American Consumer Opinion Review- Survey Scam?

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The American Consumer Opinion has been around for a while and pays people to do surveys. Welcome to my review. I just wanted to shed some light on this income opportunity because most likely you are someone trying to make extra money or increase your monthly income. A lot of times people come across these make money by completing survey opportunities and think they can make some extra money. the truth is there are many forms in different ways to earn income through the Internet and taking surveys seems like a very easy option and that’s why so many people will be drawn to a company such as this one. I want to be honest and upfront with you from the get-go. I knew even before doing a review on this company, that the chances of someone making any kind of significant income are very slim through doing surveys. And allow me to explain exactly why I don’t think joining this company is going to be worth your time. The reason is because for the same amount of time you’re putting in here, you could be building a successful and profitable full-time income through your own Internet business. But let me explain exactly how this survey site works.

The Way It Works

1 point= 1 penny

You can join and get membership of American Consumer Opinion for free. This alone will attract a lot of people, because naturally people like free. If you read really closely you will notice that on the website it tells you you will be able to take several surveys per year. Stop right there. That alone should tell you that your income is going to be very, very limited. But going back to the way that it works, you will receive anywhere from 10 to 50 points for each survey that you complete. Each survey on average takes about 10 min. to complete which is actually not that bad. I have done surveys that sent me over an hour to complete only to walk away with $.50. The idea or the reason why that they’re willing to pay you is because this company does product research for other businesses that value customers feedback. This is the problem though is that I have with using this as a credible source of data. Most people that join American Consumer Opinion to take surveys, are in it for the money. So you know or at least I think, that most people rush through the surveys and just taking the answer so they can get paid.

Does the American Consumer Opinion Scam People?

Well, they have an A- grade for the BBB. That’s a pretty good sign, and no, I don’t think it’s a scam. this is the thing though. If you’re looking for a way to make a solid income, I’m a tell you that doing paid surveys is not the way to go. It’s a very sluggish way to make money on the Internet and in my opinion, it’s really just a complete waste of time. I know a lot of people are looking for ways to supplement their existing income, but time and time again I cannot recommend doing these online surveys because they just don’t pay enough. If you’re looking for a good way to make money, it’s been viewed from building an Internet business. I do know of a very good place that shows you exactly how to generate full-time income on the Internet.

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  1. I cashed out $40 and it was approved on June 20, 2017. I was told up to 12 weeks for payment, which in itself is unheard of. Most survey sites pay within a couple day’s, some pay instantly. Well it’s October 5th, 2017, over 14 weeks and still no payment. I’ve emailed them numerous times and they either don’t respond or send me some response about how they are looking into it, a week has gone by since the last “we are looking into it”, with no further response. I complained about non payment on their FB page, along with hundreds of other users, and they blocked me. They delete and block all negative posts and only keep up the positive ones. Now they have blocked me from emailing them: (Message blocked, Your message to *** has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.)

  2. I still have not received payment that I requested in July. I wrote to company and was told a check would be issued soon and I would receive an email. That was a week ago and still no email or check. I have sent a complaint to the Better Business bureau

  3. I cashed out in early July …it is now mid September and I have no check. In the past they have been fairly quick. I am not sure what the deal is now. I will not fill out anymore surveys. I do not recommend this site

  4. On June 9th I requested a payment for the survey’s that I took previously. After contacting ACOP by email 3 times I was finally told that I would receive a check shortly. That hasn’t happened even though it’s been nearly 3 months. I believe they have no intention of paying. Nobody should be using this site to take a survey as it is definitely a scam. I’ve notified the BBB but have yet to receive a response.

  5. I cashed out on June 6th and they owe me $50. I have noticed each paypal deposit coming later and later so I knew this would take awhile. Every time I have emailed before, they give me some sort of excuse about processing each check one at a time. So now it’s mid July and I still haven’t received my money. I have emailed at least five times and haven’t received a response yet. So I went on their Facebook page and complained, and sent them a Facebook message. They did reply and said they would forward my message. However, they deleted all of my comments and blocked me from the page! I just want my money and what they will owe me again in a few weeks and then I am done forever. Whatever is happening there is getting worse.

  6. I’vee been waiting months to be paid $46.00. I’ve contacted them several times with regard to this, it’s been over 2 months I’m waiting for payment. They don’t even anser the emails. Im sure they’ve been paid for my opinions. I’ve been “used”

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