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angela_bussio_Does Angela Bussio scam people? Could it be? Good question. There are different opinions on this one. I’ve done research on her and I’m really baffled and confused. I watched several interviews and she’s a very savvy business woman and she really knows her stuff. she’s a very educated woman, has had her own radio show, has been on TV numerous times, is the CEO of her own company, and has even been president of a nonprofit organization.¬†She is a great author and motivational speaker but their are a few things that trouble me. There is no doubt in my mind that she has accomplished a lot of the things, but I think she is also shooting herself the foot by representing pretty much scam business opportunity programs including the infamous Profit Masters Academy and Home Profit Masters. She is actually associated with a few multiple, in my opinion, scam IM products or opportunities. I think it’s always wise to associate yourself with a legitimate opportunity that actually provides value to people. Not just to make a quick buck.

What’s Going On Here?

I think I figured out what Angela Bussio is doing here. She partnered up with the person that owns all of these notoriously crappy affiliate marketing products, basically for self promotion. Just about everybody knows how awful Profit Masters Academy really is. It’s one of these link posting opportunities that claim you can make tons of money from home for just doing simple tasks like posting links on the web and getting paid a certain amount for these links. I can tell you that this company has an F rating with the BBB. The reason is because they tend to rip off people by selling these work from home coaching and training packages that cost people a lot of money up front, and then continue billing the credit card in which these packages almost do absolutely nothing for the customer. It’s just a cheap affiliate marketing training course or opportunity that never delivers what is promised. In other words when you buy from Profit Masters Academy, first of all it can be really hard to get your money back, and then can expect to be taught nothing else than to market your own PMA affiliate link relentlessly.

So What Are You Getting Into?

What happens when you sign up with the company is get your own website affiliate links and also a little bit of training on paid advertising. This is going to cost you money and is very deceiving because the sales pitch says that you’re going to get paid for your links posted and usually features a success story of a single mom struggling and now is making tons of money from home doing this. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen comment on how they haven’t been able to get the money back after they have realized they had been scammed. Please note that there are no companies that will pay you to simply post links on the Internet. What they’re trying to do is disguise affiliate marketing into work from home positions. So why would Angela Bussio promote something like this?

That’s why so many Angela Bussio scam concerns are coming to light. It must be because she is associated with the company herself and probably as a figure, is going to receive the cut from mass distribution all across the web? I’m not too sure. That’s the only thing that I can think of and it’s only my opinion. I’m sure she didn’t really think about the kind of low quality product that her name was going to be attached to as far as income opportunities on the web.

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  1. I googled Tele-commuting jobs and jobs on line… I came across the Anglea’s opportunity (scam)..
    I seen all the positive comments so I proceeded with the purchase. Watched the little videos, then called the 888 number as it asked,, spoke with a “coach” named Payton.. All it was …was a scam to get me to spend (invest) more money to “know how to” make money on the internet. I told him,,, I do not see what this has to do with the posting of links… He was NO HELP and I said NO I do not want to invest any money… He hung up and wished me luck. Since the $97 purchase.. I have no email and still have no clue what to do. At this point YES IT IS A SCAM! I am calling my bank and cancelling my card and filing a claim. I cannot wait for all the shady people in the world to get whats coming to them!

  2. My identity has been stolen and is being used in several home business online scams including the newest URL I have made SEVERAL Complaints to the FTC and so far- the campaigns continue ! This IS NOT MY DOING. I am the victim here. If you want to talk with me about this you may contact me at the email above.


  4. I purchased this and lost major money. First I was charged $219.00 for all the information then about 7 days later I was charged over $129.00 for a website that I had to make and design all by my self. I tried to cancel it but I could not get a refund because of the agreement contract. Two weeks later I was charged another $149.00 for use of the program and views of the ad’s that I needed to upload to “make money”. I tried to cancel all the transactions but I was unable to do this, so, I cancelled my Visa Card and that account because they kept on billing me and billing me. I lost a few dollars from $500.00 Rip Off and SCAM!!! Angela Bussio is a HUGE, HUGE SCAM OFFER!

  5. This is wrong in so many ways. The john public is always suffering for the rich. One day we will find a way to reverse the table. Or they will rip us off so much carma will really get mad!!!!!

  6. I almost took the bait for this extra income venture. I googled her name and found ALL of this SCAM information. Thanks for saving me money.(for I can not afford to have it taken from me)

  7. I bought this and did not get my email to start like they said I would. I have talked to different people they can not find my information but I have a confirmation number. They cant help me but they took my money. I want a refund. Please let me know what I need to do Thanks

  8. If it seems too good to be true or when in doubt RUN.

  9. I was just about to spend my money when I decided to check her name out first Good thing I did because I have not read one good comment regarding her or the business. I am currently on disability and it looks like that’s where I am going to get my income from. Why can’t anyone be honest these days? Why does it seem like people these days are just trying to make a fast buck on someone else’s bad luck. What comes around goes around. From what I read, her day will come when she finds herself paying everyone back a refund.

    • A good 90 to 95 percent of these companies are up to no good. Thier is a small percentage of good companies out there. But with anything else personal effort & training are key. People are looking for a get rich quick scheme. This is the only reason companies like this are around. Do your research and you shall find something that you can do to make an extra income on the side. Look at companies Like Amway, World Ventures. These are companies with great product & or services. But also great leadership and that’s what makes the difference.

  10. I am currently looking for a new job and went through where I ended up on Online Income where they took $97.00 from me and no word from any sort of specialist and no return calls to get that money back. BE SO CAREFULL when doing things online with all your information. I got SCAMMED, don’t let your self get scammed too. =(

    • This happened to me as well. No one will call me back they don’t answer the phone. I have sent emails. After 30 days they hope you will forgets.

  11. I saw a ad for these products with the same picture of a girl holding a baby and on each ad her name was different and the check they show her receiving was different amounts. RED FLAG!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m so glad i did a little research on this website before i made any payments.I knew it was too good to be true whos going to pay you all that money for hardly doing any work NOBODY.Thanks for everybodys comments and knowledge on this SCAM.

  13. Thanks for this review. I am always thinking of a “Get Rich Quick Sceem” But not by being “Scammed”. She won’t be getting my money! I’m so over all these online jobs. Off to my 9 to 5.

  14. Helpful article, thanks! I don’t understand how a business savvy woman would get involved with something like this. I would think her attorney would be able to assist with cleaning things up. I guess the big picture is, if you want to find work at home opportunities, there should be no up front cost, other than you having your own computer and internet. If a company wants you to work for them they will provide training, materials, etc. upfront and there should be no cost.

  15. I do commend mrs. bussio for defending her reputation. I wish however that she would do more to distance herself from these obvious con artists . I would think an attorney would have no problem forching this company to remove her name ,unless she signed some agreement locking her in.But that brings up the question why would she blindly endorse an obvious scam , it took me all of five minutes to sniff this out and she wants me to believe she had no idea. This sounds more like damage control on her part, which is sad because there are many of us intellligent , responsible people just trying to keep what little we have left. It just proves the old adage if it sounds to good to be true its probably a scam. And profitering(publicity)worth more than a measly one time check on others misfortune is pretty cold hearted.Also i would be interested if anyone affiliated with this company is family or friends. Seriously 8,000 a month for 15 hours work ,why endorse it work it yourself now that makes sense as much sense as she knew it was bogus. Don’t cry foul cause you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, be a standup person own up and apologize and stop trying to cash in on others pain.

  16. Thank you for the insight. I got laid off in July, and am starting to see my marriage and home life become affected by me unemployment. I decided to go back to college, but still needed to provide for my family so I’m looking into all the “work from home” stuff. I had thought this must be legit because it has her name attached. Thank you for giving the END RESULT of it being another scam!,


  18. In addition to my post above, For the Record- I did not make one dime on this promotion- but I am spending a lot of money and time trying to clean it up!

    • Hey John-chill. Read Ms Bussio’s response again. This time though, read it a little slower. SHE GOT SCAMMED TOO! You can either get busy living, or get busy…….you know? Sometimes a valuable lesson doesn’t always announce itself before we realize we’ve learned a good lesson here. And there is no better way to really learn unless it costs us a few bucks. Otherwise you might do it another couple dozen times before it actually dawns on us. Now you know and most likely will not same the same mistake twice, right? Still got a roof over your head? If the answer is “yes” then move on, one step at a time. And seriously, good luck in all your endevours…….

    • Worw…I figured this was a scam so googled you Angela. I’m so glad I did. I feel really bad about all your having to deal with as “fall out” for these people. I wish you the best and it is nice to see you responding and helping people. That is rare to see.

    • I would just like to comment on this whole online opportunity with Angela Bussio. Pretty sad that people put their trust in this because Angela’s name is attached to this opportunity. I too was interested in making 8 grand a month. Lets face it . If this is true everybody would be quitting their job and working from home. Angela should be ashamed of herself . She claims she did not make a dime on this , and she spending a lot of money trying to clean up this mess. However, the ad is still running with a current deadline date. We all will reap what we sowe

  19. This is Angela Bussio and for the record- My video and name were used only as a promo for these programs.
    I have absolutely nothing to do with the admin, products or marketing! I am a stress strategist and my only association with this company is in terms of doing a promo because they are interested in my personal development products for future projects . Unfortunately for me, I was naive about what this could mean and I am now “mopping up”. I have
    never scammed anyone, and it is offensive to even have this type of article out there. I have gone through their offerings
    and everyone that i know of that has asked for a refund has received it. It may not be a “out of the park” product-
    but it is not a scam. I hope you will contact me personally if you have any other concerns. I wouldn’t wish this type of scenario on anyone.

    • I just charged $97 to my credit card and cancelled 5 minutes later and received an e-mail back stating they could not refund me because I didn’t try the program for 30 days.

      I am 78 years of age and I need my refund immediately. I need your help Angela to get my money back. Thank you, Betsy 1/25/14

    • I purchased this product haven’t been able to even get on the web site and would like my $97 dollars back.
      If youy truly stand behind your product then stand behind the requested refund of $97.00 dollars

    • I think you are very gracious to make your real story known. That certainly cleared things up for me, at least. With the economy the way it is however , people tend to be a little “tender” with their money and get touchy about losing their investments regardless of their size. I look at any investment as a “gamble” today – unless you really have some actual experience in business systems and such. Anyway, thanks again for your inserted wisdom in this section. pcs

    • I want my money back and no one will help me. It is suppose to be money back no hassles? My emails nor phone calls are being returned!

    • You sold your name Angela, you are a business person, in the contract there had to be
      a clause stating they could use your name to endorse the product. If not then
      you can file an injunction against them and a civil suit. You claim and act like a smart business person yet
      you ask people to believe you were duped? Keep commenting and digging the hole deeper.

  20. I just purchased this “money making system” and tried to get started with the “Start Up Specialist”…He kept wanting to know how much money I had saved, etc. I said I don’t have much and I am not about to sit and discuss my financial affairs with a stranger….it is not necessary.
    I am now researching more about this “opportunity”. I have invested $29.95 and $27.
    I pray that I will be returned my money on this scam. They were just wanting more and more for every turn of the road on this great internet highway. Sorry, I am not interested in funding their cushy little pocketbook.

  21. Hello everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this website, and piece of writing is really fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting these types of articles or reviews.|

  22. Thank you for saving me lots of money, at present I’m out of work and this was starting to look good, I am however smart enough to do the research to find out if this is legitimate, from what I found it AIN’T , Once again Thank You

    • You’re welcome! Yes, any program that promotes itself as super easy and fast money, stay away. Making money on the Internet is simple, but not necessarily easy. Profit Masters Academy is pretty much a bunch of upsells.

      • Thank you!

      • Hi,Im trying to start but wanted to see if I could work with my ipad?
        cuz it has no flash player on it..

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