20 Minute Payday Review- Another Scam Upsell Product?

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Thanks for visiting my 20 Minute Payday review. You know, I’ve done a lot of reviews on “payday” type systems that sound so promising and people continue to get suckered into them everyday. Even me, at one point, got suckered into several. The idea of making big money in just 20 minutes each day sounds exciting and fun! But let’s be realistic.

Is Russell Brunson at it again? With another IM info product that seems so promising? Is it all just a big scam? Well, that’s a good question.

What Is 20 Minute Payday?


If I could sum it all up in one phrase, I would say it’s just another misleading “free” sales funnel system that is only going to be profitable if you join the steps and pay.

I already figured where all this was going.

[note note_color=”#ffffdb”]1. Basically your first step once you log into the back office is to join Empower Network which is a notoriously popular semi-MLM business opportunity

2. The second step is going to join the autoresponder tool called Pure Leverage which is also an MLM

3. Ultimately I can see this system is setup for people to join DotComSecretsX which is going to cost you $97 per month!!![/note]

If you are already a member in all of these programs, then obviously you don’t have to pay to join the steps as you would just plug in your username. However, if you are not part of these steps or companies, then you’re going to need to join in and it’s going to cost you some money otherwise the system will be completely useless to you because all of the sales and commissions will pass you up.

The $120K Co-op Is Pointless

Additionally there is a “$120K Co-op”.

Brunson has a lot of loyal followers who are constantly trying to make money promoting his products, and for that, the 20 Minute Payday has a co-op option where it basically gives people clicks when they choose to participate in it.

But let me break it down as to why it’s pretty much useless.

Whenever something is free everybody tries to jump in on it. Obviously people love free stuff and the majority of people don’t have the money to invest in advertising so they will flock to free offers.

It’s just too crowded. Let’s say 2000 people join this co-op each month.

That would leave you with about 6 clicks to your link. That’s not enough for you to make money. Honestly. And those are just clicks. Not leads.

This is all aimed to get you happy.

Honest Conclusion

It’s clear to me that 20 Minute Payday is only going to benefit those who have the money to invest in advertising or those who know what they are doing and are experienced, like me. When you join the system you’re not going to receive traffic. What you are mainly going to receive is just more training. Oddly enough the secret to success in this industry is generating traffic to your systems and links and everything else.

I would honestly stay away from this system if you are brand-new because I think you’re going to run into a lot of frustration. Could you make some money? Sure. But the question is are you going to make consistent money using the exact method that everybody else is using as well and using the exact same resources. I think not.



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  1. Great review on 20 min pay day. I found it to be nothing but an up-sales funnel for


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