Does Panda Research Scam People? Online Survey Review

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panda_researchWill Panda Research scam you? Good question. Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Vince, and I know how to make money on the Internet from home and could show you how to do the same.

Is doing paid online surveys the way I do it? No.

So does that mean this company is a scam? Not necessarily.

And I’m willing to bet you are doing your research before you join because you want to see if it’s really a legit way to earn monthly paychecks for simply answering questions and giving your opinion. That’s fair. And I’m going to give you my unbiased opinion through this review and try to help you out as best as I can.

So first lets check out the actual website and analyze what we see…

So Panda Research wants you to believe that it is a survey panel and that they can help you generate some extra monthly income from home if you are willing to take a few minutes out of your day to participate in their survey program.

This is only going to be available to people that live in the United States and you have to be at least 18 years old or older.

Understand the idea of these online survey sites, that claim that you can join for free, are really looking to add you to their list of loyal subscribers. There are a few problems that I find with this particular survey site.

The first one is the payout threshold which is going to be $100. Yikes!

This means that you cannot cash out your earnings until you have accumulated at least $100 in your account. I can tell you from experience with other similar online paid survey sites, it is very difficult to reach that high of a threshold quickly and the reason is because the reality is that these survey sites do not pay as much as they advertise per survey.

So let me just sum everything up about Panda Research because we’re going to be here all day. This is pretty much how it works…

You sign up and you are actually given links to other offers to complete which need your feedback. Once you complete them you can expect to get paid very minimal, small earnings.

Just think about it…

If these survey sites really paid tens of dollars per survey, they would actually be losing money quite fast because the majority of people who join these things are just rushing through the research tasks to get paid. The main reason for this company is to build a subscriber base and also promote their referral program.

The Panda Research referral program would be the place where you could make the most amount of money, and that’s by recruiting friends and family into the company yourself and earning a commission from all of their earnings. To do this you’re really going to need to know Internet marketing because if you don’t, it can be nearly impossible to make money that’s residual, and grow a monthly income.

The Problem With Survey Sites

I honestly cannot recommend Panda Research as an efficient way to generate Internet money from home on a monthly basis simply because you are very less likely to receive a flow of steady work, plus like I said before, these survey sites pay very, very little.

There are much more efficient ways where you can easily put together an Internet business and drive traffic and make money from affiliate offers in a particular niche. I personally would pass on Panda Research although it is not necessarily a scam. I hope you enjoyed my review and that I helped you set a little bit of light on what exactly what the deal is with the program.




  2. I was naïve enough to sign up with panda research too. I did surveys for several hours straight Till I was Cross eyed. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t buy anything and I’m glad I didn’t give them my credit card number. I wonder if someone reported them to the fcc if they would legally force them to pay people what’s owed to them?

  3. I just joined panda I’m going to give it a go and pray on it I had a career ending injury waiting on disability guess I’ll find out the hard way

  4. I am not forking out money with my credit card to buy a product and try it only to have my card charged some enormous sum if I didn’t read the fine print. And all for $0.50.

  5. Panda Research is not a survey site, but a website that will pay you if you select one of their offers and spend your own money to complete the offers. This is not a survey site.

  6. They owe me 422.50.cant reach them.over a month now.scam

  7. I’m beginning to think this is a scam. I sent them a detailed email about there site having me fill out an evaluation and then the survey. It always says ived only viewed the offer

  8. Panda survey is full of shit they ain’t going to pay no damn body it’s a Ponzi scheme

  9. These guys are not legitimate and will not pay you. I have met all of the requirements with absolutely zero money paid as it should be. I have submitted hundreds of screen shots showing completion with no response. This is a complete waste of your time!!!!

  10. What would be a good website that is free that will pay you to answer their surveys

    • Just wondering will they ever honor what they say and if anybody have received any payments from them through paypal i have that account…Approved Balance Remaining in Your Account: $16.33

      Offers Date Offer Status Earnings
      PandaResearch Registration Bonus 2012-08-01 Approved $3.00
      Panda Mails 2016-02-08

      1.32% $0.33
      Wireless Service Survey 2012-08-03 Pending $0.80
      Walmart Gift Card 2016-02-08 Approved $1.00
      Auto Insurance Survey 2012-08-02 Pending $5.00
      Credit Card Offer 2012-08-01 Pending $45.00
      Grocery Survey 2015-07-14 Approved $0.70 2015-07-15 Pending $6.00
      Supermarket Opinion 2012-08-02 Pending $1.00
      Business Kit 2012-08-02 Pending $20.00
      Credit Freedom 2012-09-28 Pending $3.75
      Shoppers Opinion Survey 2012-08-02 Approved $0.90
      Credit Card Survey 2012-08-02 Pending $4.00
      Career Study 2012-08-07 Approved $0.65
      Child Safety Offer 2012-08-02 Pending $2.25
      Easy Readers Survey 2012-08-02 Approved $7.50
      Weight Loss Survey 2014-04-08 Pending $16.00
      Work from Home Survey 2012-08-02 Pending $15.00
      Financial Freedom 2012-08-02 Approved $2.25
      Bing Rewards 2015-07-15 Pending $1.50
      Blogger Survey 2015-07-14 Pending $17.00
      Cholesterol Survey 2015-07-14 Pending $20.00
      Earning Survey 2015-07-14 Pending $12.00

      Approved Balance Remaining in Your Account: $16.33

      You don’t have sufficient amount in your account to get paid.

      • They refuse to pay me 🙁

      • They owe me 217.00 ,some of which is back to 2015

  11. Thanks for all the comments it helped me decide to leave Panda alone

  12. I must have filled out 100 surveys and the account shows only $16.00. Have never been paid for any of the surveys. Panda says they have to confirm . This was about 3 or 4 months ago. How long does it take to confirm your earnings? Then you want to log in and it says invalid password and you can’t get in. You have them send your password and it is the same as you were using. How wrong is this? Hope there is something that can be done.

  13. Yes this is a really scam lm trying to get my money for a couple of months and l can even get my money l don’t. Know why people like to lie is not right all they are scramers getting people for a fool they such be reported and Sue for everything they own the people you are not to trust panda research they are bull shit


  15. I mean has anyone been paid by this place?? Their into me for about 130.00 , its easy to assume at first that if a place is lining themselves up with “PayPal” which I’ve had an account with for years,that the place is fronting some kind of legitimacy, No???

  16. i spent days in and out workin this survey thing ,got to bout 389.00.and i just made it to 25.13. i can’t get to the money for whatever reason ,but they clearly say once you get 25.00 you can get funds ,and im really tired of the game playin at this day and age. if they not going to pay just keep it real!!!!

  17. This Panda Research just sent me an e-mail saying i can make $ 560 dollars in 4 hrs. work , no intervews necessary, and i can start immediately, is this a scam?

    • What do you think? Let’s take a moment and think about it. Freaking doctors barely make that much in 4 hours and spend 10 years in school. Engineers don’t even make that much and need to have advanced degrees. Do you really think that’s going to happen? Make that much money answering stupid questions? If someone falls for this, in my opinion, they deserve to be scammed and feel frustrated. Sorry if I’m coming on strong, but it’s time people wake up. It’s 2015 for goodness sake.

  18. Panda Research makes you wait until your account reaches $50/a multiple of $50, until you get paid. When the pay period rolls around, I should be able to get my money, regardless of the amount, I earned, even if it is less than $50/not a multiple of $50. And, why should I have to request money, I have earned? Panda is not the only survey company that does this. Not a good way to earn money, if you’re trying to get rich/need to supplement your income. Also, some of the surveys require you to buy something/join a club, etc. Would not recommend!

  19. I have done some surveys and have not receive credit for then.


  20. Its a scam I’ve been waiting on $50 for over a year now..please dont waste your time!

    • I have a pending $78.00 and they won’t approve me to get my money. I did the surveys but no pay. They made money off me and every web site I will put them on blast as a scam. They don’t pay. Don’t waste your time. I have emailed them 12 times and no responds. I will keep bugging them too. If people band together maybe we can put a end to scammers like Panda. They sux

  21. I will do a video. The surveys are real but you wont get get paid. I got proof. I reach the payout mark which is $50 now.

    • In the past when I reached $50 either I called them or they called me to verify my info and about
      a month later I did get the the 50 bucks. Now I have in my account about $40 and completed
      several surveys and still showing $40 so I am not sure if it’s me or them. Possibly they become
      more selective in term of approving offers I just don’t know .. I am getting from them at least
      5-10 emails with offers but when I saw i am going no where I just deleted them.

      • do you or anyone have that number to contact them? I want my freaking money

  22. It’s been over two weeks for me, I haven’t received and money for the surveys I’ve taken and my my brand new email address has gotten over 1500 spam emails .THIS IS A SCAM THE SELL YOU INFORMATION TO ALL THE COMPANIES YOU ARE DOING SURVEYS FOR.I MAKE ABOUT 250$ THEN DECIDE TO STOP AND SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET PAID..YOURE NEVER GET ING PAID SO DON’T WA ST YOU TIME.they draw you in with large monetary amounts for takING the survey but the reAL survey sites hive points or very small amounts.goodluck! Panda research is a scam, not real, phony, waste of time, sold my info online.

  23. I wanted to warn you that I believe Panda Research almost infected my iPad with a virus! My screen went blank for a long time. I restarted it, and it looked really messed up with weird colors. Fortunately there is virus protection for the iPad. It came back to normal in a few minutes. Please don’t take a risk on this website!

  24. this sites full of crap i earned $57 just clicking on offers and not even doing any of them and whats worse is that you don’t get paid from it. they’ll make you think your doing something, but as soon as you give your email for your paypal your garenteed to get a big fresh nothing in your account.

    • Yeah, that seems like a common thing lately. Actually, if you think about it, one might say they do this on purpose. That way a website will gets lots done, with minimal costs since they make it so difficult to redeem your rewards. Very interesting. I think I might just go and revisit this site and see if any changes have been made. It’s been a while since this review was created. I’m starting to get more and more negative feedback than positive from current members and former members as well.

      • Isn’t this false advertisement? What a bunch of BS!

      • Yeah but did you actually get paid?? It sounds like you did from your response. ?? Vince?? Has any one voiced a positive result as far as getting paid, Like I said their into me for about 130.00 bucks, at the same time when I saw that they were using PayPal as their payout system it lent some credibility, I’ve had a PayPal account for years now and have only good things to say about them.. I’m new to this thing having only about a weeks experience, but on paper have made about 130.00 lol.., they say their payments to us are made on the 15th and 30th..Well we’ll see, no more from me til I get paid!! Thanx D.Roberts

  25. Good looking out

  26. Panda Research sends misleading emails about “surveys” that pay $50 or $100, or there is something free for you, but then they redirect you to “offers” where you must purchase a lot of stuff you don’t want or need in order to get the “reward.” And they send multiple emails daily. UGH! Don’t waste your time.

    • I agree. Panda Research surveys requires you to order something first in order to complete a survey. Thus, one spends %6.00 to make $8.00 which might is put on hold until further verification. Good thing, I caught this before I started ordering. It’s not worth anyone’s time.

  27. 130 dollars that I have made to Panda Research & I still haven’t received my money and its been over 2 weeks

    • Thanks for stating this because I was going to sign up for it but it sounded to good to be true so I did some research and found it not true

  28. I got massively scammed by Panda Research. I completed surveys for over a year (in addition to other survey sites) and NO ONE paid me! Panda Research still owes me over $400.00 from 2005-2006! Surveys are a total SCAM!! Don’t waste your precious time and energy doing them! There are many other legitimate ways to make money from home.

  29. I have made 124 dollars with them and they said they had a check for me and they sent it to paypal

    • Yeah but did you actually get paid?? It sounds like you did from your response. ??

  30. I’ve already generated 253.00 in surveys and only approved for $4.03..I’m not taking any more surveys til I get paid for what I’ve done..I feel like I’m wasting my time with panda research

  31. How long before you get paid? I’m at 101 dollars and only 3 dollars has been verified. It’s been a over a week. I’m not doing any more until I’m paid for what I have done. I’m not understanding why is taking so long to verify my information. Someone please help shed some light on my situation!

  32. I have joined panda research. To cash out is not $100.00, it is $50. That is alot easier to reach

  33. Thanks for the heads up. They’re also offering secret shoppers. Any thought on that.

  34. Thank you for posting this. When I tried to sign up with them, they said my email address doesn’t exist! That’s one easy way to get rid ot me!

    • This is a scam! They never paid me for all the surveys I have done. I called pay pal and they have not heard anything. This is defintely a scam. They should be reported.

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