1 Cent FB Clicks Review- Scam or Does It Really Work?

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1_cent_fb_clicks_review_Earn big income with 1 Cent FB Clicks? I imagine if you spent $2 to make and earn $10. That would be $8 in profit. Good deal right? Then imagine scaling that up and up and think about your potential. Well, that’s what this program focuses on: teaching you the dynamics and process of making money on Facebook through its paid advertising and lowering costs. With 100’s of millions of users on Facebook, it’s obvious there is huge potential and opportunity marketing on this site. If you are just beginning, I would recommend a program that teaches you how to make money through Google. But it wouldn’t hurt to some ads on FB either.¬†

There are a lot of systems and training courses that claim they can teach you how to make lots of money on Facebook but very few of them really deliver what they promise. Could this be another one of those? Is this just a big scam how to take your money? Well fortunately, I don’t think it is a scam and finally I think this could be a decent Facebook marketing guide. Although get ready to spend a little bit of money because it does revolve around paid advertising.

What I Like

Very Specific Facebook Marketing. I really like the fact that the focus truly stays on the ppc advertising on Facebook. 1 Cent FB Clicks doesn’t really veer off the subject and try to get you into other marketing strategies, but instead teaches you about

Training Easy to Digest. One of the things is that it is very easy to follow because every little section and skill is really broken down for you which makes it a lot more simple to follow especially if you are somebody brand-new. Also the lessons tend to be pretty straight the point without wasting any time on just rambling or trying to  sell you to buy more stuff.

Can Be Cost Effective. You can pretty much spend a little bit of money and make a bigger return. For example you can spend a couple bucks and it’s pretty simple to make $10 and profit if you know exactly what you’re doing and pretty much you can do that over and over again and start building lucrative income.

What I Don’t Like

Not Really 1 Cent Clicks. The thing is about paid advertising is, you can definitely lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. 1 Cent FB Clicks helps you understand how to setup a campaign and sales funnel and the world of investing in advertising on Facebook. And that’s really how you get 1 cent clicks. It’s going to come down to how good you can get your ads to convert. If they do convert well, then I guess when you do the math it can be very cheap for you. Most beginners probably will spend some money getting it right.

Make Money Online Niche. Probably one of the hardest things to do nowadays is make money and markets to other people looking to make money and that’s pretty much with this program teaches you. By now if you haven’t realized it has gotten pretty crowded in the make my online niche and everybody’s trying to promote their stuff to each other, so you really have to be unique with what you have to offer rather than just promoting make money opportunities all the time.

Honest Conclusion

I don’t think 1 Cent FB Clicks is a bad idea. In fact, you probably mess around and make a little bit of income if you just use some creativity as far as creating ads and that is something that the trainings went to show you so that’s basically a pretty big benefit. But please keep in mind that this is probably not going to be your answer to that big Internet income that you’re really looking for. This is just one of many different strategies you can use to build your home based business.


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  1. This was good conclusion help full. I too had a same Idea about 1 Click FB. The best part is the Training that they offer. Once we know the concept of PPC on FB, that should be very helpful for a newbie who is trying to make money online.

    Thank you.

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