5 Figure Day Review- Another Make Money Scam?

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5_figure_day_review_Hey there and thanks for stopping by my 5 Figure Day review. I know you are somebody that just wants to find a good way to generate income from home and you’ve heard of this company, so you want to do more research. My goal in this review isn’t to try to sell you to join, nor is it to paint negative picture. I just want to tell you what it’s about and give you my opinion as an expert Internet marketer. Fair enough? Ok great. So lets kind of go over what this whole “make 5 figures each day” system is all about, shall we?

How It Works

Pretty much 5 Figure Day is another make money online program system by Bryan Winters which is supposed to help you develop a huge residual income on the Internet if you follow the steps. Basically when you become a member, you will get access to training videos which show you the ropes on how to generate profits from home, even if you have no experience.

Here’s a peak of what’s inside the member’s area and these are all videos:

  • Member Crash Course
  • $50,000 per Year in 7 Days!
  • A Must Watch For All Members
  • Amazing 5FD Case Study
  • Autopilot List Management
  • Chuck quickly got 800+ leads, 57 orders and counting
  • 5Figure Day Ultimate Proof
  • and about 3 more videos…

Basically each of these videos range from 10 min to 1.5 hours and are mostly webinars. Some of the content goes into detail in stuff like solo ads and such, and some are with members who are earning lots of money on the Internet. I guess some people might call this content really valuable which is why it’s going to cost you become a member.

[frame]Basically the premise of 5 Figure Day is making money through buying Solo Ads.[/frame]



What I Like

You Do a $1 Trial. I like programs in which you can try it out for free before paying anything. Usually, this means the company has a lot of confidence in what it has to offer you.

Up-front and Honest. I have to say that Winters doesn’t really B.S. you. He makes it clear that you are going to have to put in some hefty effort and whip out your wallet to invest if you want to make things work.

What I Don’t Like

It Costs Too Much. There is a load of Internet marketing training just like what this package provides, that you can get for free if you just browse hard enough. It’s going to cost you $47 up-front with 5 Figure Day plus another $97 per month if you want access to everything.

Nothing that unique. You will actually have access to some 5 Figure Day banner ads, email swipes, and capture pages. This is nothing that new and nothing really looks unique from other make money programs out on the market today.

Honest Conclusion

With 5 Figure Day, you are definitely going to need to spend money to make money…and that’s AFTER you buy the program. I don’t really recommend paid advertising for the beginner who’s just looking to make at least some money. The reason is because you want to learn a set of skills and really understand the principles of online marketing before you make the risk of investing money, so that way you can minimize losses. However, if you are still interested in trying it out, I would say GO FOR IT!!


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  1. You mentioned that the individual needs to learn. But what about the training? Does that gives you some guidance to the operation of the program? Thanks for being honest.

  2. Very thanks your honest review.I get email offer 5 Figur Day everyday from other internet marketer.I recieve email everyday from Bryan Winters too. Good job for you and your honest information.

  3. Well I’m happy to say that you are one Wealthy affiliate person that hasn’t put down everything they see which is cool i feel like you gave it like it is nd didn’t try and not get them to buy and just do wealthy affiliate. Thats more trust worthy then other wealthy affiliate affiliates so kuddos!

  4. It’s 120$, not 97$. When you pay, come tax as the extra that they do not talk about.

  5. From what I have seen it’s a Great Tool. But, a Tool non the less and any Tool only works as good as the person using it. Making Money Online is an Art, not a Contest!

  6. Your review is right on, nothing is free in this world and starting a business online is certainly no exception

  7. Vince, Thank you very much for your honest review, because, you saved my money today!

  8. Vince,

    I find your reviews most times I set out to research for my own. You do a good job and I can always rely on your information. Thanks for blogging the way it’s supposed to be done!

  9. Unable to find Website. I guess that is something telling me to forget 5figureday as a money maker

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