Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Choice and #1 Top-Rated Affiliate Opportunity

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I don’t really know what else to tell you other than, you need to signup with Wealthy Affiliate if you are serious about making money from home and learning exactly how to do it. You can trust me. I’ve been there and done that in this industry. 

What Makes It So Good?

half_wa_screenWealthy Affiliate provides a 4 step blueprint that anyone can follow and to make money in affiliate marketing. It’s very simple. It requires work, but it’s not complicated. This is one of the biggest reasons why I recommend this not just to people who want to make money the legit way, but to compete newbies or beginners as well. In fact, it is the exact same process I follow to earn a full-time living from home now. Bottom line: it works. I am 100% confident of that. The only deciding factor is if you are going to take action on the strategies for online income that are taught.

Another reason why I rate this so high is because I have personally met the owners, Kyle and Carson. As a top affiliate myself, I was able to chat and talk with them in-person this year in Las Vegas. They are probably one of the most genuine Internet marketers I have ever met. The whole convo was ALL about how to improve the Wealthy Affiliate system and make it simpler and how to help members even more within the community. 

How Much Money Do You Have To Spend?

Although there is a Premium membership available, I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate $0 Cost Free Membership at least to start out. Even with this membership, you will get 2 free siterubix websites to work with, training on exactly what to do, community, support, and even help from experts. The rest will be explained on how this all works within the first few training lessons. 

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  1. Hai
    I am living in indonesia. Can I also earn money from this program. I urgently need to find a way to have an income. Please help me to find the way

  2. Hello, I am based in Australia and I want to earn money at home. Would this program work for me?

    • Hey Sania. Yes, this program will definitely work for you even if you’re in Australia. There are quite a few Australians who are members. This business is global.

  3. Hi Vince
    This is the first time I am trying to “make money online”. I’ve researched and read so much about this. I would like to know if this could work for me because I am from Albania. I am just a student here trying to find a way to earn money without affecting my studies.

  4. Hi there! I am a sin gal mom with 4 kids and I am looking for flexibility and income. Keeping this in mind, would you recommend this to someone in my situation to make money? I don’t have time for scams and my kids ate depending on me.



  5. Hi Vince~

    I am so sick of signing up for things that promise something and when you pay your upfront fees then they upsell you to “really” get in or get the training.

    Is this going to try to upsell me ANYTHING? Cuz I can’t handle it!!


    • Hi Stacie. Yes, there is a Premium option available which is even set at a 59% discount the 1st month, just so you can try it out and see if it’s for you. There is also a free starter membership in which you actually do get 2 fully functional WordPress siterubix websites, and also 10 lessons as well as limited keyword tool usage.

  6. I am interested in learning more. I have been looking for something fairly simple. Do you need PayPal or do you guys send checks. So many scams are out there. The websites are free? And free to join? How does this program work?

    • Yes, the siterubix websites are absolutely free. Paypal is going to work best, and I would recommend it for your online business just in general.

  7. Hi Vince,
    Thank you for sharing this legit way of making money.Pls I reside in Nigeria,will this work for me in my country+i don’t have a paypal account?If yes,pls I will aprct if u can mentor me so I can make money from this means as I am an unemployed mother of one who wishes to be financially independent and remove lots of burden frm my spouse shoulder.I await ur urgent response and thanks

  8. Vince, I see where you mentioned the different types of account. How about a person who has the basic account, will that person still make money? You also stated that the premium membership is 59% discount; 59% of what amount? Your responses kind of scare me off a bit. you see I have signed up for so many of these online business and they turn out to be the same. Just as they say SFI is free to join. That is true but once you join you find out that in order for you to make any money you have to spend. For example you have to buy stuff from Tripleclicks. What I discovered is that whatever you buy, the commission is far less; therefore you can never win with them unless you have a lot of affiliates under you who are actually buying things from the store. So I know what you guys mean by joining is free. The operative word is not free but joining; which should tell everyone that it is only free to joining but after that comes the payment.

    • I understand where you are coming from Monica. Yes, pyramid type businesses require you to have a paid-membership in order to earn commissions. That’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Even as a free member, you can earn commissions. Of course, they won’t be as big as commissions if you were Premium, but you can still make money.

      With the free membership you will even get 2 free site.rubix websites. I would recommend to create a free account and explore for yourself and see if it’s for you.

  9. I just read some of the FAQ’s and am very interested in starting an internet business of my own. Really don’t know a thing about internet businesses….how one gets paid, does one sell product or information or……..? Is income generated from how many times a website is visited? Don’t know enough about it to ask the right questions!

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

  10. HEY Vince, I don´t need two websites, I just need one if any.

  11. Vince,
    I live in the Republic of Tanzania, East Africa.
    Can this program be suitable to me?
    I have tried other programs honestly, they took my money, and never had a return. Finding money in my region is so difficulty, and I would like to spend my cents wisely and honestly.

    Please help me making money online.

  12. i’m new to this whole “work online at home thing” and really don’t want to get scammed into anything that’s just going to suck me dry before i make any real income. i have a son on the way and would absolutely love to be an at home mom and get paid just for doing stuff online, but will i have to turn into a marketing agent to do so? and if yes is it easier than for example getting trained to work for subway?

  13. Wonderful post! It’s definitely important to gain a thorough base of knowledge – everything from SEO to traffic generation to blogging – but it’s also just as important to simply find a system you can join up with that will work for you.

  14. “how to make money through Google” – This is what bring me to the current page, which I think is not relevant to the topic that was discussed on this page.

    I was expecting some trick to get indexed more or increasing my site traffic…

    However, I like your recommendation of WA…

  15. Hi vince!
    I just want to know if this is really like 100% free?no strings attached?coz i really like to join this program,but i dont have a paypal account nor a credit card. Will it work out?u see im a fresh grad and im looking for sites were i can really earn money for real..will it work here in the philippines?
    I just want to know your opinion,thanks!

  16. Its very interesting and useful.Thanks for it.

  17. Great Info!
    I would like to know more.


  18. hi vince. i wanna try this and just in case, this will be my first. i don’t have a paypal account nor a credit card will it work here in the philippines ?? and also will an android phone work or do i need a computer or laptop ?? thanks ..

    • Hi Johnny! I’m from the Philippines too, and I use PayPal account. . You should have one for yourself and I highly recommend that you choose “Personal” in creating your account. PayPal Philippines will ask you to choose one from the three accounts that they have. . 🙂 Before deciding to make money online or to apply a job online you need to have these two accounts because it’s very important, and frequently asked from every company or website: Email account preferably gmail because it’s very organized. . The emails are divided (Primary, social, promotions, updates, and forum) so you may not get confused of your emails, I’m using it and it’s very helpful. . Then your PayPal account and I highly suggest that you use unique and different password from your Paypal account, different from your email address and accounts for security purposes. . 🙂 Goodluck and God Bless. .

  19. Hi, Vince I want to know what kind of payment do they use? I´m currently living in Colombia will that be a problem for my payments?.

    • Hi Catalina. I’m using Paypal for my Premium membership with WA. If you have Paypal, that should work out for you.

      Warm Regards,

      • Hi

        Help please…
        How can I purchase with paypal to for wealthyaffiliate?
        If I click on the “paypal” option, the system ask me to add credit card, but I dont have, just paypal account

        Thank you

        • Hi Roland. Yes, Paypal should work by itself. I’m not sure why it’s doing that.

  20. I am anxious to try this out but I am nervous because I have ran into a bunch of scams on the Internet. Is this really legit?

    • It’s as legit as it gets, my friend. No BS or get-rich-quick. Just pure training and strategies that bring in the money from the Internet.


      • Glad to find you here….im interested to join but my question is this really free? Sorry for that question because i found that so manny internet marketing said its free to join but when you.sign up they asking you a creadit card or PayPal…please email me back…thanks in advance

        • Yes, there is a $0 cost starter membership which includes 2 free websites, limited training, keyword usage, and 7 days of 1-on-1 coaching.

          Then there is the Premium membership (recommended) which is %59 discounted the 1st month so you can “try it out”. This is unlimited everything meaning websites, hosting, training, support, help, you name it!

          Hope that helps!

  21. Hi Vince, can this work in my country, Papua New Guinea?

    • Hey William.

      Yes, I believe it is global.


  22. Dear, Vince !

    Thank a million to you and We highly appreciate what you have given us.
    I ‘m a Vietnamese and I admire your ideas. I wonder if your ideas can be perform in Vietnam.
    I would love to connect with you and talk internet marketing. Could you send me an email?

    Best Regards
    Hà Nguyễn

  23. hey
    will this work in the Caribbean like Trinidad, or barbados

    • Hey Jenn.

      Yeah it should work.


  24. Hi

    I am living in South Africa. Can I also earn money from this program. I urgently need to find a way to have an income

    • Hi Trix,

      Yes. You can definitely earn money from this program given you are able to follow the lessons and make the effort. Many people are generating income after learning from this system. You can sign up here.

      Best Regards,

    • Hi Trix could you tell me if it is working in South Africa? you know with these banks we have that put a restricted rule on everything

  25. Hey Vince,

    I would love to connect with you and talk internet marketing. Could you send me an email?

    • He Kevin,

      Yes. Absolutely. The best way to reach me is inside the Wealthy Affiliate’s member’s area. Because this is where I’m building my income streams as of now.


      • Hi, i live in USA and i never ever did any internet business. Not experience here!
        I would love to know if it really works!
        Thanks a lot

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