Will Survey Junkie Scam You Silly? Honest Review

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survey_junkie_review_Does Survey Junkie scam people or what? Hey thanks for visiting my review of this opportunity. You might be curiously browsing the web, trying to see if this is another scheme aimed at getting desperate people who need money to sign up to a site that looks promising. And I would say, yeah….you’re about right on that one. If you have read my reviews and blog before, you will know that I am not the biggest fan of doing surveys for money. But to be fair, I will give an honest assessment of this particular company.

You Can Signup At Survey Junkie For Free

Obviously one of the greatest benefits of this particular program is that you can actually get started for free. There are a lot of schemes out there that charge lots of money up front in order for you to join. This is not one of them. The sign-up process was actually quite simple. All you really need is your e-mail address you will be sent details on signing up which consists of creating a password basically.

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They Are Not A Market Research Company

This is a common strategy for survey sites all around the web. They claim that they’re going to provide you with surveys to do and get paid. The reality is that after you sign up all they do is point you and link to other actual legitimate market research sites. Think of SJ is really just a company that is interested in building a subscriber list so they can bombard this list with future promotional e-mails and get credit for sending you to these companies. 

The ultimate goal of Survey Junkie is to get your email address and info.

Is It Really A Good Way To Earn Extra Money?

No. Well, I don’t think so. I’m going to explain exactly why. Could you make money by taking surveys? Yes. But is it worth your time? And that’s where it gets tricky and that’s the reason why I usually do not recommend joining these survey sites if you are somebody that is looking to make extra money. You are more likely to become frustrated than anything else.

These market research companies that do pay you to take surveys, rarely pay you that much. Just think about: if it were that easy, then everyone would be making good money doing this! But we know, not many people at all earn a significant income doing surveys.

Only Available In U.S., Canada, Australia, NZ, and UK

If you have visited my website and you are reading this Survey Junkie review, and you’re not from one of those countries, you cannot join unfortunately. I don’t think it’s a big deal because to be honest with you, I would not join this company myself.. I just think it’s a waste of time and there are much better ways to earn income and use your valuable time.

Conclusion: Is It A Scam?

I wouldn’t say it’s an actual scam myself. But I have read the friends comments from users about some people not getting paid. On the other hand I have read some testimonials of people that have gotten paid by the company. But like I mentioned before, I think SJ is more of a setup or lead capture system more than anything else. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…doing surveys just isn’t worth it!

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  2. Many times I completed a survey and suddenly I’m advised “Ooops, the survey is filled but we’ll give you 3 points for trying”. I just earned my first (and probably last $10 ) but so far I haven’t seen where I can sign up for my paycheck.

  3. I agree with you that make money by taking surveys is stupid. You won’t earn anything much. But at least Survey Junkie seems like one of the only paid surveys that is not a scam.

  4. i got 10$ in points and i was “Temporarily Disabled From Redemption for Security reasons” and that is the first 1000 points i made

    • Big rip off!! You do more than 50% of a survey of 50 pts. Then they tell you that you dont qualify and give you 3 pts for 10 minutes. RIP OFF!!

  5. Survey Junkie : scammed me! Locked me out for my own security! I couldn’t cash out. Just signed on in August. Then today email sent, have kicked me to the curb. I violated their terms, which are make up as I go! So here’s to sj: Under business name of blue media adventures aka market survey companies now knwn as ActiveMeasures. Huh?

  6. I am so tired of Survey Junkie. Approximately 5 out of 6 surveys I spend a bunch of time filling out the survey and then at the end I’m told I don’t qualify or it’s already full of participatnts. It closes and I get a whooping 2 or 3 points. RIP OFF! I sent a complaint to Survey Junkie and they replied that they couldn’t help that, but that’s why the give those 2 or 3 points. For me it’s a scam.

  7. I “earned $11.08 but then got the “run around” trying to collect. There seemed to be no end to the authorization and identification process… I finally gave up… It’s a waste of time, too be sure…


  8. If you answer “non of the above” to the first question about if you’re involved in market research, business, etc. You will always get through.
    They’re trying to ween people out with knowledge

  9. I have been on survey by kies for about 6 weeks, I guess. I have made about $70. I almost have enough for another $10 transaction. I have Not as yet experienced the problems that others have spoken of in other reviews. According to others, I should start experiencing problems right about now. We will see!

  10. I have been using Survey junkie for 2 months, I tried to cash in my $20.00 for a Walmart gift card. Surprise, it has not come to my email. I have emailed them 3 times asking for the gift card. Nothing is working, this is a scam company that I am going to stop using.

  11. I made $52 over a couple months with Survey Junkie. I was 34 points away from cashing out another $10 when they suspended my account. After emailing them, they accused me of having more than one account. I only have one account and I am the only one that uses my laptop. They still refused to unlock my account and I was forced to give it up. They were great in the beginning but they suck now. I don’t have any way to prove I only have one account, they should be able to tell from my IP address. Guess I made too much money for them

    • Same here, I was suspended and lost the money without any proof of me violating the rules. How is that even legal for them to keep money that I earned? When you are fired from a job, you still get paid. But not with survey junkie.

    • I’ve been suspended from surveyjunkie account as well. I made about $40 and was $1.20 away from cashing out again and they suspended my account. I had to contact them and ask why I wasn’t getting surveys. They said I completed a survey too quickly. I didn’t remember this happening. They reinstated my account and the first survey I took ended abruptly giving me points. I reported this problem, but my account was automatically suspended again. This is a problem with surveyjunkie, not me. I guess I made too much money too.

  12. Has anyone thought of reporting them to the better BUSINESS BUREAU???!!! Apparently, what I experienced, and what all I’ve seen, if you make over $30 or $40 they let you earn move another $10 and then all of a sedden your “account redemption is temporarily diabled for security reasons” and you never hear from them again. I think it’s time for someone to let the BBB know!!!

    • I have made over $200.00, never a problem with them. Just be honest of course you don’t qualify for everything, most things. You will get about $10.00 a week, maybe $15.00.

    • Same thing happened to me. Yesterday I got to 40 bucks and then they were saying I had 2 accounts. And closed the account ..

      • The same exact thing happened to me. Where do we file a formal complaint?

        • This same thing happened to me today, except I only have $27. In days past I was always able to redeem (never actually did as I wanted to build it up before doing so), but now they’ve temporarily disabled my account.

    • Thats exactly what they did to me yesterday. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. They had heads up I was going to redeem my 30.00 thru PayPal because my Paypal account wasn’t verified so they told me to come back in 3-5 days after verification. Well I log back in and got the message. They are a total SCAM!!


    • I only get 3 pts when doing more than 50% of survet for 10 minutes! RUN AWAY from this site !! SCAM!!

  13. Does anyone know where they are getting their photos for IDs on this site? Because I hate my profile pic that it is showing and want to change it. I’ve worked hard and lost weight, and done a lot of work on my image, and I’m proud of my accomplishments, and want this old photo taken down. Does anyone know where onlinemarketing is getting that old photo of me?

  14. I have spent multiple hours on Survey Junkie only to earn $8.50. That is just pocket change. This website is very time-consuming for the small amount of money that you make. Also, you don’t qualify for most of the surveys. I only qualify for about 1 in 4 of them. It also sucks that it gives you a minimum before you can cash out. Most people want to cash out whenever they feel like it. So to sum it up, this site is only for people with lots of free time looking to only make pocket change.

  15. I have been using Survey Junkie for about 4 months, made about $70.00 with them. All of a sudden I am ready to cash out $10.00, and it states that they want me to fill out a survey for 50 points, gets my phone no., states I need a verification code. I can’t get the code and email there support team. They send a code, it won’t go through. This goes on and on, still not able to cash out my $10.00. Others have mentioned this too. Is there a way to report them?? Is there a better survey co?? Thanks Nanette V.

    • I’ve been doing them for a matter of only a couple weeks and made close to $40.00. From the second time and on, they have had to send a code to my phone to check out with paypal. It’s weird I will admit that. Plus, now that I’m nearing $40, I don’t know if it is just because it’s the weekend or what, but there don’t seem to be many surveys to go around. I have not had this problem yet where I have not gotten a code, so far so good. But I seriously think this is an issue with you cell phone provider or network, or sattelites, more than with them as a company. Just my opinion.

      • I agree. I have been doing this for months. Sometimes I want to pull my eyeballs out. I never have gotten a code from pay-pal. I press redeem and it asks me if I want it sent to pay pal or gift card. I get the e-mail that it was sent to pay pal I got to paypal.com and transfer it to my checking account.

  16. if they try to scam me my dad works with the b.b.b , play with fire your gonna get burned

  17. I have $32.22 within 3 days of doing the surveys.. It is fustrationg that when your half way doing a survey it sometimes says your not qualified to take the survey so that pisses me off.. I have taken more than 30 surveys just trying to make what I have in my paypal.. Now here’s why I think survey junkie might be a scam because when I transferred the money in my paypal,that I made from survey junkie, to my bank account it says it has been completed but when I look in my bank account there is no transaction of any money coming in from PayPal.. Now it did say it will take 1business day for it to be in my account and I did this late last night around 10,so I am just going to wait and see tomorrow if that money has been in my bank account. If not screw survey junkie,no more surveys. Don’t need to waste almost my whole day doing them anymore..

    • Hi Kaileen G, I have been doing Survey Junkie too. When I have transferred the money to my bank from PayPal, it does take about 3 days. I am not sticking up for them at all, I was not able to get my $10.00 pay. I am concerned that maybe they are a scam, until today I trusted them and had no problems. Thanks, Nanette V.

    • After reading your post always remember, “It is better to be pissed off…rather then to be pissed on”…

  18. This pisses me off its been more than 24 hours and their talking about some id ticket nonsense and still nothing I worked hard to get 17 dollar’s and they can’t even give me that then I’ll just go on mintvine and earn money with them at least they are honest and pay people that work for it.

  19. I tried to cash out my 65.00 into my pay pal account and got the same message It would say that redemption is temperarily disabled. I did e-mail them asking what was going on and what I had to do to get my money. I did get an answer from them saying if I sent them my pay pal password they would directly put that amount in my pay pal account. No way am I going to send them my password to any account,

    • as an update to the DRAMA: When I got “your acct is temprarily disabled from redemption due to security issues” then I complained til I was blue in the face, and then they said “That message was because you had points pending. You should be able to cash out now” and so I went back to CASH OUT NOW and they are now saying “that email is already in use” when it says to type in your paypal email. WELL DUH ITS IN USE> MY USE!!! And I asked them to fix it and have not heard back since.

    • Instead of using that stupid P word to say your mad or angry, why can’t you or anyone else just say that makes mad or that makes me angry. Why use that stupid P word, by using that it makes you sound more stupid than I am sure you really are. I say this about everybody who chooses to so vulgarly.
      You do not give anybody your password from PayPal, that is not very bright, as someone could actually get into your PayPal acct. You only give a website you e-mail that you use with PayPal. You never send your password, period. They will send your money to PayPal if they’re honest. And when you transfer your money from your PayPal account to your bank account, sign into your PayPal and instruct PayPal to transfer the money. You never contact any company and ask them to transfer funds from PayPal to your bank that is PayPal’s job and they do, do it. However, it wouldn’t help you in this matter to ever go to someone else, unless they never sent you money from them to your PayPal. You go to PayPal to ask PayPal to transfer from PayPal to your bank. I have never had trouble this way ever. What problem I am having with Survey Junkie is that when I try to get in my account with them I never get there, because I can’t remember my Survey Junkie password. I click on can’t remember password and hit submit, but instead of giving me the page where to type in my e-mail so they can send me and e-mail with my password or a link to change, I go right back to the same page I was at to go to my account in the first place.

    • joy that your promblem right there you can’t go over 5000 points.

  20. Survey junkie has not paid me, they have this message that says ” your account has been temporarily suspended” this has happened about a week or so, I think they are thieves but they will not get away.

    • They recently cheated me too. Payout feature disabled.No answer from customer support. Don’t join this company.

  21. Yes I would say SurveyJunkie IS A SCAM! They were very nice to me at first, I’d get tons of e-mails inviting me to take surveys and it was easy to cash out my first reward of $10 by paypal. By the time I racked up more money for another $10 reward I didn’t get anymore invities and finally when I was ready to cash out I got this message…

    Redemption is temporarily disabled ‐ For your security, we’ve temporarily disabled redemption for any of these possible reasons: pending points or consecutive redemptions. Our support team reviews accounts on a daily basis and should enable redemption within 24 business hours. Please contact support if you have any questions.

    I have not been with them a whole year yet & I’m already getting this problem. When I sent them an e-mail they were bascially talking about I didn’t be truthful with my surveys. Most of the time I tried to take a survey it said I broke one of the “rules”. I didn’t! I only clicked on the survey to take it.

    Don’t waste your time with this site it’s a total scam.

  22. I cashed out $10 every 3 to 6 days for a few months ( I earned around $480) Then in December, the surveys just dried up.
    I e-mailed support and they responded “we only send surveys that you qualify for” BUT what I “heard” is “you’re making too much money” because I now get maybe 2 or 3 surveys a week and will only qualify for and complete 1. So only sending surveys that I qualify for is an outright lie.
    I am an honest and serious survey taker, as this is how I supplement my fixed income. and if you are anything like me, Survey Junkie is not the site to use.
    I have been trying to reach the $10 cash out since December. Out of curiosity, I’m going to see how long it takes before cancelling my membership. Good luck to everyone!

    • I complained til I was blue in the face, and then they said “That message was because you had points pending. You should be able to cash out now” and so I went back to CASH OUT NOW and they are now saying “that email is already in use” when it says to type in your paypal email. WELL DUH ITS IN USE> MY USE!!! And I asked them to fix it and have not heard back since.

    • Actually, this is normal for a site to do, each person based on their individual scenarios, how they did their qualifications surveys are only worth up to a certain amount of money. Some people aren’t that marketable. Most people are only worth $100 to $2,552 max per survey site. You’d think we’d be worth more but take a look at it from the people who are creating the surveys and the millions of people trying to get at that $100 ~ $2,552 each. That’s a lot of money they’d have to dish out.

      I’m not a marketer but I do understand the trade. To believe you have unlimited potential and value to their marketers is utter hubris and you’re living / believing in a fantasy of your own creation. For example, I fall between $382 ~ $1,125 depending on the questions being asked and the type of surveys I take, however, that’s my max worth to these marketers.

      Another thing, when you approach the $600 mark in the USA, they need to obtain your social security number, as does any reputable agency, so that they can report your earnings to the U.S. federal government, it’s required by federal law. You’d be filing a 1099-MISC in taxes from them.

  23. Sueveyjunkie scammed me twice, i would finish their survey and they will never give me the point,they will give me 3 point after I wasted 20 minutes on a survey, it’s a big scam

  24. All survey are different and you will never get rich just make little income or nothing at all. I rather believe it for myself then read BS. I work at job just need little money get me through with misc.

  25. Survey junkie is a scam, I never received my payment. They kept giving me excuses.

  26. Redemption is temporarily disabled ‐ For your security, we’ve temporarily disabled redemption for any of these possible reasons: pending points or consecutive redemptions. Our support team reviews accounts on a daily basis and should enable redemption within 24 business hours. Please contact support if you have any questions. This is what I got when I attempted to cash out my $82 from Survey Junkie. Do you know how many surveys it takes to get $82 and it was all a waste. I have emailed them several times with no response. I haven’t cashed out in over 2 months so that’s not the issue.

    • I got the same thing
      Did you find out why????

    • I get the same run around they tell via email that they will call with a verification no. but it never happens

    • OMG! That’s exactly what happened to me. At survey junkie. I had earned like $40 and I guess they got toired of paying me, and now they are saying “YOUR ACCOUNT REDEMPTION IS TEMPORARILY DISABLED FOR SECURITY REASONS”. SCAM!!!

    • I complained til I was blue in the face, and then they said “That message was because you had points pending. You should be able to cash out now” and so I went back to CASH OUT NOW and they are now saying “that email is already in use” when it says to type in your paypal email. WELL DUH ITS IN USE> MY USE!!! And I asked them to fix it and have not heard back since.

  27. I haven’t had any problems with it and its better if you don’t go into these survey companies thinking your going to get rich or make enough to quit your main job ! All my survey jobs are set up to pay into my pay pal or pay into our Amazon gift card money ! Filling out surveys isn’t hard work to me but relaxing esp. since I own a construction company and really work hard .

    • you own a construction company and work hard , what a big fat liar. your middle class or rich , and no nothing of poor man less pay and hard work of slavery . etc. working hard to you is seating on a computer and doing surveys ,and nothing else .

      • My uncle owned his own construction company and he worked right along with his guys and worked hard

  28. iam believe its a scam because when i took survey i never had to worry about know something about redemption points and they block the reward to my paypal account and now i can’t my reward on my paypal account

  29. My friends I will tell you this at 357 pounds and bad knees I can make 20x the money as I did with S J with very little investment all it took was my laptop a cheap Web cam 9 bucks wally mart and three payments online get this now I’m not pretty or guilty of being smart just hungry with bills to pay it was a stripper poll! I made 2,600.00 in 8 days. Reason day 3 I ran across the room jumped like David Lee Roth well bent the pole bone two ceiling joist & 3 sheets of drywall! Yea ! 2 days of pain. 1 day and some help from how had a trailer full of drill pipe and bam moved the show to the garage. Hey I know they laugh I’m not sexy naked making 5 to 6 hundred day for three hours ofacting the fool they laugh, all the way to the bank long story story short. SUCK IT SLOW !! S J… serve that.

  30. The website lets you cash your first $10 easily. but the next surveys after that are mostly scams

  31. The problem I’ve had with all these survey sites is that you have to make a minimum amount to cash out and they make it almost impossible to make that amount. Like say you have to make $30 before you can cash out. We’ll you’ll easily make $5-10 then the surveys dry up and you can never cash out. That’s happened r of me MANY times so I’ve earned a bunch of money on different sites but never got to ever cash out. Hours lost and money I’ll never get.

  32. Why won’t survey junkies pull up

  33. Very informative! An eye opener! All i need is $40 a day extra income to make both ends meet! Please help me find one! Thasnk you!

  34. this is a good site. you just have to know how to dance around the surveys. I have three accounts through them. which your not supposed to do. yes if you want to make money you have to bend the truth on the surveys. but it does work I have made over $500.00 dollars doing this. and you get real checks in the mail. your first time you have to make $30.00 dollars. before you get a check. best addivice sign up with fake emails so your main email does not get flooded with crap. but this does work. remember your going to have to bend the truth some. I’m a guy and I have posed as a women a kid what ever it takes to get the survey done feeding the family is number one.

    • If u sign up with fake emails how u get the surveys?

    • Is that not fraud?

    • I’ve never made that much usually i make about 10 dollars a week

    • Do nodo not lie this is not a good thing they can find out and you would be commeting fraud then you would get charges

  35. i hope it works

    • What exactly do you mean by work? That you’ll make some good money? In that case, I would say probably not.

      • While I get that I won’t make decent money, would it be enough for spending cash? Say like a carton of cigarettes or some booze once in awhile?

        • That sounds about right.

          • You’re still an overweight idiot. See ya in the back over in WA, porky.

  36. Thank you, my security kept knocking me out so I checked out your site,I’m glad I did, it’s a scam, I won’t go there again thanks to you. Again Thank you

    • he said its not a scam

  37. Well I am broke and always trying to learn new ways to save money and make money . Ive looked into surveys and it is a big waste of time. It’s really hard now adays. there is so much competition. …If anybody knows of some legitimate savings please help!!! thanks

    • GO listen to Dave Ramsey. Life Changing

  38. I just learned about SJ & wanted an opinion from someone who knows about sites like this one. Thanks so much for your info about SJ & thanks for the suggestions for the other sites that may be a much better choice. You are a great help to me & those who don’t quite understand how some of these sites work & I appreciate your expertise. I know I will be looking you up again for other info about other sites, now that I know who to contact. Thanks again.

  39. I have just searched Google.com for websites similar to Mturk.com
    Immediately I knew it was just another website directing people to other survey companies.
    thanks for the heads up!

  40. Thank you for your honest appraisal.

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