out there to actually test the grounds of Network Marketing; and I’ve been almost all types of network marketing companies. The difference with Nu Skin is that:

    1. Every person inside Nu Skin has HIGH integrity. They do their business very professionally and will not give you hoax ideas to become a millionaire within months; they would even tell you that this may be the hardest thing that you will do in your life yet it will be the most worthwhile. This GREATLY speaks about the culture the people have, even the staff.

    2. They are all very humble, down-to-earth and plainly helpful people. You never see them brag about what they have. They don’t even flash their cash to your face. They give you audited average monthly income from a third party perspective. Some network marketing companies show you their paychecks to get you hooked. Paychecks are like payslips. It’s supposed to be private and confidential.

    3. They value internal growth above all things. By just listening on how they speak to you. You will realize that these people are just very normal people who had the willingness to grow themselves. Bottom line is, if you have the hunger to learn and you are willing to bring out the best in you, Nu Skin has all that in place. A little effort in attending their training and seminars will hone your skills to the fullest.

    4. It boils down to hard work. Not one of them quits that’s why most millionaires in Nuskin spent at least 2 years in the company. It is not a get-quick-rich scheme type of company. Your labor will speak on how much you will earn. And to them, the money only comes as a bonus. More than anything else, it’s the lifestyle that the company brings to the people that is priceless.

    5. The company is very lucrative. With the perks they give both staff and distributors, not Even Apple, Inc. could give the lifestyle they offer their executives.

    6. The system is really just like having your own Mcdonald’s Franchise. If you are a true blue business person, you will definitely understand what it means by “System”.

    7. They innovate products! Their products are really off the chart! it even saved lives! If you have a product backed up by Science and 30 years of research, you will definitely enjoy each and every product you will find inside Nu Skin. And you don’t need to have evasive actions to improve yourself (like liposuction, botox etc.) There’s no need for that with Nu Skin. The products guarantee you a no rebound effect.

    8. Some say it’s expensive. But I tend to disagree. Nothing good comes cheap in this world (education is even more expensive!). Nu Skin has a lot of patronizers and these people are from the Class A and Class B Category. If you are catering into a market with high standards, you can guarantee that the results will DEFINITELY deliver.

    9. Their business model is just like any other business model out there. You have your CEO, then board of directors, then country managers and so on and so forth. There is NO NEED to balance your left leg and your right leg. As long as you have customers and partners, regardless of how many, you will earn.

    10. Forbes spoke about how good the company is, so does Discovery Channel, even Dunn and Bradstreet and a whole lot more; I don’t think these firms would give you a hoax idea to put your money in a business they recommended.

    In conclusion, if you want to partner up with an MLM company and you want to be sure of it, DO YOUR RESEARCH with Dignity. It pays to know what company you are entering. But just to let everyone know, Nu Skin is not a scam. It takes HEART to actually succeed in their business. Talk to their distributors, seek all options available; gather your information. Never settle for something that you only feel happy today then gone the next day. Bottom line is, if you want to get into an MLM, I would likely recommend Nu Skin and maybe, just maybe, you may have the chance to change the course of your life forever.

    • ^definitely a NuSkin member

    • of course the mcdo franchise thingy. it’s part of the seminar. they train people well on how you could attract people to join nu skin. definitely a member. maybe the reason why they dont show their pay checks is because it would be obvious that its a pyramid or networking. the person who’s gonna ask you wont tell you its a networking, i ask the person who invited me if its a networking and he said definitely not, liar. i think that would be part of the training. to learn how to tell lies so you could bring people to come over. when i saw the product it was pretty cool but when i heard the speaker discuss about it i knew it from the start that its not a good idea to come. just a waste of time. -,- any pyramid or networking would give you good profit as long as you have the effort and the eagerness. anyway in any business as well. as long as you have the guts. and you put hard work time and effort. right? and its not featured in discovery channel.

      • Yes the info is on Discovery Channel is all about Nu Skin and it’s research. Have a look for a clip called “DNA the next wave ” it features Dr Joe Chang who is the Chief Scientific Officer at Nu Skin along with other scientists including from Life Gen technologies that is one of the fore most leaders in Gene research and works very closely with Nu Skin to find the sources of ageing.

        Two things you must consider her are. 1. Discovery Channel will not state the name of the company as they do not want to be seen to be favouring and must be impartial. 2. Discovery Channel is an extremely well recognised source of information and would not do an entire program based on a companies research and expertise if they had not looked into first and researched the companies credentials.

        The research Nu Skin does is often featured in very prestigious medical and scientific journals.

        Before you say well she is a Nu Skin distributor, yes I am and am very proud of it. I am an intelligent woman and did some very extensive research before I joined the company. I could never afford to start my own company to develope the products they do backed by science and years of research so I wanted to find a company I could partner with that had the technology and was and had to be held responsible for their products and claims. Being a publicly listed company they have to back up all claims.

        This company will give you a very good income, but like anything that you want to give you a generous income you have to treat it like a business. you can not sign up and expect it just to happen. Treat it like a hobby and it will pay you like a hobby, treat it like a business and it will pay you accordingly. Anything worthwhile takes effort. As for expensive kits it only cost me $25 to become a distributor and I replaced the skincare I was using with theirs for $128 for 5 products and started my business. Yes I have bought more product since then but it has been for my personal use or more products to demo. Anything I buy to demo is a tax deduction. I feel for anyone that has joined any MLM or Network marketing company and it has not worked. In my case it has perhaps the train was not there or they where not supportive. There are people in this company that get to 6 figure incomes in 6 months and others it takes 2 to 3 years. It all depends on what you do and how

        • That Discovery Channel reference is very misleading. I sat through the whole Discovery Channel video and it DID NOT MENTION Nu Skin at all. However, Nu Skin seems to be trying to own the video as if their product is the reason why Discovery Channel has a documentary about DNA and aging. Eventhough Nu Skin is a legitimate multi-level marketing, it should not resort to MISLEADING PEOPLE INTO BELIEVING THAT NU SKIN WAS FEATURED IN DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Sure, your products are for DNA repair and anti-aging. Guess what, so are the other brands like Monavie and LifeVantage.

    • Everything you say is proper BS! Nu Skin has a sale tactic whereby the tell their “ambassadors” to spam facebook profiles! I.e. they literally STEAL your facebook friends by adding them onto their countless facebook groups. And this without their consent! I was attacked on social media by three different distributors for showing this flaw! They went in my personal profile and called me the most vike person ever. They started commenting negatively to my regular posts and belittled me in front of everyone. They also said that I was jealous because I probably could not afford the product! Now tell me again of their HIGH MORAL ETHICS?
      I laid complaints both to the South African branch and the HQ but have had NO or little feedback at all.
      There even are memes out there about NU SKIN distributors adding you on groups without consent.
      They are a bullying company using people who does not mind bullying others to sell their products!

  23. Nu Skin is a total scam!!! Don’t get suckered into selling products that don’t deliver results!!! I know a few people have been suckered in and they regret it because the money they invested was a waste!!! Horrible pyramid schemes!!

    • I recently met and sponsored an individual into one of my online network marketing businesses who has been with Nu Skin for 23 years. She achieved the rank of Emerald Executive and continues to be extremely successful with this MLM company. Based on these facts, I have to agree with Vince that Nu Skin is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme, but a very successful direct marketing company that produces products in a timeless niche: beauty and anti-aging.

  24. I enjoyed reading your story.. Like you explained thru out this webpage! Im interested in knowing if this is really a scam(pyramid scheme)… Or if its actually true you can make that much money just by joining people to your Group

    • All MLM companies are possible to make money if you are willing to work it. The key is finding one you really like and use the system or products yourself. Nuskin is awesome! In 53 countries, traded on the NYSE! We didn’t there by being a pyramid scheme or some crazy company! We produce a millionaire every 4 days. Take that to the bank!

      • Enjoying that kool-aid? LoL NuScam, folks!

      • Enron was also traded on NYsE

    • Pyramid schemes are illegal and people make money by recruiting without any real product changing hands. Most monies made by the company come from sale of product. 60% or so.

    • mlm success is highly dependent on network building. additionally product efficacy and expected performance is a pre-requisite required from target market for profitabilty and future expansion. I have been a distributor of elken for more than a year. being a marketing specialist, I learnt to succeed in mlm product performance must exceed customer expectations.

  25. This is negative thinking of MLM.

    Let me make it simple for Nu Skin Ent.

    1. Nu SKin is No 1 on Brand Performance and Leads TOP 5 IBD New Years Stock

    2. Nu Skin products applied to gene expression of Anti ageing technology which is Blue Oncean Market

    3. Nu SKin has lots rewards for products and bussiness.

    The Golden Bridge Awards named Nu Skin the Best Overall Company of the Year. The honor was based on Nu Skin’s business performance and overall growth. The Golden Bridge Awards are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring best companies of all types and sizes in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

    Nu Skin’s executive management team was named Management Team of the Year by the Consumer World Awards. The award recognized the achievements the company has made in recent years in revenue growth and innovation. The Consumer World Awards also honored the ageLOC product brand as one of the Best New 100 Consumer Products and Services from around the world. Other products on the list include the iPhone 5s, the Seiko Solar watch, Lancôme’s Trésor Fragrance, and Sony’s VAIO Duo 13 Custom Touch Ultrabook.

    Nu Skin’s executive management team was named Management Team of the Year by the Consumer World Awards. The award recognized the achievements the company has made in recent years in revenue growth and innovation. The Consumer World Awards also honored the ageLOC product brand as one of the Best New 100 Consumer Products and Services from around the world. Other products on the list include the iPhone 5s, the Seiko Solar watch, Lancôme’s Trésor Fragrance, and Sony’s VAIO Duo 13 Custom Touch Ultrabook.

    To Be Winner should have much practise to develop your own skilled, have positive thinkings and have beautiful heart, so you have beautiful life..

  26. Nice article I find this very helpful .Thanxx for sharing…

    • if nuskin is a scam and youre not supposed to make money, how did a very ordinary person like me make a few million dollars working this ? if the products dont work then why an i getting tons of compliments on my skin? and why are my clients teeth whiter? its simple , you sell you earn, and good products sell thats why nuskin is famous. whats your beef? just because i made money doesnt mean you can be lousy and earn the same ? wheres the common sense and responsibility here? ive trained several people to earn a few million dollars, and some get it and some dont deserve to. even when products are the same, and then some people were waiting for lady luck instead of get to work.

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